With the conclusion coming up this weekend the final phase of the G4 Climax tournament is taking shape.

In B Block action today it was rivals Evil and Naito who ended the day tied for first place. Evil has only lost to Zach Sabre Jr. and Toru Yano. Naito has only lost to Sanada and Evil. The IWGP Heavyweight and IWGP Intercontinental Champion pulled off a win against the slippery Yano on night sixteen…with a little help from a Young Lion.

Yano pitched a fit before the match even started complaining that Naito was taking too long to remove his gear. Naito asked him to calm down.

Both men refused to lock-up frustrating each other. Naito and Yano both raced for a turnbuckle pad. Yano untied one quicker and smashed it over Naito’s back.

Yano whipped Naito into the ringside barrier before spraying sanitizer in his face and that of Yota Tsuji. Yano taped their arms together with Tsuji on one side of the ringside barrier and Naito on the other. Tsuji squeezed his way through the barrier so that Naito can get back into the ring in time.

Yano tapes Naito and Tsuji together. Courtesy: NJPW.

Naito and Tsuji teamed up double clotheslining Yano to the mat. Tsuji finally freed himself from the tape and Naito. To thank Tsuji for his help Naito put his hand up for a Los Ingobernables de Japon fist bump. As Tsuji reached up Naito kicked him in the stomach, picked him up and slammed him on top of Yano. Naito tried to slam the official on Yano as well but Yano punched him in the “lower abdomen” from behind. Naito collided with the official knocking him down. Naito kicked Yano in the “nards” rolling him up for the three count.

In A Block there is a three-way tie for first place between Jay White, Kota Ibushi and Kazuchika Okada. White has lost to Jeff Cobb and Will Ospreay. Ibushi has been defeated by Shingo Takagi and Jay White. Kazuchika Okada has lost to Jay White and Kota Ibushi.

Yujiro Takahashi is the only G1 participant without a single win. Yoshi-Hashi has just one.

The winner of the G1 Climax tournament is rewarded with a contact for an IWGP Heavyweight Championship match at the Wrestle Kingdom Tokyo Dome show on January 4th. Often the winner has been forced to, made to or opts to put that contact on the line before Wrestle Kingdom.


B Block
Wrestler Points
Evil  12
Tetsuya Naito  12
Sanada  10
Zack Sabre Jr.  10
Hirooki Goto  8
Kenta  8
Hiroshi Tanahashi  6
Juice Robinson  6
Toru Yano  2

G1 Climax 30 Night 16 Results

Yota Tsuji versus Yuya Uemura

Yota Tsuji is another Young Lion who should be moved up to the main roster soon. A spear, a giant swing and a Boston Crab spells doom for Uemura.

Winner: Yota Tsuji


Yoshi submits to the Yes Lock. Was there any doubt?

Winner: Kenta

Juice Robinson versus Zack Sabre Jr. – G1 CLIMAX 30 -B BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

Zack Sabre Jr wins with an electrifying, stunning, mind-blowing roll-up.

Winner: Zack Sabre Jr.

Toru Yano versus Tetsuya Naito – G1 CLIMAX 30 -B BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

Winner: Tetsuya Naito

Hirooki Goto versus Evil – G1 CLIMAX 30 -B BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

Evil kicks out of a GTR to pin Goto with Everything is Evil.

Winner: Evil

Hiroshi Tanahashi versus Sanada – G1 CLIMAX 30 -B BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

Sanada survives the Cloverleaf to pin The Ace with two moonsaults from the top rope.

Winner: Sanada


A Block 
Wrestler Points
 Jay White  12
 Kota Ibushi  12
 Kazuchika Okada  12
 Will Ospreay  10
 Taichi  8
 Jeff Cobb  8
 Minoru Suzuki  6
 Tomohiro Ishii  6
 Shingo Takagi  6
 Yujiro Takahashi  0

G1 Climax 30 Night 15 Results

Gabriel Kidd versus Yuya Uemura

Uemura wins another match with his straight-jacket like suplex.

Winner: Yuya Uemura

Will Ospreay versus Jeff Cobb – G1 CLIMAX 30 – A BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

Classic strength versus agility. Cobb flings Ospreay around like a toy. A great sequence has Cobb throwing Ospreay off, Ospreay bouncing off the ground, off the ropes for an OsCutter on Cobb. Cobb scrapes by with a Tour of the Islands.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

Kota Ibushi versus Yujiro Takahashi – G1 CLIMAX 30 – A BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

Yujiro continues his losing eight match losing streak. A jumping knee to the face and Kamigoye pins him.

Winner: Kota Ibushi

Shingo Takagi versus Taichi – G1 CLIMAX 30 – A BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

A brutal super kick and a Black Mephisto puts Takagi away.

Winner: Taichi

Minoru Suzuki versus Jay White – G1 CLIMAX 30 – A BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

White and Suzuki lock up. Courtesy: NJPW.

White employs his duck and run strategy which just pisses Suzuki off. White warns Suzuki. “I will wrestle you but no kicks like that,” he demands. The crowd actually cheers for Suzuki to beat the tar out of White. That is how much they just hate White. Suzuki has White in an arm lock but Red Shoes is distracted by Gedo. White taps and Red Shoes doesn’t see it. Suzuki moves Red Shoes out of the way and punches Gedo in the jaw. Suzuki stops a Blade Runner attempt by pulling White’s hair out. Gedo pulls Red Shoes out of the ring. You know the deal by now: Low-blow, Blade Runner, 1-2-3.

Winner: Jay White

Kazuchika Okada versus Tomohiro Ishii – G1 CLIMAX 30 – A BLOCK TOURNAMENT MATCH

Okada can barely stand, however, he still has enough left to put Ishii to sleep with the Cobra Clutch.

Winner: Kazuchika Okada