It seems like every time I shop around for books, there’s a new WWE book! The two I’m reviewing are very different from each other. WWE: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know is an encyclopedia and is very involved, whilst How To Be a WWE Superstar is not.

Both are published by DK Books.

The encyclopedia is more for the hardcore WWE fan, instead of a hardcore wrestling fan, due to the fact that it neglects the “indie” wresting scene entirely. A good example of that is they only used the name “The Legion of Doom” for Hawk and Animal, never the Road Warriors. Overall a 7/10, but I’m age 11, so this is aimed at me, not old people.

As How To Be a WWE Superstar, it’s a book for Level 2 readers, according to DK’s grading system. Similar to WWE: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know, it makes no mention of independent wrestling schools, instead opting to pretend that WWE’s training center is the only way to become a pro wrestler. Then again, it’s a book for inexperienced readers, which explains the lack of mention of independent wrestling. Overall a 9/10, because it is good for the demographic it’s aimed at.

Here’s my video review that I did on both books:

QUINN OLIVER is the son of SLAM! Wrestling Producer Greg Oliver.