The accolades have been pouring in celebrating the legacy of Harley Race. To start, let’s quote a tweet from Lance Storm which sums it all up: “#RIP Harley Race. This is why we should not throw the term Legend around freely. It needs to be saved for people like Harley who truly are.”

A unique video comes from the National Wrestling Alliance, which interviewed Race alongside current NWA World champion Nick Aldis. “In one of Harley Race’s last public interviews, he appeared on #TenPoundsOfGold with @RealNickAldis about what it means to be the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship,” reads the tweet at @nwa. The videographer, David Lagana (@Lagana) weighed in as well: “When we shot this, everyone gathered around behind us… it really was such a magical moment for us that Harley cared enough to do this with us.”

Even the most powerful man in the wrestling business noted Race’s death on Twitter.

Vince McMahon @VinceMcMahon
Harley Race was literally the King of his profession for 25 years. Long live the King.

Some of the other comments:

Ric Flair, The Nature Boy
Today We Lost Not Only A Great Personal Friend, But In My Estimation The One And Only REAL World Champion. Without Harley Race, There Was No Ric Flair. I Tried My Hardest Every Day To Live Up To His Standard In The Ring. He Will Be Greatly Missed, But Always Remembered By Myself And So Many Others. The Stories Of Harley Race Will Live On Forever! Rest In Peace My Friend!

TAZ @OfficialTAZ
One if the true pioneers of displaying toughness, skill, talent, credibility & physicality in a wrestling ring. That’s who #HarleyRace was…complete Champion, Legend, Icon. #RIP

Bob Cook on Facebook
Just hearing the sad and depressing news about the passing of the legendary Harley Race. Harley was such a huge part of my childhood growing up, whenever he came to town Championship prices were in effect a sold-out crowd showed up and a knock-down-drag-out fight took place. Harley was what a pro wrestler should be first class from head to toe and bad to the bone from beginning to end. I thank him for those childhood memories, I thank him for always being cool to me personally during my time in wrestling and I send out my sincerest condolences to his family and friends. May the greatest wrestler on God’s green earth forever rest in peace. A true legend gone but he will never be forgotten. R.I.P. MR Race

Triple H @TripleH
Everything about Harley Race commanded RESPECT… Today our world mourns with all the RESPECT you deserve… One of my favorite people in the business and in life. See you down the road, my friend. #LegendsNeverDie #ThenNowForever

Jim Ross @JRsBBQ
I’ve never respected any wrestler more than Harley Race. He was unequaled in the ring and as physically & mentally tough as anyone I’ve ever met. For pool players in Heaven, when Harley’s gravely voice says, “I’ve got next” he means it! RIP Friend

Gary Cappetta on Facebook
So sad to hear of the passing of wrestling great, Harley Race. We shared many good times entertaining hundreds of thousands of fans across continents. The Champ will be missed.

@8XNWAChampion was the @nwa I hated him as a fan becasue he did his job so well. Honored to call him friend. Heaven just got a lot tougher

Alex Marvez @alexmarvez
Saddened to hear of Harley Race’s passing. An amazing talent & I later had the honor of writing a pro wrestling training guide with him, @REALSteamboat & @LesThatcher. During that process, Harley choked me out legit with 2 fingers to make sure I showed proper respect for the biz

Jimmy Korderas @jimmykorderas
The word legend and trailblazer gets thrown around alot. Harley Race is all of those and so much more. Rest in Power sir.

Adam Pearce @ScrapDaddyAP
Godspeed, Harley Race. When I wore the “ten pounds of gold”, in my head I was you. Of course I could never hold a candle to you, but your example inspired me to try my damndest. I’m grateful for the time we shared, and I thank you forever for paving the way. Rest well, King.

Madison Rayne @MadisonRayne
Saddened to hear the news of Harley Race’s passing. The entire wrestling community mourns with his family and friends. #RIPHarleyRace ????

IMPACT Wrestling is saddened to hear of the passing of Harley Race. We send our deepest condolences to his friends and family.

Nattie @NatbyNature
The Hart family loves you forever King Harley Race. Grateful I got to tell you what you meant to my grandfather Stu Hart, who adored you. My thoughts and prayers to Harley’s family today??

CORINO @StevenCorino
A few years ago I was fortunate to coach at the @8XNWAChampion camp.
Harley wasn’t feeling good, but then there was this short window of where he was the Harley that the old school wrestlers talked about. It was amazing being under his learning tree.
Rest well Mr. Race.

Cody Rhodes @CodyRhodes
Thank you Harley. So many legends in the industry will tell you he was the toughest to ever do it. He never stopped giving. I remember when he managed Vader in wcw, he would still try and scare me backstage. Ten pounds of gold never looked better on anybody.

Santino Marella @milanmiracle
We lost a legend today, a real genuine true to the core legend #RIPHarleyRace

Joe E Legend on Facebook
RIP to the great Harley Race. I got the chance to get to know him a bit during my time with TNA and I’ve been told I have the honour of having some of my photos from Japan on the walls of his school. An era of class and genuine legitimacy parts this world with him. His memory should be celebrated as his legacy is assured. Mr Race leaves a hole in our industry and he will truly be missed.

Michael PS Hayes @MichaelPSHayes1
So sorry to hear about one of the TRUE GREATS, Harley Race passing away. He was one of my hero’s for many reasons. There will never be another one like him!! My condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Harley Race was one of the toughest men to ever grace a professional wrestling ring or out. His mind and passion for the business, second to none. He was a mentor and a friend. #RIPHarleyRace

David Penzer @davidpenzer
When I was a kid my Dad took me to the matches and @8XNWAChampion was World Champ. Fast forward, the coolest thing my Dad ever thought I got to do in the biz was going to BBQ’s at Harley’s home when WCW was in KC. It was an honor to become friends. RIP Champ!

Gabe Sapolsky @BookItGabe
RIP to one of the greatest and toughest ever. I dealt with him on making Joe vs Kobashi happen. He had an aura that commanded respect. He was an innovator. He was the embodiment of a champion. There will never be another like him.