It has been a year unlike any other and like every other industry out there pro wrestling has been hit hard but has risen to the challenge as it always does. Here at Slam we are recognizing the best and the worst of 2020 with our annual awards. Like 2020 itself, this year things are a little different. We will be announcing a winner or winners every day leading up to the Best Male and Female Wrestlers on New Years Day. We are also only considering nominees up to the first week in November, which will be our new annual cut-off and start date. The voting by Slammers was held independently and blindly. What we mean by that is none of our staff knew how the other staff members were voting.

Without further ado, the nominees are…

2020 Nominees: Cameron Grimes, Karl Fredericks, Rohit Raju, Bronson Reed and Keith Lee.

Slammer Pick
 Bob Kapur Rohit Raju
 Dale Plummer Keith Lee
 Dave Hillhouse Cameron Grimes
 Gavin Hillhouse Cameron Grimes
 John Powell Keith Lee
 Matthew McFarlin Bronson Reed
 Matthew Byer Keith Lee
 Nick Tylwalk Keith Lee
 Justin Powell Keith Lee