All charges against 205 Live star Rich Swann have been dismissed.

Rich Swann. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

Florida prosecutors will not pursue their case against Swann stating there is “insufficient evidence to sustain a conviction”.

Last December, Swann was charged with simple battery and false imprisonment after a very public incident with his wife Vannarah Riggs (AKA: Su Yun in the wrestling industry).

According to the police report, the incident in question happened during an argument about Riggs’ ring performance while Swann was driving her home from a wrestling event she had worked at. While arguing in traffic, Riggs got out of the car as she “feared the argument was going to escalate”. She walked away and refused to return to the vehicle. Swann “placed her in a headlock and dragged her back to the vehicle”, states the report. A witness observed the incident and called police. A victim at the scene stated they saw Riggs “beating on the window and screaming for help” as Swann drove away.

Riggs told police that Swann “has a temper sometimes” and thought the argument was going to “erupt into physical violence”. When Swann drove away she asked him to stop, he refused so she jumped out when the vehicle slowed down.

In Swann’s statement to police, he claims Riggs came back to the car of her own volition and that he needed her because “she had the phone with the GPS on it”.

Upon his arrest, Swann was suspended indefinitely by the WWE. It is not clear at present whether the dismissal of the case means that the WWE will now be reinstating Swann.