Cody Rhodes is on the move, literally. While driving his U-Haul from Dallas to Hollywood, to further pursue his acting career, he’s chatting about his guest starring role on tonight’s episode of Arrow, and his annoyance with the show’s star, Stephen Amell.

Cody Rhodes as Derek Sampson on Arrow.

The episode is called “A Matter of Trust” and in it Rhodes plays a drug dealer named Derek Sampson. He is peddling a drug called Stardust (really!) to citizens of Star City and the Green Arrow and his friends want to stop him.

Besides talking to SLAM! Wrestling while on the road Tuesday night, Rhodes (or Cody Runnels, as he is billed under his real name) has been hyping the Arrow TV show, which airs in Canada on CTV, on a ton of other sites.

“Today’s been unique because I’m driving across the country, but I’m trying to try to field a lot of the social media, the story that’s coming out,” Rhodes said.

In the images released for the show, he looks like Cody Rhodes, but with a scarred face and a real bad-ass attitude.

Of course, Rhodes and Amell have a history from 2015, when Amell got involved in Monday Night Raw in May, confronting Rhodes’ Stardust character. It all eventually led to a bout at SummerSlam in Brooklyn, NY, with Neville teaming with Amell against Stardust and King Barrett. Amell was later presented with a Slammy Award by WWE for the Celebrity Moment of the Year for his dive onto Stardust.

The feud kind of sort of continues on Arrow, with a lot of fighting as different characters. “It’s been in the works since we began the initial Stephen coming to Raw, and that turning into SummerSlam,” said Rhodes.

He has had to be patient waiting for it to air.

“I filmed the episode a few months back. I was in Vancouver for a few weeks. It was a pretty aggressive episode,” he said, alluding to doing much of his own stunt work.

He can’t reveal much, but Rhodes expects more roles in Tinseltown.

“The Arrow gig proved to be more fruitful,” he hinted. “Hopefully soon we’ll have a couple of announcements about different shows and stuff, but you’ve got to be in L.A. to really provide it your undivided attention, so that’s what we’re doing.”

With a good grasp of social media and promoting both himself and the various promotions he works for — more on that in a story later this week — Rhodes finds himself a little miffed with the Toronto-born Amell, who seems a bit obsessed with the Toronto Blue Jays and their attempt to beat the Cleveland Indians in the American League Championship Series.

“Amell has been tweeting about the Blue Jays a lot,” said Rhodes, a die-hard Yankees fan. “I get so tired on my Timeline of him talking about baseball. I need him to talk about me and Arrow.”