We are live at Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA, and Tuesdays are for wrestling on Fite.TV (so suck it Mondays and Fridays!)  But enough with my promo, let’s turn to the professionals.  Richie Slade and Flex Scallion yell “Beef Candy”, and I suddenly want a salad nicoise.  Jordan Clearwater has the Midas Touch (left leg hospital, right leg cemetery), but Dan Joseph has the drive that neither Slade or Clearwater possess.  Fred Rosser knows that that PrimeTime Live needs the Prime Time Player. Adrian Quest say welcome to the new order, but hold up!  Lio Rush checks the time, because he is the Man of the Hour.

As Always, Todd Keneley, James Kincaid, and Blake “Bulletproof” troop have the call.  Keneley’s back from assignment (whatever that was), but let’s start the show with your first match, which is a…

Three Way Elimination Match:  Dan Joseph vs. Jordan Clearwater vs. Richie Slade

Intros have Beef Candy coming to the ring, wishing all of us a “Beefsgiving”, and I really want a salad nicoise more than ever (if anyone knows a good joint that makes it, email me) Also, during the intros, and Clearwater comes to the ring, we find out that Clearwater has been training with Troop for his upcoming Hollywood Heritage title match on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood (CWFH), depending on who wins tonight’s match between Ray Rosas or Bad Dude Tito.  As Troop says on Clearwater, “He is the Golden Standard.”  Nice.  Dan Joseph enters, and he’s not having a good time, since losing his title to Levi Shapiro on CWFH.

Anyway, all three men in the ring wanting to get going, but Slade channels his inner weasel and slinks out. Which is fine because we get two workhorses in Clearwater and Joseph to start off the match, and we get solid technical wrestling by Joseph to overtake Clearwater.  Of course, Slade picks his spots to enter the ring on both guys to disrupt the action and ducks out again to confer with Flex.  Well, neither man is happy with that crappy Beef Candy, so they both come out to air grievances, with Slade electing to get back in the ring back in, and a nice beat down on Slade commences by Clearwater and Joseph, each taking turns.  Joseph has Slade in the corner, but Clearwater tries to roll up Joseph for a pin, but no dice. Flex takes Joseph out, and now the action is on Slade and Clearwater. Slade showing dominance during this part of the match, but just can’t take out The Golden Boy.  Slade tries every dastardly trick in the book (i.e. Foot on ropes for a pin, Flex interference), but Clearwater just won’t go down…clearly.  We get Joseph back in the ring to hit Slade with a swinging DDT to knock him out, but he can’t put Slade away either.  At this point Clearwater is knocked out of the ring, but Joseph goes for a fisherman’s suplex for a count of two.  Clearwater gets back into the action, and proceeds in throwing hand grenades and bodies everywhere, and Joseph gets knocked out of the ring.  Slade has a few tricks left up his sleeve, and gets Clearwater into his Champion Drop (Unprettier) to eliminate him.

Now we have Joseph getting rolled back in, thanks to Flex, for Slade to get the easy pin, but he gets only a two count.  Joseph reaches down and then gives Slade a belly-to-belly throw suplex.  Slade hits the ropes, but gets turned inside out by a wicked Joseph lariat.  Flex, knowing Slade was in trouble, tries to distract the ref, and Joseph is just fed up at this point.  Slade tries to bum rush Joseph, but almost collided with Flex, and that’s all Joseph needs to grab Slade into a twisting sidewalk slam to earn a pin, all while staring hard at Flex from the mat

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Dan Joseph

We go to Jack Farmer backstage and he’s with Bad Dude Tito. Tito says Thanksgiving came early and he’s carving up that turkey Rosas. He came for the Heritage championship and be a two time champ. It’s Tito’s time! While we digest that tryptophan talk, we head back to the ring for our next match….


  Shawn Daivari vs. “Mr. No Days Off” Fred Rosser

Handshake to start by both men, who were recently in the semifinals of a few weeks ago for the UWN World title tournament, and commentary points out both men are showing some lingering effects from the tournament (Rosser with his bad arm, Daivari with his injured midsection).  Both men are evenly matched and wrestle to a standstill, but it’s Rosser showing dominance in the squared circle, and that’s enough for Daivari to take a powder to the outside.  Rosser goes out to meet up with Daivari, but Daivari shows that veteran cunning, and works over Rosser’s injured arm.  But Rosser is not slouch and hits his power moves to Daivari mid-section.  Rosser then takes Daivari outside of the ring and almost delivers a backdrop to the ring apron, Daivari escapes.  Even commentary notes it was that move that injured the “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson on his neck in his pyrrhic victory over “Mr. No Days Off.”  Daivari tries another tactic and works on Rosser’s leg, ramming it into the ring post, and Rosser starts to hobble along.  Smelling blood, Daivari suplexes Rosser back in, covers, but ref counts two.  Now Daivari goes old school with a Figure Four leglock (Wooo!!) and Rosser hangs on for dear life, crawling toward and grabs the ropes to break the hold.  Daivari tries to take Rosser down, but Rosser reverses from the outside and this time the backdrop to the ring apron connects.  He rolls Daivari back in to cover, and gets a two count for his trouble.  End has Rosser put Daivari into the Gut Check, closely followed by a Crossface Chicken Wing.  Daivari submits, and somewhere Bob Backlund is smiling.

Your Winner via Submission:  “Mr. No Days Off” Fred Rosser

End of the match has Rosser using his hands in making the universal gesture=of  wanting gold around his waist, so we’ll have to wait and see if that will happen down the road.  But until that day comes we get…

Ads and I still have yet to see any reason too recap the ads, unless I get some residuals coming my way.  So let’s head backstage with new social media reporter Emily Mae, chatting with Ray Rosas. He’s thankful for family, air, Andy Brown not knocking his jaw off, and being a Hollywood Heritage champion.  But most of all, Rosas Don’t Stay Static.  So, there’s another reason to be thankful.

We’ll have to see if that is still the case because I’m checking my watch, and I do believe it’s time for the Man of the Hour to make his presence known.

Lio Rush vs. Adrian Quest

James Kincaid pegs this match as “two lightning quick competitors with chips on their shoulders”, and normally I would agree with that assessment.  I mean, watching these two cats go would be like watching The Flash and Reverse Flash fight using the Speed Force (and yes, I busted out a DC Comics reference.  At least there’s no Snyder Cut involved with my diction!).

Quest starts off by pie-facing Rush, and Rush is quite bemused by the Young Fuego.  Feeling out process to start, but Rush (in a different display to his aerial arsenal) powers over Quests, punks him out. Quest takes over, but he soon feels the Rush with a reverse Atomic Drop to a back suplex, but only gets a two count.  Rush firmly in control, grounding the Young Fuego and hitting a wicked cross arm to the face.  Quest tries to use his educated feet to take out Rush and Rush, from what I can tell, channels the Speed Force to escape each of Quest’s attacks. But he can’t dodge for long as Quest catches Rush with a missed boot to the corner turnbuckle, and hits a cradle suplex for a two count.  Another suplex for Quest, but still draws a two.  The action spills outside, and Rush tried to call timeout (but there’s no timeouts in wrestling, Mr. Drip Drip!), but Quest now has some swagger to his step and tries another pin attempt.  Rush goes for a backslide, but Quest reverses into a  nice Gory Special and then a Gory Bomb to the top turnbuckle, and covers for another two count.  Rush finally checks the time and know it’s that Hour, and begins to light up Quest, hitting a Falcon Arrow for a cover of two.  Quest corrects Rush on the time, hits a head scissors that sends Rush outside.  Quest goes for an Asai moonsault from the ring apron to Rush on the floor, and send Rush back in to hit a standing Shooting Star Press, but can’t put Rush away.  Quest goes for a huracarrana/suplex combo that gets a two. He then does a reverse huracarrana, and ref gets Quest a very close two count.  Rush ain’t done yet, and even Keneley notes, “Call him Mr. Drip Drip, but that that man is hard as ice.”  As if to prove that point, Rush shows he’s the Man of the Hour by doing a springboard from the bottom rope to a Stunner on Quest, then going up top  to hit a Frog Splash and sealing the deal with a unique cross face submission to make Quest tap tap to Mr. Drip Drip.  As Keneley put it, “Mr. Drip Drip can turn in to a torrential downpour.”  Also, I think that’s a record for me typing “Mr. Drip Drip” in an article.  But no matter the case…

Your Winner via Submission:  Lio Rush

But hold on folks!  We still have your main event tonight for the…

Hollywood Heritage Championship Match:  Ray Rosas (C) vs. Bad Dude Tito

Story of the match by commentary is that Rosas is still suffering the after effects last week, and Rosas states he was the best around on social media, and Tito (being a former Heritage Champion from back in the early CWFH days) disagreed and so we have this match.  Honestly, of all the bad “social Media Beefs” that take place in wrestling, at least *this* result will whet the wrestling fan’s appetite.

As if to prove my point, match had Tito overtaking Rosas early on, showcasing his heavyweight physique with some serious grappling skills.  Tito even does a pin attempt switching to a STF on Rosas.  Rosas was clearly in over his head, but once Tito sent Rosas too the ropes, he mistimed a leap and Rosas delivered an Atomic Drop to Tito’s…errr, little Dudes.  Keneley opines that the Wolf Zaddie will be howling a little higher after tonight (heh).  Rosas back in control, going for a guillotine choke gets reversed by Tito into a belly-to-belly throw suplex that sends Rosas outside.  Tito then shows everyone that wolves can fly, diving outside to lay out Rosas.  Tito throws Rosas back in and delivers a nasty rope-assisted senton.  Neckbreaker to Rosas, who’s now clutching his jaw, still hurting from the match last week.  Rosas then goes for a super mid-kick into a beautiful springboard moonsault/quebrada/Lionsault to pin, but just gets a two count by the ref.  Rosas now dives to his signature moves on Tito, delivering the Adios Amigos knee exploder and a running knee, but the ref gives a two count to Rosas disbelief.  Rosas goes high risk up the top turnbuckle, but Tito catches him in a suplex, and sends Rosas to the corner with a nice European uppercut and into the Bad Dude Driver, but Rosas kicks out at two.  Tito just uses brute force with a discus punch that downs Rosas like a sack of potatoes, but Rosas manages to get back up.  Rosas with a clothesline, but Tito returns back his own clothesline with authority.  Tito gets Rosas in the Paint it Black (F5), and ref counts for two.  Rosas, now feeling the pressure, tries a swinging DDT to Tito, and it’s a very close two count, and Rosas is running out of options.  Rosas goes high risk again, and Tito catches Rosas up top and gets ready to hit another Paint It Black, but a Rosas goes for a desperate roll up to get the much needed three count to win.

Your Winner and Still Hollywood Heritage Champion:  Ray Rosas

End of the match had both competitors show mutual respect.

Final Thoughts on Episode 11:

If the last eleven episodes have proven anything it’s that the United Wrestling Network has a deep talent pool that can shine when the spotlight is directed on the action in the ring.  I liked that the first match was a three-way elimination instead of the usual three-ways other promotions do nowadays, and Dan Joseph and Jordan Clearwater have more to showcase.  Also, Rosser/Daivari/Rush utilize their star power to bring out the best in the show, and Adrian Quest held his own with the Man of the Hour.  But the secret sauce of PrimeTime Live is the main event picture, and stalwarts like Ray Rosas and Bad Dude Tito for the Hollywood Heritage title made a case that this show was worth the $7.99 price tag on Fite.TV, and should direct a few more eyeballs to catching Championship Wrestling from Hollywood on the same platform (which is free BTW).

Until then, see you in seven days when it’s time to Fight On!