Alberto El Patron shocked the world with an Impact world title victory over Lashley on his first night in Impact Wrestling and the two have been on a collision course ever since. Tonight at Slammiversary XV, Patron takes the GFW Global title and Lashley takes the Impact World Heavyweight title to the main event where the winner walks out unified champion! Plus, GFW Women’s Champion Sienna and Impact Knockouts Champion Rosemary unify the belts in the co-main event. All that and more at the fifteenth anniversary edition of Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary!

Pre-Show Results: Allie, Braxton Sutter, and Mahabali Shera defeated Laurel Van Ness, KM, and Kongo Kong.

We are LIVE from Orlando, Fla. Robert Flores and Don West have the call for tonight.

The presidents for Crash Lucha Libre, Pro Wrestling NOAH, AAA, and Impact Wrestling are introduced.

Lucha Rules for the GFW & Impact Tag Team Championships: LAX (c) (w/Konnan, Homicide, & Diamante) vs. Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid vs. Dragon & El Hijo del Fantasma vs. Naomichi Marufuji & Taiji Ishimori

Santana and Marufuji start off and feel each other out with submissions and counters until they stalemate on dropkick attempts. Marufuji with a superkick and a dropkick that sends Santana out and Laredo Kid in with a neckbreaker that brings in Ishimori. Ishimori in control with a springboard enzuigiri on Laredo and Laredo rolls out. Ortiz in to exchange chops and he lands a Northern Lights suplex for a nearfall. Death Valley Driver gets another that is broken by Garza and Garza in control on Ortiz with a springboard arm drag. Drago and Fantasma come in and clear the ring with double-team offense. Drago with a flip dive outside and Fantasma winds up, but Diamante trips him and Santana with a superkick as he begins to work Fantasma down. LAX in control and Drago breaks a nearfall before they land a Street Sweeper on Drago for a nearfall. Doomsday Device from Garza and Laredo gets a nearfall on LAX and Marufuji and Ishimori get a nearfall on Laredo and Garza before Dragon and Fantasma get nearfalls on Marufuji and Ishimori. Triple moonsault nearfall for Drago broken by Marufuji and he lands a flip dive outside. Diamante tries a hurricanrana and she lands on her feet as she takes out the field outside. Package piledriver nearfall from Fantasma on Ortioz and Fantasma and Marufuji fight inside before Fantasma lands a suicide dive on Marufuji outside. Homicide and Diamante getting involved outside and Homicide with a Gringo Killer on Garza. Santana gets a nearfall that is broken by Drago.

Drago with a tornado DDT on Ishimori and he lands a corkscrew plancha. Laredo lands a head kick up top on Santana and lands a Spanish Fly off the top for a nearfall. Ortiz with a superplex on Laredo and LAX lands a Doomsday Device blockbuster.

Winners by pinfall and STILL GFW and Impact Tag Team Champions: LAX

Rating: 4.25 out of 5

Backstage, Jeremy Borash freaks out with Joseph Park and Park tells Borash not to forget to rely on old friends.

Video package previews Impact Grand Champion Moose and DeAngelo Williams vs. Chris Adonis and Eli Drake.

Robert Flores backstage earlier today and he catches up with Moose, DeAngelo Williams, and Gary Barnidge. Williams says this is like his first game, but he is not going to let Adonis and Drake push him and his guy around. Moose says he has a couple of things up his sleeves, but Flores will find out when the rest of the world does.

Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. Moose & DeAngelo Williams (w/Gary Barnidge & Austin Dillon)

Moose starts with Adonis and Adonis with chops before Moose lands a crossbody out of the corner. Adonis brings in Drake and Drake asks for Williams. Williams in and Drake with a shoulder tackle. Williams with an arm drag and small package for a nearfall before bringing Moose back in. Williams with a corner cannonball and Moose with a basement dropkick for a nearfall, but Moose gets stun gunned on the top rope and Drake and Adonis work him down. Drake and Adonis take turns on Moose and Adonis works him with chops and punches, but Moose pumps up and lands a clothesline. Williams takes off his shirt and gets the hot tag on Drake. Codebreaker, Samoan Drop, and standing moonsault get Williams a nearfall. Neckbreaker gets another that is broken by Adonis and Moose and Williams take out Adonis with sentons. Adonis sends out Moose and they team up on Williams. Williams matadors them outside for a baseball slide and Moose with a corkscrew moonsault. Table brought inside, but Adonis and Drake get Moose isolated inside for an elbow drop across the knee of Adonis. Moose set on the table and Drake up top, but Williams recovers and sends him to the floor. Pump kick from Moose and Adonis laid on the table. Williams up top and he lands a frog splash that knocks Adonis off the table.

Winners by pinfall: Moose & DeAngelo Williams

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Post-match, Drake gets powerbombed through the table.

McKenzie Mitchell with Ethan Carter III and he interrupts. EC3 sees a severe lack of real men in this company and he is a real man. “Cowboy” James Storm is a real man and he is the foundation of this company and that makes him the perfect canvas. EC3 says he is a foundation he will take apart piece by piece. EC3 says he will send a message that he is the top man here and he is a Carter, so this company needs him.

Video package reviews the rivalry between Ethan Carter III and “Cowboy” James Storm.

Strap Match: Ethan Carter III vs. “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm punches EC3 in the corner and whips him with the strap. Storm works him with the strap and lands a spinebuster against the apron outside before working him against the barricade. EC3 catches Storm trying to get in and snaps him on the top rope and chokes him on the strap. EC3 works Storm down, but Storm pulls him into a head kick to the back of the head on the apron. Storm up top and EC3 pulls him down. TK3 lands and EC3 continues to work Storm down. EC3 looks to handcuff Storm to the corner, but Storm turns it around and handcuffs EC3. EC3 spits in his face and Storm delivers 32 lashes with the strap to beat out the 31 EC3 hit him with before. The referee unlocks EC3 and Storm looks for the Last Call. EC3 catches it, but Storm with the One Percenter that nearly puts EC3 away. EC3 rolls outside and unstraps himself to pull Storm into the ring post. EC3 lands the One Percenter inside, but Storm able to kick out. EC3 picks him up and slaps him, but Storm slaps back and lands the Last Call. EC3 stumbles against the ropes and Storm looks to finish him off, but falls over. The referee checks on Storm and tells EC3 to finish the match, but EC3 picks Storm up and lands a Jay Driller to spike Storm into the mat.

Winner by pinfall: Ethan Carter III

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

Karen Jarrett and Dutch Mantel can’t find Bruce Prichard backstage and Jarrett says they need to talk tomorrow as Mantel calls Prichard and leaves a message to call him.

Storm helped off by medics post-match.

Video package recaps the rivalry between Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash.

“Da Pope” D’Angelo Dinero makes his way out to commentary.

No Disqualifications: Josh Mathews & “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner vs. Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park

Mathews with a springboard kick, but a crossbody bounces off Park. Park with shoulder tackles and Borash brought in. Mathews steps back and brings in Steiner. Borash backs up and brings in Park. Steiner with punches and Park with punches off his own, but Mathews kicks the back of Park and Steiner with a clothesline. Park and Borash run out of the ring and Mathews with a dive off the top. Steiner and Mathews chase them backstage and Borash and Park run off backstage. Steiner and Mathews chase them on a golf cart and JB and Park spray them with a fire extinguisher. A car pulls up and it is the driver from Delete or Decay and he asks Steiner for a high-five. Steiner pulls him out of the car and they try to run them down in the van as Steiner calls them “fata**es.” Park and JB split up and Mathews and Borash fight to a pool, where Borash lands a flip dive. Steiner throws Park through a wall of the stage trailers at the Impact Zone. Shark Boy helps Borash as he swims up and takes hold of Mathews, while Father James Mitchell appears with a mask and wishes Park a happy Slammiversary.

Mathews and Steiner walk JB down back the ramp and Robert Irvine shoves Mathews over at ringside. JB inside and Mathews tries a Swanton, but JB rolls away. Spear from JB lands, but Steiner in and they take advantage of the numbers. Shark Boy runs out and tries to make the save, but gets tossed out of the ring and Steiner puts in a Steiner Recliner on JB. Father James Mitchell makes his way out and Abyss appears behind Mathews and Steiner. Abyss cleans house and lays down thumbtacks. Mathews with a low blow, but Black Hole Slam on the tacks from Abyss and JB with a splash on top of Mathews on the tacks.

Winners by pinfall: Abyss & Jeremy Borash

Rating: 1.75 out of 5

McKenzie Mitchell with GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron and Patron says this is the biggest night of his life. Mexico and his dad Dos Caras have his back tonight and Mitchell asks if he has concerns about his father being in his corner and he says his dad has fought all over the world. Patron says Lashley could bring Donald Trump and he would still kick his a** tonight because he will become the undisputed champion.

Full Metal Mayhem: Alisha & Eddie Edwards vs. Angelina Love & Davey Richards

The Edwards attack as Davey and Angelina make their way to the ring. Suicide dive from Eddie on Davey and Alisha with a dive off the top to take out the Richards. Angelina with a spinebuster against a ladder inside as Davey takes out Eddie outside. Angelina brings in a table and they work Eddie and Alisha with chairs and kendo sticks. Alisha with a suplex on the chair on Angelina, but Davey remains in control. Eddie turns it around and the Edwards use trashcan lids on the Richards. Trashcan over the head of both of the Richards and they use kendo sticks to smack the trashcan. Eddie powerbombs Alisha on top of Davey for a nearfall, but Angelina takes out Alisha outside and Davey with a brainbuster on the chair for a nearfall. Tacks poured into the mouth of Eddie and Davey kicks him in the head for a nearfall. Alisha fights off Angelina and lands a low blow on Davey. Boston Knee Party from Eddie and he sets up a table inside. Ladder set up in the middle of the ring with two tables on either side and Alisha powerbombs Angelina through one while Eddie lands a sunset flip powerbomb through the other.

Winners by pinfall: Alisha & Eddie Edwards

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Video package recaps the rivalry between Impact X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt and Low-Ki.

Two out of Three Falls for the Impact X Division Championship: Sonjay Dutt (c) vs. Low-Ki

Submission exchanges to stalemates as they feel each other out early. Ki with leg kicks and uppercuts, but Dutt comes back with a headscissors takedown and arm drag.into an armbar as they reset once again. Dutt locks in headscissors choke and lands a shoulder tackle. Tornado DDT from Dutt and a moonsault stomp blocked as Ki moves out of the way and dropkicks him into the corner for a nearfall. Ki goes up top, but Dutt with a head kick. Dutt put on the apron, but he jumps up and springboards to land a hurricanrana off the top. Ki rolls through and lands a double stomp to the head.

Pinfall: Low-Ki (1-0 Ki)

Ki goes after Dutt before the referee counts him out and Dutt throws him outside. Moonsault off the apron sees Dutt land on his feet and Ki with a tackle into the barricade. Ki Krusher on the apron blocked, but he tackles Dutt against the post. Stomp inside misses for Ki and he favors his ankle. Rolling dropkick gets Dutt a nearfall. Ki favors the ankle and pulls the referee into Dutt. A Disaster Kick lands, but Dutt able to kick out and he moves outside on top of the steps. Ki tries a Warrior’s Way, but lands on the steps. Dutt with a Boston Crab in and he switches to a single-leg. Ki works out and lands a stomp, but a Koji Clutch blocked as Dutt lays his weight on him and stacks him.

Pinfall: Sonjay Dutt (1-1)

Forearm exchange and Ki drops Dutt. Ki favors his hand and he tries to load a glove, but the right glove gets taken away and he drops Dutt. Dutt drops him back in the corner, but misses a splash. Handspring kick from Ki in the corner gets a nearfall. Ki Krusher gets another and Ki goes for a submission, but Dutt fights out and lands a pump kick and a superkick. Ki up top and he falls out the back. Warrior’s Way blocked as Dutt sits up and lands a Moonstomp.

Winner by pinfall and STILL Impact X Division Champion: Sonjay Dutt

Rating: 3 out of 5

Video package recaps the rivalry between Impact Knockouts Champion Rosemary and GFW Women’s Champion Sienna.

Gail Kim makes her way out before the match to raise the titles.

GFW Women’s and Impact Knockouts Championships Unification Match: Sienna (GFW) vs. Rosemary (Impact)

Rosemary works Sienna into the corner, but KM and Laurel Van Ness make their way to ringside. Forearm out of the corner by Rosemary and a side Russian legsweep for a nearfall. Sienna takes advantage of the distraction and drops Rosemary. Laurel hangs from the middle rope and Rosemary sends Sienna out. Sienna and Laurel get into it at ringside and Sienna has KM carry Laurel backstage. Rosemary with a dive off the top and she works Sienna down back inside. Sienna comes back with a German suplex for a nearfall and works Rosemary down. Forearms in the corner by Sienna and she stomps Rosemary. Rosemary comes back with a headscissors choke over the ropes, but Sienna knocks her down into the barricade outside. Sienna misses a splash in the corner and gets sat up top. Rosemary with a German superplex and a missile dropkick as she starts a comeback. Sienna comes back with a corner splash, but Rosemary with a head kick in the corner for a nearfall. Red Wedding blocked by Sienna for a Silencer, but Rosemary able to kick out. Red Wedding for Rosemary lands, but Laurel pulls the referee out. Laurel tries to put the moves on Earl Hebner, but Allie runs out and chases her out with a kendo stick.

Sienna with a shot with the title, but Rosemary able to kick out. Rosemary starts to bring up the green mist, but Sienna able to get a fishhook in the mouth and she burns her hand on the mist. Rosemary gets Sienna up for Red Wedding, but Sienna gouges the eyes with the mist and locks in a guillotine choke.

Winner by submission and unified GFW Women’s Champion: Sienna

Rating: 2.75 out of 5

GFW and Impact founder Jeff Jarrett thanks the fans before the main event.

Video package recaps the rivalry between Impact World Champion Lashley and GFW Global Champion Alberto El Patron.

GFW Global and Impact World Heavyweight Championship Unification Match: Alberto El Patron (GFW) (w/Dos Caras) vs. Lashley (Impact) (w/King Mo)

German suplexes exchanged as they feel each other out and shoulder tackles and leg kicks shared as well before the first stalemate. Back suplex gets Patron a nearfall and Patron ducks Lashley as he dives, sending him outside. Slingshot crossbody from Patron countered by a European uppercut from Lashley and Lashley bounces Patron on the announce table. King Mo and Dos Caras get into it at ringside and Lashley runs Patron into the post and powerslams Patron on the steel steps. Patron sidesteps Lashley inside and sends him into the ring post on his shoulder and Patron with a DDT. Patron kicks out of the corner and lands clotheslines, but Lashley comes back with a swinging neckbreaker for a nearfall. Patron comes back with a superplex up top that puts both men down. Both exchange punches and Lashley bounces Patron into the corner and works him down. Patron regains control with mounted punches in the opposite corner, but Lashley out with a powerbomb for a nearfall. Patron sat up top, but he gets a cross armbreaker over the ropes. Backstabber back inside by Patron gets a nearfall. Suicide dive from Patron misses and he lands on his head on the floor. Lashley rolls him inside and works him in the corner, but Patron comes back with a tornado DDT and a Cross Armbreaker applied. Lashley stacks him and powerbombs out for a nearfall.

Lashley with a Death Valley Driver for a nearfall off the top. King Mo brings a chair out and Lashley slaps Patron. Patron comes back with an armbreaker and thrust kick for a nearfall. Patron gets into it with King Mo over the chair outside and it allows Lashley to lock in a Cross Armbreaker inside. Patron able to step over and stomp Lashley to get out, but Lashley with a Spear for a nearfall. Lashley goes for another, but runs into a dropkick and Patron with a Spear of his own that sends both falling outside. King Mo looks to get involved outside, but Dos Caras with a punt below the belt. Lashley up and he shoves Dos Caras around ringside. Patron recovers inside to land an enzuigiri and he bounces Lashley off the ring post to set up the double stomp in the tree of woe.

Winner by pinfall and unified GFW Global Champion: Alberto El Patron

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

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