With Monday Night Football debuting tonight WWE knows they need to pull out all the stops for Monday Night RAW.  Tonight’s show is being billed as “IN YOUR FACE!”. What does that mean? Only Vince really knows. Several matches are being promoted, such as Keith Lee versus Drew McIntyre and Asuka versus Mickie James for the RAW Women’s title. Also, the Smackdown tag team champs are facing the RAW tag team champs. As always, it’s time to head into the ThunderDome.

Micheal Cole is taking point on commentary tonight and is joined by Dolph Ziggler. The only regular RAW announcer behind the desk tonight is Byron Saxton, much to the disappointment of everyone.

WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre kicks off the show, talking about the beating he dished out to Randy Orton last week. WWE officials wanted Drew to take some time off to heal, but wasn’t about to do that. Why? Because that would mean giving up the title. Since both he and Orton have left the ThunderDome in an ambulance, Drew wants to have an ambulance match at Clash of Champions. It’s only natural.

Adam Pearce interrupts the champ with an announcement. If Randy Orton isn’t ready for Clash, Keith Lee will take his spot, but only if Lee beats him tonight.

Keith Lee enters the ring and the two friend shake hands, but Lee isn’t so keen on letting Drew leave.

The Street Profits vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro – Brand to Brand Invitational Champions Match

Earlier today, Cesaro said that they are going to ruin the perception that the Street Profits are the best tag team in WWE.

Cesaro backs up his words with a big uppercut to start the match. Nakamura joins in to double team Dawkins. Montez Ford tags in, connecting with a drop kick to Shinsuke. Ford flies over the top rope, only to get caught by Cesaro and Nakamura. They slam him into the security barrier.

After an  early break, Dawkins is handling himself well against Cesaro and Nakamura. He misses the splash in the corner and Nakamura dumps him on his head. Nakamura looks for the knee, but Dawkins counters with a spine buster. Ford makes the tag for the frog splash, but Shinsuke gets his knees up. Cesaro with the swing to Ford and Nakamura stops him cold with a knee strike. Dawkins breaks up the pin.

Cesaro takes Montez Ford for the big swing. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Cesaro with a pop up uppercut, but Ford kicks out at two. Dawkins dodges Nakamura, who crashes knees first into the ring steps. Cesaro connects with an uppercut in the corner. He goes up top, but Dawkins makes the blind tag. Cesaro with a vertical suplex to Ford, but Dawkins comes off the top rope with the Cash Out Splash. He covers Cesaro and gets the win.

Winners via pinfall: The Street Profits

Backstage, Angel Garza is chatting up Lana, who can’t believe Mickie James has a title shot. She is stumping for Natalya. Garza is interested, but I wouldn’t go barking up that tree, Angle. Zelina Vega tells Lana to take a walk and chews out Garza. He tells her that he is sick and tired of getting blamed for when everything goes wrong. Vega has to step between Garza and Andrade, but says she can’t do this anymore. Vega storms off, as Garza and Andrade start to fight.

The Mysterio Family has entered the ThunderDome, well they are backstage; I’m not quite sure what the boundaries of the ThunderDome are.

The Hurt Business is here and business is booming, according to MVP. Bobby Lashley is the United States champion, Shelton Benjamin has upgraded and Cedric Alexander has official joined the business. Alexander addresses that this is his job; he is doing what he needs to do for his health and bottom line.

Apollo Crews and Ricochet interrupt and they are hot after Cedric turned on them. Benjamin tells Cedric he doesn’t owe them an explanation. Ricochet doesn’t want an explanation, he wants a piece of Cedric.

Ricochet w/Apollo Crews vs. Cedric Alexander w/The Hurt Business

Ricochet comes out throwing hands and sends Cedric to the floor. He catches him with a knee off the apron and follows with moonsault. Apollo takes out Benjamin, but Lashley wipes him out. Erik runs down to even the odds and fights Benjamin up the ramp.

Alexander drop kicks Ricochet in the back and stomps him in the face. Ricochet connects with a desperation drop kick. The two get to their feet and trade strikes. A super kick takes Alexander down and Ricochet bridges a suplex into a pin. Cedric kicks out. Ricochet goes up top. Benjamin with a distraction, allowing Alexander to avoid the 630. Cedric hits a Mishinoku driver and follows with the Lumbar Check. He covers to get the pin.

Cedric Alexander hits Ricochet with the Lumbar Check to pick up the win. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Winner via pinfall: Cedric Alexander

After the bell, the lights go out and Retribution’s logo appear on the video screens. They shed some light on their identities, talking about spending time at the Performance Center, but still don’t show their faces. Their message seems to be targeted at the Hurt Business.

Sarah Schreiber gets a word with Mickie James before her match with Asuka. James talks about how she has given everything to the business and Asuka brings out the best in her. Right now, she has clarity and knows what it will take to become champion. Tonight could be her last chance to win that championship.

Adam Pearce is giving the security team an earful, when MVP offers to upgrade the security team from boys to men. MVP has Lashley, Benjamin and Lashley. He wants to help Pearce keep his job. MVP isn’t here to volunteer; he’s going to send a bill for services rendered.

Asuka (champion) vs. Mickie James (challenger) – RAW Women’s Championship Match

The two trade holds to start the match. James hits a neck breaker. Asuka with a knee strike to the face. Mickie dodges a hip attack and counters with a roundhouse kick that sends the champ to the floor.

After the commercial break, Asuka hits the hip attack. Mickie with a flapjack, but takes her time celebrating before going up top. Asuka rolls through the cross body and the two trade strikes. Asuka with a back fist. She follows with a series of kicks. James counters a kick into a single leg crab. Mickie connects with another roundhouse kick and makes the cover. Asuka is able to grab the bottom rope to break the hold.

Asuka locks in an armbar. Mickie stacks her up and Asuka kicks out. Asuka applies the Asuka Lock. James tries to roll out. The ref calls for the bell. The announcers are confused. The ref says James is unable to continue.

Winner and still RAW Women’s Champion: Asuka

The Asuka Lock incapacitates Mickie James. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

After the bell, Zelina Vega marches to the ring. She’s been thinking about her future; realizing that she has wasted her time managing those ingrates. She calls Asuka an ingrate, calling her reckless with the RAW Women’s title. She should have been focused on the superstars of today. Vega is ready for that title.

Asuka laughs at her, but isn’t laughing after Vega slaps her across the face.

Charly Caruso welcomes Keith Lee to the interview area. He is excited for the opportunity, tonight. He know Drew will do anything to retain his title, but Keith will do anything to win it. Lee doesn’t want to take advantage of McIntyre’s injury, but he will do what he must.

Bobby Lashley w/MVP vs. Erik

MVP joins the announce position. Erik takes down Lashley with the double knees, but kicks out of the pin. Lashley with a gut wrench slam. Lashley slaps on the full nelson, taking Erik to the mat with the Hurt Lock. Erik taps out.

Winner via submission: Bobby Lashley

Erik becomes just another victim to the Hurt Lock of Bobby Lashley. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Sarah Schreiber asks Kevin Owens why Aleister Black has targeted him. Owens just doesn’t know, but he has some theories, like hardly anyone cared enough to pick a fight with him. Owens wants to know how he will inflicted enough punishment so they are even. He will show Black what happens when he picks a fight with him.

So RAW Underground is still a thing and Braun Strowman wants his shot. He tells Shane to get out of his way and open the door.

Seth Rollins welcomes Murphy into his locker room, wanting to know where he has been. Murphy is embarrassed after getting beaten down by the Mysterio. Seth understands and they have to look to the future. The steel cage is a perfect opportunity to teach a lesson. Seth has a mission for Murphy and wants to know if he is ready. He grabs him by the throat, telling him to stay in the back so he doesn’t have to deal with his stupidity. Seth slaps him again.

If you haven’t heard, Mandy Rose has been traded to RAW. A trade that the Miz brokered.

Before his match, Charly Caruso gets a word with Dominik before the match. He knows to follows in his father’s footsteps, he cant back down. Rey says he is more worried than his son and maybe Seth should be concerned about Dominik.

Seth Rollins vs/ Dominik Mysterio w/Family – Steel Cage Match

Seth beats down Dominik in the middle of the ring. He shoots Dom off the ropes, but Mysterio counters with a side Russian leg sweep. Dom starts to climb the cage. Murphy, ignoring Seth’s orders, is at ringside and slides a kendo stick into the ring. Rollins strikes, knocking Dominik to the mat. Rollins throws Mysterio off the steel cage as we go to break.

After the commercials, Rollins is toying with Dominik and taunting the Mysterios. Dom reverses a whip and slams Seth into the cage. Domink tries to escape, but Seth catches him. Dom sends Seth into the cage again and Rey slides his son a kendo stick. Dominik goes to work. He smashes Rollins from wall to wall and then hits a sit out power bomb. Rollins kicks out of the pin.

Seth catapults Dom onto the cage, but he catches himself and starts to climb. The two fight on the cage and Dominik gets crotches on the top rope. Dom returns the favor, crotching Seth and both men fall to the floor. Dom crawls to the door as Rey begs for him to hurry. Murphy rips Rey away and beats him. Rollins makes a break for the door, but Murphy slams the door shut on him, thinking it was Dom. Murphy sprints to the other side of the cage to catch Dominik from escaping. Dominik knocks Murphy to the floor from the top of the cage.

Both Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins find themselves on the wrong end of the ring rope. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Dominik turns his attention to Rollins, connecting with the frog splash. Seth kicks out. Mysterio climbs to the top, but Seth is able to catch him by the ankle. Seth is able to pull him back and delivers a superplex. Rollins follows with a falcon arrow, but Mysterio kicks out of the pin.

Rollins stomps Dom into the mat, twice. He rolls Mysterio over and covers. The ref makes the three count.

Winner via pinfall: Seth Rollins

After the match, Rollins beats up Murphy for disobeying him. The Mysterio family checks on Dominik in the ring.

RAW Underground

Dolph Ziggler has left the announce team to fight in the Underground. Riddick Moss wants a piece of Ziggler. The problem is Braun Strowman wants a piece of both men. He wrecks their fight, destroying both men.

Charly Caruso gets a work with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Drew knows Keith Lee will do anything to win. He points out he didn’t hit the ring last week until Orton hit the RKO. Lee shows up and isn’t happy that Drew is insinuating that he did him a favor. Lee reminds Drew he beat Orton at Payback. Maybe Drew is concerned that Lee will beat him tonight and then at Clash of Champions. Lee points out the target on Drew’s jaw. McIntyre tells him to knock it off and then strikes. The two fight backstage until WWE officials break it up.

Titus O’Neal wants to get in the Underground. Why would he? Braun Strowman is wrecking shop. He quickly chokes out Titus and Shane has to pull Braun off of him.

Are you not entertained?!? Braun Strowman wants to know. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

Aleister Black ambushes Owens as he enters the ring. We join the match in progress after a break. Owens smashes Black in the corner. Black takes him down with a leg sweep. Owens back drops Black out of the ring and he smashes his face on the apron. Black takes advantage of the injured knee of Owens, targeting it. Owens finds himself in a leg bar. Owens gets to the ropes, but Black holds until the four count. Out of nowhere, Owens unleashes a super kick. Owens can barely stand up. The lights flicker on and off. Owens takes advantage, hitting Black with a stunner. He covers and gets the win.

Winner via pinfall: Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens hits Aleister Black with a stunner; give the assist to the flickering lights. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Keith Lee finds McIntyre again and the two brawl. Adam Pearce threatens to cancel the match if they can’t behave.

The Riott Squad vs. Natalya and Lana

The tag team champs, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler join the announce table as they are taking on the Riott Squad. Liv and Ruby think they can win since they actually get along as a team.

Natalya and Lana quickly team up on Liv in their corner. Liv is whipped into the corner, but is able to take out Nattie with a forearm. Ruby tags in, allowing Liv to hit the Oblivion on Lana. Ruby finishes her off with the Riott kick. She covers Lana and gets the win.

Winners via pinfall: The Riott Squad

Lana takes the Riott Kick; little does she know that she is about to go through a table courtesy of Nia Jax. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

After the match, Jax and Baszler hit the ring and destroy Lana and Natalya. Jax puts Lana through the announce table with a Samoan drop.

Braun Strowman is dominating the Underground. Ziggler and Moss try to double team him. It doesn’t end well for either of them. Dabbo-Kato steps up, but Shane tells them to wait for next week.

Keith Lee vs. Drew McIntyre – Non-Title Match

Lee takes a shot at Drew’s jaw. McIntyre fires back with a shot of his own. The champ can’t get Lee up for a suplex, so he head butts him. He tosses Lee across the ring. Drew goes up top, delivering a flying clothesline. Both men are down. McIntyre kips up. Lee avoids the Future Shock DDT, but runs right into a spine buster. Lee blocks a suplex and powers out of the grip. The two trade strikes in the middle of the ring. McIntyre leaps to the top turnbuckle, but gets caught with a shot to the jaw. Lee pulls Drew to the top turnbuckle and drops him with a superplex. Drew kicks out of the pin at two.

Both men get to their feet. Lee dodges a Claymore. McIntyre fights out of the Spirit bomb. The two collide as both attempt a cross body block. Retribution streams out of the stands and surround the ring. At least a dozen black clad Retribution members go after both Lee and McIntyre. They are beaten down in the middle of the ring.

No Contest

The assault continues until the Hurt Business shows up. Retribution wants them. MVP, Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin walk down the ramp and the fight is on. It’s a full brawl at ringside when Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre come flying over the ropes to take out everyone. They are the only two left standing as the show goes off the air.

The Hurt Business saves the day? Only if they get paid. Photo courtesy of WWE.com

See you next week in the ThunderDome.


Monday Night RAW 9/15/2020

WWE ThunderDome at Amway Arena, Orlando, Florida

Monday Night RAW was billed as “IN YOUR FACE” tonight. It was a solid show, but it wasn’t really in anyone’s face. The show suffers one again by only having one match in the first hour. Retribution showed up again and they are starting to state their mission. The champion versus champion tag team match is worth watching, along with the Steel Cage match with Dominik Mysterio and Seth Rollins. We have had over a month of RAW Underground now. It’s not working, time for WWE to cut bait, but it’s Shane’s baby, so we are stuck with it.