Welcome to what should be some fun reading. I will be documenting our travels across the Canadian Prairies for the next few weeks, as we tour with Canadian Wrestling’s Elite on the “Nightmare on Elite Street” tour. 21 shows, 21 days, 21 cities, across five provinces.

Here I am in my younger days posing with the Rocky Mountains behind me.

As I type this on Friday, July 28th, it’s 8:18 a.m. and I’m at the “Wash U” doing my last batch of laundry before the guys pick me up. They are expected in St. Louis around noon, and as promised, we will go to “Uncle Bill’s” for some feast. “U.B.’s” is one of those age old pancake houses that’s been in south city St. Louis for decades, and it’s become somewhat famous for a bunch of us wrestlers. So, long story short, we’ll go and visit our dear, sweet uncle before hitting the road.

This tour we are expanding, and running a handful of new markets. CWE has been on the grow, and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it. We’re going as far West as Golden, BC (our first venture into BC) and we end the tour in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Another first for us, as we have been ending our tours in Thunder Bay.

I’ve always loved Canada. Ever since touring with ECCW from 1998-2001 I just loved the north, and really, wanted to stay up there and build business. Now, after all these years, I’m back, and helping in that very capacity. I couldn’t be happier.

In addition, in January, I started running “full-immersion training” on these tours for young wrestlers, wanting to learn more, get their name out, network, and see first hand what it takes to work on a touring promotion. This will be my third camp, and I can’t wait to dig in! Many of my previous students have been welcomed back to the company and they continue to train and learn with me, as well as take in those life experiences, which are worth their weight in gold.

Aren’t I cute, sleeping in the ECCW ring?

Touring, especially as a young wrestler is not easy. You must be willing to pay the price, and I have the pictures to back up my claim! I would drive five hours to BC the night before we left for tour and catch some sleep at the ECCW training center, wrapped in a ring apron because there was no heat in the building. I loved my time in ECCW touring British Columbia, and I’m thrilled to be back in Canada, with Canadian Wrestling’s Elite helping then in any way I can.

Well, my clothes need to be tossed in the dryer. You ready to go on tour with me? Pack up… The van arrived in just over three hrs. and I’m not waiting around for slackers!!

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EDITOR’S NOTE: The plan is for Tony Kozina to regularly contribute while on the lengthy tour of Western Canada for Canadian Wrestling’s Elite.

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite ON TOUR:
July 31- Stonewall, MB
Aug 1- Roseau River First Nation, MB
Aug 2- Gladstone, MB
Aug 3- Melville, SK
Aug 4- Dauphin, MB
Aug 5- Prince Albert, SK
Aug 6- Saskatoon, SK
Aug 7- St. Albert, AB
Aug 8- Red Deer, AB
Aug 9- Golden, BC
Aug 10- Calgary, AB
Aug 11- Medicine Hat, AB
Aug 12- Regina, SK
Aug 13- Assiniboia, SK
Aug 14- Moosomin, SK
Aug 15- Virden, MB
Aug 16- Souris, MB
Aug 17- Morden, MB
Aug 18- Winnipeg, MB
Aug 19- Thunder Bay, ON
Aug 20- Sault Ste. Marie, ON
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