Moose may have cashed some major checks when he played football in the NFL, but he earned another big pay day last night as TNA presented their One Night Only pay-per-view, Joker’s Wild. The concept features randomly drawn tag teams competing against another for the winning team to earn entry into the gauntlet battle royal main event.

The night kicked off with TNA World Tag Team Champion “Broken” Matt Hardy and fellow North Carolinian and TNA X Division Champion Trevor Lee taking on Moose and former Wolves member Davey Richards. Lee got a little too authoritative and caught a Twist of Fate from his own partner, giving Richards and Moose the entry. Aron Rex and Spud caught a break and got the draw together. They put their chemistry to good use defeating Jessie Godderz and Bad Bones.

The DCC drew together as well with Kingston and Bram defeating Robbie E and Mahabali Shera. Recent “frienemies” “The Miracle” Mike Bennett and Braxton Sutter fought through some confrontation and got a little help from Miracle’s wife Maria to get the win over Tyrus and Decay’s Crazzy Steve.

The other half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions, “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy was able to stay on the same page with his teammate and get a win, as he teamed with DJZ to take on Eli Drake and OVW and GFW’s Paredyse. The Knockouts and X Division had next as Sienna and Jade knocked off Allie and Laurel Van Ness, while Caleb Konley and Eddie Edwards defeated Andrew Everett and Marshe Rockett.

The gauntlet battle royal match left two competitors to fight for the pinfall or submission win at the end. Moose was able to knock off Bram with a Game Changer and make bank.

TNA will follow up with a Rivals edition of One Night Only.

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