Adam Cole and The Young Bucks made it personal with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal, shaving his head after attacking Kyle O’Reilly before the world title bout. Tonight at ROH Death Before Dishonor XIV, Lethal wants revenge in addition to wanting to keep the belt. Has Cole lit a fire under Lethal or gotten in his head? Plus, ROH TV Champion Bobby Fish and Mark Briscoe look to get serious with the title on the line! All that and more at ROH Death Before Dishonor XIV!

We are LIVE from Las Vegas, Nev. Kevin Kelly and ROH Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness have the call for this week.

ROH World Television Championship Contenders Four Corner Survival Match: Kamaitachi vs. Jay White vs. Donovan Dijak (w/Prince Nana) vs. Lio Rush

Kamaitachi and Dijak start off and they knock Rush and White off the apron. Prince Nana calls out instructions for his gameplan and White and Rush reverse fortunes with dives to the outside. Rush and White inside exchanging submission grappling early. White dropkicks the knee and sends Rush out. Kamaitachi dropkicks White out. Rush leapfrogs Kamaitachi to send him out. Dijak trips Rush outside and gets hit with a backbreaker. Rush tossed to the floor as White and Kamaitachi go at it inside. Dijak and Kamaitachi team up on White. White fights up for the comeback and sends Dijak and Kamaitachi out. Rush with a tornado DDT on White and dives outside. Reverse hurricanrana on Dijak outside by Rush. Enzuigiri on Kamaitachi inside by Rush. Dijak with a Chokebreaker on Rush and White with a uranage for a nearfall on Dijak. Kamaitachi ends the chain coming off the top for a nearfall on White. Kamaitachi takes White out with a leg drop off the top outside. Dijak tosses Rush out on top of the two and lands a corkscrew springboard. Rush blocks Feast Your Eyes for a crucifix nearfall. Rush lands Rush Hour on Kamaitachi and White. Rush too small to pull it off on Dijak and Dijak with a discus big boot and Feast Your Eyes.

Winner by pinfall: Donovan Dijak

3 out of 5 stars

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young with a video promo and preview for Young vs. Shibata.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs. Katsuyori Shibata

Young and Shibata look to test strength early. Scrambles on the mat and the two exchange position on the ropes as they continue to feel each other out. PK misses and a rear naked choke on the apron from Shibata. Young pulls Shibata to the outside and lands a slingshot crossbody outside. Shibata favors his shoulder and beats the referee’s count. Young works Shibata in a Boston Crab. Shibata gets the rope break and Young goes to work with shots to the head. Shibata eats them and pumps up to work Young into the corner. Young spits in his face and Shibata goes into the house of fire offense with running knees in the corners. Suplex nearfall on Young and Shibata locks the abdominal stretch. Young comes back with forearms and a clothesline that does nothing until Young catches a kick and lands the backbreaker and lariat combo for a nearfall. Misery countered into a rear naked choke for Shibata. Young pulls him over to get a cutter for a nearfall. Springboard moonsault for Young out of the corner gets a nearfall. Young looks for a finish and Shibata lands a forearm and locks in the rear naked choke. PK kick lands once Young is sat down.

Winner by pinfall: Katsuyori Shibata

3 out of 5 stars

Post-match, Shibata and Young slap each other and shake hands.

“The Minister of Information” Caprice Coleman of The Cabinet joins commentary.

Bullet Club vs. CHAOS

Romero starts with Loa and he moves outside. Beretta in and he gets taken out with a back bodydrop. Yano in and he runs away from Tonga and gets him into the corner. Romero in with clotheslines and Beretta with a slingshot into the facewash. Romero back in and he gets taken out outside by Yujiro. Loa drops Romero on the apron after taking out Beretta. Romero worked on the Bullet Club half of the ring. Loa with a powerslam for a nearfall and Yujiro with a leg drop for a nearfall as they continue to work Romero down. Reverse enzuigiri from Romero catches Yujiro and Beretta in for the house of fire offense on the hot tag. Tonga breaks a nearfall and Loa sent into the post outside by Romero. Yujiro with a lariat on Beretta coming in. Yano in and he tears at the turnbuckle before Yujiro kicks him down for a nearfall. Yano gets the turnbuckle cover off and smacks Bullet Club around with it before Romero and Beretta have to ask him to put it down. Neckbreaker and flapjack combo gets a nearfall on Yano and Guerilla Warfare blocked by Roppongi Vice. Yano and Yujiro left inside and a fisherman’s buster from Yujiro gets a nearfall. Yujiro sent into the exposed turnbuckle and Yano shoves Yujiro into the referee. The referee turns around in the corner and Yano with a low blow and a cradle.

Winners by pinfall: CHAOS

1.5 out of 5 stars

Post-match, Bullet Club attacks CHAOS and Hangman Page looks to finish the job. Jay Briscoe comes out to make the save and set up the next match.

Grudge Match: Jay Briscoe vs. Hangman Page

Page and Briscoe duel with chairs and Briscoe tosses the chair at the head of Page for a nearfall. Dropkick sends Page out and Briscoe with a suicide dive. Briscoe works Page outside and lands a suplex on the ramp. Briscoe chokes Page with his shirt. Page returns the favor with the chair to the head on Briscoe. Page chokes Briscoe with the noose. Bodyscissors on Briscoe and he chokes Briscoe with the noose laying over the ropes. Page tosses Briscoe outside and sits a chair. Briscoe dropped on the barricade and powerbombed onto the chair. Briscoe tied to the barricade and Page knocks him out with a chair. Page brings out a table and tries to land the Rite of Passage. Briscoe falls back into the ring and fights up from his knees. Death Valley Driver on the chair by Briscoe. Page spits in the eye of Briscoe and Briscoe goes into the comeback. Neckbreaker with a chair around Page’s neck connects. Briscoe ties Page to the chair with the noose and splashes his head into the chair in the corner. Lariat from Briscoe gets a nearfall and Page rolled out onto the table by the apron. Page rolls off before Briscoe can jump and lands a slingshot clothesline back inside for a nearfall. Page unable to tie Briscoe up with the noose from the apron, but Page gets a cutter to snap the neck on the top rope. Page with a shooting star press off the apron and Briscoe with a thrust kick to knock him out of the air. Jay Driller off the apron through the table blocked and Page reverses to the Rite of Passage. Page gets a piece of his knee cut on the table and Briscoe cut along the back. Nearfall back inside and Page chokes Briscoe with the noose. Briscoe choked out and Page lands Rite of Passage.

Winner by pinfall: Hangman Page

4.25 out of 5 stars

Kazuchika Okada poses with Dalton Castle’s boys.

Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) vs. Kazuchika Okada (w/Gedo)

Submission grappling to feel each other out early and Okada with the shoulder block. Rainmaker ducked by Castle and he peacocks to end the exchange. Okada comes back with a slam and slingshot senton. The Boys distract Okada with some fanning, but he comes back with a clothesline that drops Castle on the apron. Castle with knees on the apron that drop Okada to the floor. Castle with the waistlock inside to wear Okada down and a takedown gets a nearfall. Castle continues to work submissions on the mat. Okada works up and lands a flapjack. Back elbows from Okada. Dropkick sends Castle off the top to the floor. Castle comes back with a hurricanrana off the apron spin and follows with a suicide dive. Castle with a nearfall back inside and Okada fights to his feet to land forearms. Exploder suplex from Castle. Okada with a big boot, but unable to get a hold on Castle. Deadlift German suplex from Castle gets a bridging nearfall. Okada pulls The Boys inside and lands a neckbreaker on Castle. Elbow drop off the top from Okada and he high-fives The Boys. The Boys cause the distraction for Bang-a-rang. Okada able to roll out to avoid the cover. Castle with a throw inside and again only able to get a nearfall. Bang-a-rang blocked by Okada and he lands a big boot. Castle lands one of his own. Okada puts him down with a dropkick. Bang-a-rang turned into a Tombstone Piledriver for Okada. Rainmaker lands on Castle.

Winner by pinfall: Kazuchika Okada

2.25 out of 5 stars

Video package recaps the build to Briscoe vs. Fish.

ROH World Television Championship: Bobby Fish (c) vs. Mark Briscoe

Mark Briscoe drives himself into Bobby Fish.

Fish with leg kicks and a scramble on the mat to start. Fish works a leglock and side headlock. Head kick misses for Fish, but he goes for the flying armbar. Kneebar transition stopped by a rope break from Briscoe. Forearms exchanged between the two and Fish moves outside. Briscoe with a drop toehold and front facelock back inside and Fish sent out. Fish with a shot to the midsection coming back in. Push kick into the corner by Fish and he lands a leg kick from the outside to sweep Briscoe. Fish works on the left leg and lands knees. Redneck Kung Fu from Briscoe gets space and sends Fish out. Briscoe jumps the sweep attempts on the apron from Fish to land the blockbuster on the floor. Suplex on the apron by Briscoe and Fish again rolls outside to get away. Briscoe follows and sends Fish into the post. Elbow drop off the apron connects for Briscoe. Fish goes back to work on the left leg of Briscoe inside. Leg kicks and roundhouse kicks to the body from Fish. Fish now works on the back. Slingshot senton gets a nearfall on Briscoe. Briscoe fights up for the comeback and Fish tackles Briscoe into the corner. Briscoe with forearms to swing the momentum. Belly-to-belly suplex followed by a single-leg dropkick from Briscoe. Fisherman’s buster after a Sick Kick gets Briscoe a nearfall and Fish returns with a double-knee gutbuster. Briscoe with a Death Valley Driver, but Froggy Bow lands on the knees of Fish. Falcon Arrow gets Fish a nearfall and he locks in the kneebar. Briscoe gets the rope break. Powerbomb from Briscoe and Froggy Bow connects. Fish able to kick out. Superplex blocked by Fish and Briscoe lands a palm strike. Fish knocks Briscoe off the top and tackles him in the corner. Exploder suplex into the corner and Fish with a Falcon Arrow.

Winner by pinfall and STILL ROH World Television Champion: Bobby Fish

3.5 out of 5 stars

Video package previews the ROH World Tag Team Championship triple threat.

Matt Taven joins the announce team.

Evil (Takaaki Watanabe) and Tetsuya Naito double team Christopher Daniels

ROH World Tag Team Championships Triple Threat Match: The Addiction (c) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi & “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Tanahashi and Naito start out. Daniels tags Tanahashi out before he can get started. Daniels works Naito into the corner. Daniels sent out and he misses an elbow drop. Naito breaks his cover so Kazarian hits his partner accidentally. Los Ingobernables work Daniels down and Evil gets a nearfall. Big Mike tags in and runs through The Addiction. Double suplex on The Addiction and Tanahashi brought in. Kaz with a backstabber on Tanahashi and The Addiction knock the other teams off the apron to isolate Tanahashi. Slingshot elbow and leg drop from The Addiction allow Kaz to get a nearfall. Naito able to tag in and he works Tanahashi in the corner with a slingshot dropkick. Evil in to continue working Tanahashi down. Tanahashi gets space and Daniels tags in to prevent the tag. Los Ingobernables and The Addiction knock Big Mike and Tanahashi to the outside and the two teams brawl. Los Ingobernables look to work Tanahashi and he is able to fight off both. Big Mike in on the hot tag and he lands a belly-to-belly suplex on Kaz. Big Mike with suplexes for The Addiction and he gets both on a German suplex. Fallaway slam and Samoan drop from Big Mike takes out Los Ingobernables. Daniels with a suicide dive outside on Evil and Big Mike put up for Celebrity Rehab. Tanahashi prevents it and throws Naito and Evil into the barricade outside. Big Mike with a tope over the top to take everyone down outside. Evil tags Elgin out and throws him to the floor. Double-team attack on Kaz gets Evil a nearfall and it all breaks down until Tanahashi and Elgin are left with Evil. Kamaitachi runs out to make a distraction and Daniels accidentally catches Kaz with the tag title. Powerbomb from Evil nearly finishes Tanahashi. Tanahashi comes back with a Sling Blade and connects on High Fly Flow. Daniels sneaks a tag on the boot of Tanahashi and he jackknifes Evil with Tanahashi on top of him.

Winners by pinfall and STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions: The Addiction

2.75 out of 5 stars

Video package recaps the build to Cole vs. Lethal.

ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Adam Cole

Kyle O’Reilly surprises the new ROH World champion Adam Cole.

Lethal brushes the hair of Cole and Cole pulls Lethal’s beaded braids out of his trunks. Lethal goes to work and pummels Cole to the mat. Cole comes back to stomp Lethal in the corner and Lethal returns the favor. Lethal works Cole outside against the barricade. Cole comes back to send Lethal into the post, but Lethal with a snapmare and dropkick to the back. Lethal repeats and brings out the table. Forearm exchange at ringside and Lethal lands a cutter on the floor. Cole laid on the table at ringside and Lethal goes to the top. Hail to the King elbow drop misses Cole and Lethal goes through the table. The referee checks on Lethal and Cole takes advantage of the break inside before going back out to throw Lethal into the ring post. Lethal busted open and Cole works him down inside with a back elbow. Lethal lands a boot out of the corner and comes off the top with a leg lariat. Death Valley Driver from Lethal gets a nearfall and a springboard dropkick sends Cole to the floor. Suicide dives from Lethal and Cole sidesteps on the fifth attempt to send Lethal into the barricade. Cole toys with Lethal back inside. Forearm exchange and Lethal wins the exchange, but Cole catches him with a shining wizard coming in for a nearfall. Lethal looks for the Lethal Injection and Cole tosses the referee out of the way to land a low blow. Shoulderbreaker from Cole gets a nearfall when Lethal is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. Lethal looks for a Figure Four and Cole kicks away. Guillotine from Cole. Lethal Combination gets Cole to break the hold and both down for the referee’s count. Lethal able to roll over for a nearfall. Lethal with suplexes and the Hail to the King elbow drop connects off the top. Cole able to kick out. Big boots and enzuigiris exchanged and Cole punctuates the exchange with a superkick that again has both down. Cole goes up top and Lethal flips him over. Cutter coming off the top lands for Lethal. Lethal Injection blocked by a superkick from Cole. Destroyer and shoulderbreaker from Cole land, but Lethal able to kick out. Cole spits on Lethal and Lethal comes back with a Lethal Injection. Cole able to kick out once again. Cole flips the bird and baits Lethal into a roll-up for a nearfall. Shoulderbreaker and shining wizard finished off by another shoulderbreaker on Lethal.

Winner by pinfall and NEW ROH World Champion: Adam Cole

4 out of 5 stars

Post-match, Adam Cole awarded the belt and he turns around to see Kyle O’Reilly. O’Reilly with a clothesline and brainbuster and closes the show laying the belt over the face of Cole and burying him in streamers.

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