Matt Hardy is heading to All Elite Wrestling.

Just a few days after announcing that he allowed his contract with the WWE to lapse, Matt Hardy posted a video to his YouTube channel where he calls upon The Young Bucks for help in the tenth episode of his #FreeTheDELETE storyline.

“Zenith is dying. I need you to come to the Hardy Compound and remove Zenith from my body again,” pleads Hardy on the phone while he makes preparations to bury what we assume is the old Matt Hardy.

The Young Bucks answer Matt Hardy’s call. Photo: MATTHARDYBRAND, YouTube.

In the video, Hardy is seen writing notes stating something about being the “beacon of light” and “breaking” those who oppose him.

Another letter says “Bring Damascus to life”.

“Bucks of Youth, I knew you would come,” says Hardy at the end of the segment as the Young Bucks arrive at the compound.