So as I’m writing this, things are a little hectic with voting in America.  I could spend time on it, waxing eloquent on the dangers of demagogues trying to stir up trouble and invalidate people’s rights to vote and spread misinformation.  But, for the time being, I am going on a blackout of any news media for the next 24-48 hours, stay indoors as much as possible, and focus on the only true sport or professional wrestling.  Besides, we got Episode 8 coming up, the UWN World Title is heating up, and we got the “Killer Bae” Heather Monroe in action along with Lio Rush.  So whaddaya say we get the action started, shall we?

Because it is live from Thunder Studios in Long Beach, CA.

Ring Commentators Todd Keneley, Jim Kincaid, and Blake Troop once again have the call.

But wait a second, what’s this?  Instead of wrestlers doing their promos to start the show, Todd Keneley is off near the UWN World title.  Apparently, the tournament bracket is going through changes as stars like Davey Boy Smith, Jr., Karl Fredericks, and Watts are no longer featured in the matches, so instead, Fred Rosser will now face Erik Redbeard tonight, and alternates like Shawn Daivari and Rocky Romero will fill in, plus “BHK” Kevin Martenson will fight against Mike Bennett.  Keneley evens tries to make a voting joke, saying this World Title tournament has some “qualified” candidates (me:  uhhhh, Todd?  Comparing talented men to the garbage fires that are politicians we’re dealing with in America may not be the way to go.  *SIGH* So much for avoiding politics tonight).

But thankfully, Lio Rush comes out, says he’s the real piece of gold, He’s “Mr. Drip Drip” (whatever that means), and he’s here to see who steps up to the plate and he’s here to make that money.  Which leads to your…

First Match:  Lio Rush vs. Fidel Bravo

According to Keneley, they had wrestled before in “205 Live” during Rush’s debut.  Huh, who knew?  In any case Lio Rush is in control, slapping Bravo around and showing disrespect.  Bravo takes over, but really it’s all “Mr. Drip Drip” (which are words I never thought I would type, but here we go).  Trying to keep up with Rush is near impossible, as he unleashes a flurry of flips and kicks to overtake Bravo.  A belly to back suplex by Rush has him go for the cover, but only gets a 2.  Bravo takes over, sends Rush to the corner, and goes for a corner splash, but Rush evades, and hits a tornado kick.  He tries to hit the Final Hour frog splash, but Bravo gets out of Dodge.  Bravo manages to hit a DDT on Rush that had him bounce off his neck.  Bravo covers, but no sir, he only gets a two count.  Bravo sent to out of the ring, but Rush uses the ropes for a springboard kick (what troop called a “Rolling thunder”) to Bravo sends him to the floor.  Rush sends bravo back in, hits the Final Hour frog splash and covers for the win.  Best part at the end when Keneley states Rush has “More angles in this match than a geometry book.”  That was awesome.

Winner via Pinfall:  Lio Rush

Once again, back to the commentary desk where Keneley reminds us the whole UWN World title brackets have shifted, and that brings us to the next qualifying match.

Erik Redbeard vs. Fred Rosser

Spilt screen brings up a backstage promo from “Mr. No Days Off” who states he may be better known as a tag team wrestler, but he’s ready to show he’s more than that and that he’s a Prime Time Player.  Redbeard goes on the attack but Rosser steps out to reassess this situation and maybe wonder who he pissed off to get into this match.  Simply put, this match is a stomp fest from the word god, and Redbeard is in full Nordic Beast mode, but Rosser chop blocks his leg, and goes to an STF, but Redbeard manages to reach the ropes to break the hold.  Redbeard then goes for a big slam a splash, which is good for a two count.  He then hits Rosser with a suplex, but, yup.  You guessed it:  a two count.  At one point, Redbeard uses his hands and balls them into fists to squeeze Rosser’s head in an odd vise, but Rosser gets out.  Rosser for a hope spot but Redbeard steamrolls over him, and Redbeard goes in the corner to try to tackle Rosser, who gets out in time and Redbeard dives shoulder first into the ring post. Rosser takes over, and drops the big man on the hard apron.  He rolls Redbeard back to cover, but only gets a two count.  Redbeard gets Rosser in an Iron Claw; then hits a Norse thunder (big kick).  The ref is having none of that from Redbeard who responds by shoving him in the corner, and that enough for a DQ.

Your Winner via Disqualification and Advancing to the Semifinals:  Fred Rosser

End had Redbeard chase the ref out of the studios, and then goes back to Rosser stomping the bejesus out of him.  Redbeard then trapped Rosser’s hand in a steel support and slams a metal chair at Rosser’s exposed hand, who is now writhing in pain.  Since Rosser will face “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson in the Semis, his odds don’t look too good.

Next we get ads, but I don’t recap ads, unless I get paid for doing so (hint, hint), so let’s move on to…

Women’s Match:  Heather Monroe (w/ Halston Boddy) Vs. Miranda Alize

The women’s matches to-date have all been fantastic, with one notable exception (see previous reports if you want to know what I am referring to), and Alize and Monroe bring the fire.  This is a back and forth match that has Alize at one point giving a noogie to the “Killer Bae.”  There’s also some nice chain wrestling from both, but neither gets the advantage.  Alize uses her lucha libre skills to get Monroe in La Magistral for a two count.  Alize is in the corner for a high-risk maneuver, but Monroe trips her up.  With Alize caught in the ropes, Monroe goes up top and double stomps on Alize’s head.  From there, it’s all the “Killer Bae” in control, who proceeds to stomp Alize in the corner, but Alize gets out.  This makes Monroe annoyed, and she goes after Alize, but gets caught by her, and Alize uses the ropes to injure Monroe’s arm.  Alize focuses on the arm and shoulder of Monroe, using submission holds but she manages to power her way out. Monroe uses her kick to keep Alize at bay, and at one point hits a wicked curbstomp on Alize that made me question if she still had all her teeth.  Alize still in the match, attempts a fireman’s carry to a knee, then shoots Monroe to the ropes for a basement dropkick, but a two count is all Alize gets.  Monroe goes for her Bitchbreaker, but Alize side steps and gets a rollup for a two count.  Alize then attempts an arm lock to damage Monroe’s already hurting arm, but no luck sinking it in.  Alize hits the ropes again, but Monroe hits a flash Bad Bitchy-Noku Driver and she gets the pin and the win.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Heather Monroe.

We now go backstage to Aron Stevens who tries quoting Shakespeare…badly.  He’s really going full Masterpiece Theatre, and while it ain’t Mel Gibson’s “Hamlet”, he’s really hammering the soliloquy home with, “To be or not to be.  That is the Question…MARK!”  Looks like someone got his sensei outta Mongrovia.

UWN World Title Match First Round:  Shawn Daivari vs. Rocky Romero

If haven’t seen him in a while, Daivari is looking super jacked, and his promo in the split screen says he’s not the same man as before and he has injuries, but wants to prove that he still belongs here in this game.  Romero’s promo says he’ll be making his debut in UWN, and wants to make history.  Handshake of respect at the start of the match and Rocky showing sweet moves, which starts to get in head of Daivari.  Daivari then catches Romero and hits Rocky’s head on all four posts, followed by a slam to the corner, and then a backbreaker, but only a two count for his troubles.  Daivari rolls out of the ring, and Rocky gives him double knees to knock him down.  Outside the ring, Daivari goes after Romero, then just continues to methodically break him down.  Back in the ring shows a headlock/leg scissors combo by Daivari, followed by a back suplex.  Daivari’s arm is hurting, and Romero goes on the attack with a corner clotheslines, but Daivari returns the favor and hits his own.  It only gets a two count.  Both men spill out to the hard ramp, and rocky hits the Sliced Rocky (Sliced bread) on Daivari on the ramp, but both now are feeling the effects.  Ref starts counting both competitors out, but Romero gingerly gets back, rolls in Daivari for a cover of two.  Romero tries a standing Sliced Rocky, but just gets a two, but a rollup by Daivari gets Rocky down for the one, two, three count and picks up an important win.

Your Winner via Pinfall and Advancing to the Semifinals:  Shawn Daivari

That now takes us to the final match of the night for the UWN World Title Tournament with…

Mike Bennett vs. “BHK” Kevin Martenson

This match was supposed to be Davey Boy Smith, Jr. but for whatever reason he pulled out, and Martenson gets in as an alternate.  Martenson promo in the split screen states he is a “surrogate, a robot x-1, and an alternate for nobody”, and tonight he’s going to prove why he belongs in the Tournament.  Bennett approaches the ring, and his promo in the spilt screen says he is out to prove he is the best.  Handshakes of respect at the start slowly turns to jaw jacking by Martenson.  Hard shots by both men, then “BHK” catches Bennett in the Sharpshooter, but Bennett powers out.  This was the story of the match, as commentary mentioned Bennett is still suffering from the effects of Nick Aldis’ Kingslayer Cloverleaf.  In any case, stiff chops by both men, but Bennett is very focused in match.  “BHK” does want to keep dealing with this so he powders out of the ring, with Bennett taking pursuit.  He tries to bring back “BHK”, but Bennett get dropped on top rope to his neck by Martenson.  “BHK” pulls Bennett outside, except Bennett greets “BHK” with stiff shots that send him down.  Bennett back in the ring, but “BHK” uses the ring ropes to basement dropkick Bennett in the knees.  Martenson attempts a frog splash, but Bennett raises knees just in time, but it hurt him more than “BHK”.  Bennett tosses BHK out of the ring, and tries for the Hail Mary piledriver on the apron, but “BHK” battles out of the move.  Bennett switches gears and goes for a fireman’s carry to a modified DVD on the unforgiving apron.  This fires up Bennett who hits a Spear on Martenson.  He goes for the Hail Mary again, but “BHK” breaks out and sends Bennett to the corner, where “BHK” hits the double stomp on his neck in corner.  Bennett is laying prone on the canvas, but “BHK” doesn’t cover.  He goes up for a splash; but on the way down Bennett raises his knees but Martenson catches him and wraps the Sharpshooter on Bennett, who is writhing in pain.  “BHK” loses his grip on the hold, and begins holding his back, due to the damage Bennett has laid on him on the ring apron.  Martenson tries for a brainbuster and covers Bennett but get a 2 count that was too close to call.  Bennett goes outside, but “BHK” hits a suicide dive onto Bennett.  Near the end has both men up top on the corner turnbuckle duking it out, but Bennett pushes off “BHK” to the hard ramp.  Determined, Bennett throws Martenson back in, hits another Spear, and nails the Hail Mary for a trip to semifinals.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Advancing to the Semifinals:  Mike Bennett

Next Week’s show plugs the following matches:  Lacey Ryan Vs. Vipress, 4 Minutes of Heat vs. Real Money Bro$, and Aron Stevens and The Question Mark vs. Eli Drake and James Storm for the NWA World Tag Team Championship.  Until then, says Keneley, “It’s time to fight on!”

Final Thoughts on Episode 8:

If you have to start a wrestling show, there is none better than the Man of the Hour himself, Lio Rush.  As always, the women’s division continues to shine with wrestlers like Monroe and Alize at the forefront.  But the big story was the changing of the UWN World Title Tournament brackets.  While I wish guys like Smith, et al were fighting tonight, the surprise announcements and changeup did not diminish the enthusiasm for the competitors, nor will it for the viewers.  So, yes, folks, this show is worth the $7.99.  But if you want all episodes 5-8 on Fite.TVd, go ahead and pony up the $24.99.

Until then, as they say in Mongrovia, see you next Tuesday!