It took three episodes but Lion’s Break Collision has come into its own presenting four matches this week. The main event had powerhouse Jeff Cobb seeking revenge against the young upstart, former Young Lion: Karl Fredericks.

Jeff Cobb gave Fredericks a smile and a wave as he walked to the ring. The match started with both men throwing forearms and chops in the middle of the ring. Cobb took over lowering the boom with hammer fists, clotheslines and stomps. Fredericks answered back by dodging a wild shot and unleashing wicked kicks and forearms. Cobb fell to a heap in a corner. Fredericks charged in. Cobb easily mowed him down with a shoulder tackle.

Jeff Cobb shows the price he paid in this match. Courtesy: NJPW.

Cobb just batters Fredericks’ back with knees and forearms perhaps setting him up for Tour of the Islands. A knee to the back has Fredericks desperate to break free. He drapes a foot over the ropes to do so. Fredericks loses a forearm showdown, collapsing to the mat as Cobb dishes out the punishment. A blistering forearm sends Fredericks’ ear ring flying out of the ring. The official checks on Fredericks asking him if he can continue. He staggers to his feet.

Cobb’s Spin Cycle and a standing moonsault drives the air out of Fredericks’ lungs. Cobb is bleeding from the nose as Fredericks snaps back with forearms and a running drop kick just like his coach Katsuyori Shibata taught him.

A right hand shot by Cobb has Fredericks glassy-eyed. A snap dragon suplex and a Tour of the Islands finally puts Fredericks down for the count. Cobb bows to Fredericks before leaving the ring.

Tom Lawlor versus Alex Coughlin

Lawlor targets the arm of Coughlin. Courtesy: NJPW.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor returns this week to take on a Young Lion. Coughlin is no slouch though as he has been proving. A refreshing old school wrestling match with the focus on mat wrestling. Lawlor looks strong throughout. It is not long before they both start throwing strikes at one another. An exploder suplex comes close to snuffing out Coughlin. Coughlin’s spear off the ropes sets-up Lawlor for a Boston Crab. Lawlor gets the win though with an awkward roll-up and finish to the match.

Winner: Tom Lawlor
Match Rating: 2.5 / 5

Danny Limelight versus Misterioso

Limelight and Misterioso are ready to square off. Courtesy: NJPW.

Misterioso has the weight and strength advantage. After a standoff, Limelight offers his hand. Misterioso kicks him in the stomach. Limelight teaches him a lesson a few seconds later by splashing him with a tornado plancha on the concrete floor. Limelight springs off the ropes. Misterioso catches him and powerbombs him to the mat with a dull thud. A stunning top rope leaping DDT by Limelight is a thing of beauty. Misterioso escapes a pin by reaching for the ropes. A couple of super kicks and backcracker by Misterioso ends the match suddenly. Although Misterioso got the win this match was all about Danny Limelight who continues to impress each time we see him on Lion’s Gate. This was his best match thus far.

Winner: Misterioso
Match Rating: 3 / 5

TJP, Clark Connors versus Rust Taylor and Rocky Romero

TJP squeezes the life out of Taylor. Courtesy: NJPW.

Gino Gambino rips all over Romero’s glitter jacket. Taylor and TJP fluidly trade submission holds making one wish they didn’t have to tag out as their one-on-one is fantastic on its own. Connors demands to be tagged in against Rocky Romero. Both men charge at each other again and again. Connors kicks and stomps Romero down in a corner. Connors puts Romero in a Boston Crab. Taylor lays in kicks but Connors will not let go. TJP puts Taylor away with Detonation. Rocky Romero hasn’t won a single match on Lion’s Gate Collision.

Winners: TJP, Clark Connors
Match Rating: 3 / 5

Karl Fredericks versus Jeff Cobb

Winner: Jeff Cobb
Match Rating: 3.5 / 5


Lion’s Break Collision Episode Four


Although the previous episodes have been great night caps after watching Smackdown this episode was so well-rounded it elevated Collision to another level. The very best episode by far.