With NXT’s Takeovers being moved to their own weekend, there’s been a stretch of WWE pay per views going on every two weeks. TLC is one week from Sunday; which mean Monday Night RAW has some work to do. There are currently three RAW matches on the card, and only the WWE Championship Match is a TLC match. Tonight, Randy Orton visits the Firefly Funhouse, which should lead to a match stipulation. A Firefly Funhouse match, perhaps? We’ll find out in the ThunderDome.

Randy Orton isn’t scared of facing the Fiend, because he is no ordinary man. There is no line Orton won’t cross and will gladly let the world see his darkness. In the meantime, he will be knocking on the funhouse door, hoping someone will let her in.

Bray Wyatt pops up on the Titantron from the Funhouse. Orton scared Alexa away, so only Bray in there. Wyatt and the puppets play a trivia game. No one has the answer on how Orton should be punished, but the Fiend always has the answer.

Orton wants to play games; he wants a match, tonight, with Bray Wyatt.

Asuka w/Lana vs. Shayna Baszler w/Nia Jax

Jax fires up her partner backstage, planning on how they will disfigure Lana after Asuka is beaten.

The two circle each other and lock up. Asuka rolls through into an ankle lock. Shayna counters with an Achilles hold. Asuka counters that into a knee bar. Baszler powers out of the hold, dropping Asuka on her head. Lana checks on her partner on the floor, drawing the ire of Jax. Asuka is slammed into the announce table as we go to commercial.

After the break, Baszler unloads with kicks to Asuka, who answers with a release German suplex. Baszler runs into a back elbow and is taken down with a face buster. Asuka with a flying arm bar, but Shayna rolls through. Asuka looks for the Asuka lock, as Jax crushes Lana on the outside. Lana defends herself, shoving Jax into the ring steps. Jax catches Lana coming off the steps and looks for a power bomb, but Lana counter with a head scissors. Jax crashes into the announce table. Lana runs off as Shayna yells at her. Asuka takes advantage, rolling Baszler up and getting the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Asuka

The Hurt Business accosts a production assistant in the back. Poor guy is just trying to do his job.

Riddle asks Ricochet and Dana Brooke if they have seen MVP or Bobby Lashley; he has a box of “bronutts” for them. Sarah Schreiber asks Ricochet why he has teamed up with Dana tonight. He sees there is strength in numbers and Dana knows tonight is about teamwork.

Slapjack and Reckoning w/Mustafa Ali vs. Ricochet and Dana Brooke – Mixed Tag Team Match

Reckoning and Slapjack promise to expose their opponents as losers. Ali promises they will meet their end.

Brooke opens the match with a big slap to Reckoning and the two brawl on the mat. Reckoning with a big boot in the corner. Ricochet gets the tag, sending Slapjack to the floor with a hurricanrana. Ricochet flies over the ropes with a plancha, but back in the ring Slapjack hits a Falcon Arrow. Dana tags in, hitting Reckoning with a sit out slam. She covers and gets the pin. Ali does not look pleased.

Winners via pinfall: Dana Brooke and Ricochet

After the match, Ali berates Reckoning and Slapjack.

Keith Lee knows its only a matter of time until Sheamus stabs Drew McIntyre in the back.

Miz TV

The Miz and Morrison welcome their tag team partner for tonight, AJ Styles, to the ring. As always, Styles is flanked by Omos, his bodyguard. Morrison asks Styles how is going to stop Drew McIntyre in a TLC match. Simple; he’s going to wrap a steel chair around Drew’s back until it breaks, and every table he sees, he will try to put Drew through.

They talk about their handicap match later tonight against Drew and Sheamus. Which devolves into Miz and Morrison doing bad Scottish and Irish accents.

Sheamus feels they have nailed the accents, but he is sick of people telling him he is going to betray his friend. They are lucky they aren’t in a pub, because Sheamus would throw them into the slop. Miz points out Sheamus is outnumbered. No so fast; McIntyre joins his friend at ringside.

McIntyre tells Styles he doesn’t make threats; he makes promises. He is impressed that the Miz and Morrison keep coming back after getting knocked down. He calls Morrison a sidekick to Miz. Styles points out with Omos, the odds are four on two. McIntyre and Sheamus clean house with Styles on the floor with Omos. Miz and Morrison are tossed from the ring. Morrison then throws the Money in the Bank briefcase all the way up the ramp.

Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Cedric Alexander and MVP

Benjamin lands a clubbing blow to start the match and then slams him into the mat. He follows with a big boot, but it’s not enough to get the pin. He shoves Kofi into the corner. Kingston is able to hit a knee strike and then a drop kick. Kofi leaps over Shelton, but gets caught looking for the SOS. Benjamin with a gut wrench powerbomb and then transitions into an ankle lock. Kofi gets to the ropes to break the hold. Benjamin dumps Kofi to the floor and gives chase. Kingston side steps a charge, causing Benjamin to crash into the security barrier. He barely beats the ten count, but Kofi is waiting for his with a Trouble in Paradise. Kofi covers for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Kofi Kingston

Cedric Alexander is furious that the New Day keeps slipping through their fingers. He demands Kofi come back to the ring for another match. Kofi accepts.

Kofi Kingston w/Xavier Woods vs. Cedric Alexander w/Shelton Benjamin and MVP

Cedric focuses on the knee that Kofi tweaked in the first match. He locks in a knee bar. Kofi fights his way out and chops away at Cedric. Kofi with the SOS, but didn’t get all of it. Cedric is able to kick out and kicks Kofi in the knee. He follows with a spinning brain buster. Kofi goes up top and he sends Cedric crashing to the mat. Alexander dodges Kofi coming off the top rope and hits the Lumber Check. He covers and gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Cedric Alexander

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus vs. The Miz, John Morrison and AJ Styles w/Omos – 3 on 2 Handicap Match

Morrison throws a forearm at McIntyre, who responds with a shot of his own, sending Morrison to the mat. Drew wants AJ, but Styles will not tag in. McIntyre with another shot to Morrison. Sheamus tags in and continues the beating on Morrison. Sheamus kicks Styles off the apron and sends Miz to the floor. Morrison dumps Sheamus to the floor. Miz looks to attack, but Sheamus looks to strike first. In his haste, he almost strike Drew, who had come over to assist. They do catch Morrison coming over the top rope and toss him into the announce table.

After a commercial break, Sheamus drops a knee from the top on Miz. Drew tags in for a tag team suplex. Drew wants AJ to tag in, going as far to taunt him. Miz with a jaw breaker and drives him into the corner. Now AJ tags in to beat on a soften up McIntyre. Drew fight his way out of the corner and gets the tag to Sheamus. Miz takes teh ten beats of the bowery. Miz rakes the eyes of Sheamus in the ring and takes him down with a chop block. Morrison with a cheap shot and then tags in the double team Sheamus. Morrison with a gator roll into the corner and Styles makes the tag. He locks in the Calf Crusher. McIntyre breaks the hold. Styles looks for the Styles Clash, but Sheamus is able to counter with White Noise.

McIntyre gets the hot tag. He tosses Morrison across the ring and into the corner. Miz runs in, only to get suplexed. Morrison blocks the Future Shock DDT only to get back dropped in the middle of the ring. Miz pulls Morrison out of the ring. AJ kicks Drew in the head behind the refs back. Sheamus gets the tag, hitting AJ with the Irish Cruse back breaker. He Brough kicks Miz and dials one up for Morrison, who ducks. Sheamus kicks McIntyre in the face, accidently. Sheamus then turns around into a Phenomenal Forearm from Styles. He covers Sheamus to get the win.

Winners via pinfall: AJ Styles, the Miz and John Morrison

After the match, Sheamus has a look of knowing he made a huge mistake.

Next week, Lana will face Nia Jax alone in the ring and she is freaking out. Asuka wants Lana to believe in herself and that she can beat Nia Jax and then they will become Women’s Tag Team Champions. Jax crashes the motivational party, though, shaking her head at Lana.

Charly Caruso gets a word with Sheamus, who know McIntyre is going to want a fight. Sheamus is adamant that the kick wasn’t intentional. McIntyre confronts his friend and the go nose to nose.

After a commercial break the Sheamus and McIntyre and throwing hands backstage. WWE officials finally break up the fight, but they just beat down poor Pat Buck. Sheamus and Drew slam him through a catering table. After that, the two are friends again.

Bobby Lashley w/MVP vs. Jeff Hardy – Non-Title Match

Before the match, Riddle tries to sell Jeff Hardy on the idea of the Hardy Bro’s. It could be bro-etry in motion.

MVP tells Lashley to focus on Hardy’s back. He chokes Jeff in the corner with his boot. He follows with a corner splash. Hardy gets his boots up the in the corner and then hits a leg drop. Lashley blocks the Twist of Fate, but can’t apply the Hurt Lock. MVP distracts Hardy, so Riddle runs down; yanking MVP off the apron. Hardy takes out Lashley on the floor with a flying clothesline.

Lashley gets in Riddle’s face, before slamming Hardy into the security barrier. Lashley with a snap suplex in the ring, but Hardy kicks out of the pin. Lashley looks for the Hurt Lock, but then transitions into a sleeper hold on the mat. Hardy breaks free and hits a jaw breaker. Hardy with strikes and floors Lashley with a clothesline. He hits an inverted atomic drop and drops the legs. Lashley kicks out of the pin. Hardy kicks Lashley into the turnbuckle and follows with Whisper in the Wind. Lashley kicks out.

Hardy is hung up on the top rope and hits a DDT. Hardy kicks out of the pin. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate and goes up top. Lashley avoids the swanton bomb and spears Hardy. He applies the Hurt Lock and Jeff taps.

Winner via submission: Bobby Lashley

MVP prevents Riddle from making the save as Lashley refuses to break the hold.

Someone knocks on Randy Orton’s door. It’s Ramblin’ Rabbit, who has a message from Bray Wyatt. Bray can’t wait to meet him in the ring.

Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt

The two lock up and Orton gain the upper hand with a head lock. Bray shoves him off and takes Orton down with a shoulder block. An uppercut sends Wyatt to the floor. Orton smashes him into the announce desk. Wyatt turns it around, slamming Orton on the desk. Bray grabs a headset, calling out the commercial break.

After the break, Orton is dominating Wyatt in the ring. He drops a knee and follows with a stomp to the mid-section. Orton with a head lock, and Wyatt is smiling. Orton slams Bray to the mat and returns to the head lock. Bray fights out and takes down Orton with a clothesline. Bray with a big right and then an atomic drop. He takes down Orton with a cross body. Bray covers after a DDT, but Orton kicks out. Orton counters Sister Abigail with a neck breaker. Orton head butts Wyatt off the apron to the floor and then slams him onto the announce desk. He hits the draping DDT and looks to strike, until the ThunderDome starts to power down. Orton hits an RKO right before the lights go out. A red light bathes the ring and Bray Wyatt is gone with The Fiend in his place. The Fiend shoves his fingers down Orton’s throat with the mandible claw as the show goes off the air. See you in the ThunderDome next week.


Monday Night RAW 12/7/2020

The ThunderDome at Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida

If you like wrestling, this is the Monday Night RAW for you. The show continues to focus on the in ring action and the other segments provide a nice break. Opening with a Firefly Funhouse is never a bad thing, although we all knew that the Fiend would show up in defense of Bray Wyatt. The 3 on 2 handicap match is worth a watch. Also, Kofi Kingston wrestled twice, tonight, so bonus!