I guess they just had something to prove?

Following their six-man tag team match on tonight’s edition of Smackdown, King Corbin, Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak and Otis decided they needed to have impromptu Money in the Bank match to close out the show.

Why? Well, why not?

Once Gulak has been pinned by Corbin, the fun began. Cesaro and Nakamura held Gulak for Corbin. Bryan leapt into the ring stopping Corbin from hitting Gulak with his scepter. Bryan and Otis brawled with Cesaro and Nakamura knocking them over the barricade. Gulak jumped off the barricade splashing both Cesaro and Nakamura. They all brawled to the back leaving Corbin all alone.

Corbin set up a ladder in the ring. Out of nowhere, Bryan ran into the ring dragging Corbin off the ladder.

Corbin drove Bryan into the ladder as attempted to climb it again. Out comes Otis. Otis batters Corbin with the ladder until he rolls out of the ring. Otis tries to climb the ladder…but each rung he steps on breaks? What the…? Where did they get these ladders? The Shawn Michaels and Razor Roman Ladder Emporium?

Corbin has had enough of the nonsense. He smashes Otis into the ladder and then slings him into a steel post.

Bryan slides another ladder into the ring. He climbs the ladder until Corbin tips it over. The top rope breaks Bryan’s fall. Corbin throws Bryan out of the ring and onto Otis.

Corbin successfully climbs the ladder pulling down one of the briefcases hanging there. Corbin holds the briefcase up triumphantly.

Someone needs to tell King Corbin that the Money in the Bank match is this Sunday. Photo: WWE.

Earlier on, the much-hyped face-to-face meeting between WWE Universal Champion Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt turned out to be as entertaining as a promo from Lana.

Wyatt and his puppets asked Strowman to return to the family. Strowman said he was already home and walked off. The end. Wah. Wah. Waaaah.


Smackdown report for 05/08/2020

Sonya Deville versus Mandy Rose

Separately, Otis and Dolph Ziggler cheer on Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville backstage. Ziggler asks Deville not to ruin Rose’s face, for his sake. Rose comes to the ring ready to get down to business. As Deville is putting her hair up to square up, Rose jumps her before the bell beating her down in a corner. Deville ducks out of the ring to catch a breather. Deville attacks Roses injured knee, clipping it, smashing it. “You think you are better than me? I am getting so much pleasure out of this!” yells Deville. You gotta love Deville tearing Rose’s false eyelashes off. A running knee knocks Deville out of the ring. Rose slams Deville onto the announce desk, the steel steps and throws her over the announce desk. Back in the ring, Deville thwarts a running knee by Rose. She rolls her up, grabbing her tights to secure the pin.

Winner: Sonya Deville.
Match Rating: 7.5 / 10

The New Day and Lucha House Party versus Miz and Morrison, The Forgotten Sons

Kingston slugs everyone in the opposing corner sparking a brawl in the middle of the ring. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado splash their opponents on the floor. Kingston misses a splash bouncing off the steel ring post. The Miz and Morrison make Kingston pay for the mistake by double-teaming him. Jaxson Ryker lands a cheap shot on Kingston from the floor. Kingston goes for the pin but his entire team are pulled off the apron by their opponents. Morrison would have been pinned by two splashes from Lucha House Party except the Forgotten Sons make the save. Big E is slammed onto the floor by the Forgotten Ones. Kingston is slammed on top of Big E. The Miz pins Dorado with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Winners: Miz and Morrison, The Forgotten Sons.
Match Rating: 7.5 / 10

King Corbin makes a proclamation: He is King Money in the Bank. He is looking past tonight’s match to the Money in the Bank match and how he will torture everyone else.

Jeff Hardy is interviewed in the ring by Renee Young. Backstage, Sheamus mocks Hardy and everything he is saying. Hardy asks his fans to stick by him for “one last good run in the WWE”. Hardy calls Sheamus out. Sheamus obliges. “This is the saddest thing I have ever seen in the WWE,” says Sheamus claiming fans are tired of Hardy’s no shows, his suspensions, his releases and his wasted second chances. Sheamus wants to snuff out Hardy’s already dying flame. Sheamus marches down to the ring. Hardy takes out Sheamus quickly with a Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb. Sheamus is furious.

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak fill Otis in on what King Corbin said about him earlier in the show.

Lacey Evans, Tamina versus Sasha Banks, Bayley

As Bayley and Banks argue about who is going to start the match, Tamina mashes them both. Bayley and Banks isolate Tamina cutting her down to size. Bayley jumps off the second ropes. Tamina hauls back clocking her in the face with a haymaker from hell. Banks and Bayley double-team Lacey until she tags in Tamina. Tamina slings Banks into the barricade and slams Bayley on the floor. Tamina splashes Bayley in a corner. She climbs to the top rope. Banks runs interference. Tamina dives off the ropes to get Bayley’s boot in the jaw. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly and the Flying Elbow Smash on Tamina. Tamina kicks out. Tamina puts Bayley away with a super kick and a Samoan Drop.

Winners: Lacey Evans, Tamina.
Match Rating: 6 / 10

Carmella and Dana Brooke chat about their chances at winning the Money in the Bank match this Sunday.

The Smackdown Hacker appears again showing Tamina knocking out Sasha Banks, Big E pinning The Miz to win the tag belts and Carmella ripping into Dana Brooke for not concentrating on their tag match weeks ago. “The thing about anger is you hear it before you see it,” says The Hacker before playing a strange voice mail with someone saying “Payback is coming and it is coming real soon.”

King Corbin, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura versus Daniel Bryan, Drew Gulak and Otis

Just a big mess with Corbin pinning Gulak with a Deep Six.

Winner: King Corbin, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.
Match Rating: 4 / 10

Episode Rating: 7 / 10