So far this season, the drama has been the brewing war between the Bellas and Eva Marie. First the Bellas got mad at Eva Marie because WWE got her private wrestling training with The Brian Kendrick, in an effort to give her a big push. Then, Eva dissed them on Instagram when she basically called them out for their whining. It’s about as stupid a feud as when Jericho spilled coffee on Kane. Check out the full recap to see what happens this week!

The show starts off with Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan meeting up with the Bellas at the hotel restaurant before they head off to a WrestleMania week charity event. Brie not-so-subtly fakes being happy to see Eva, which Eva picks up on right away – apparently, Brie can hide her cattiness about as good as she can wrestle. Nikki invites Eva Marie to lunch, but Brie looks like the only hatchet she wants to bury is right in the top of Eva’s head.

At the event, Nattie tells Eva to meet with Nikki and hash things out, so that everyone can move on. Trinity is hoping that things get resolved too, since after she sided with Eva on this whole thing, she feels uncomfortable. Eva says that she’ll meet with Nikki who she considers to be the “leader” of the locker room.

At night, the Bellas and Daniel Bryan go for dinner, and Brie mentions that in a year’s time, she wants to be a mom. Nikki, on the other hand, says Brie should just enjoy being a WWE Diva. Bryan and Brie basically say that Nikki is just jealous because she’s with notorious baby-hater John Cena and that she’s basically a dullard. Then they have an argument as to which twin is stupider, and let’s call it a tie since they both are.

Nattie is excited to meet Alundra Blayze, who she’s inducting into the WWE Hall of Fame. Citing Blayze as her hero, Nattie says she wants the speech to be perfect, which obviously means it won’t.

Mama Bella drops in to visit Brie and Nikki and tells them to stop being beeyotches and #GiveEvaAChance. Nikki says she’ll meet with her to clear the air. Later, Eva comes by and the two of them sit down to talk things out. This actually makes it worse, as Nikki tells Eva that nobody else considers her a wrestler. Eva says she’s committed to learning how to wrestle so that she can some day be champion and treat the rest of the Divas locker room better than Nikki treats them.

Afterwards, Nikki tells Brie that she now hates Eva as much as Brie does. Nikki is upset because she feels she’s done everything she can do to make the Divas division relevant and has stood up for the entire locker room. She’s like a modern day Rosa Parks, but Rosa could probably wrestle better.

Backstage before the Hall of Fame, Nattie is stressing out because her dad, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart can’t find his pink tie. Then, to make matters worse, she’s told by a WWE producer that she has to change her speech because this show.

At the Hall of Fame red carpet, Nikki isn’t enjoying herself as much as she’d like because she’s still angry with Eva. Meanwhile, Eva is completely uncomfortable as well, since none of the other Divas will even look at her.

Nattie’s parents come by to see her backstage, while she’s still fretting about the mandated change to her speech. Her family calms her down with their support.

At the HoF ceremony, Daniel gives a moving speech about Connor the Crusher that has many of the WWE Universe in tears… and Brie thinking again about how much she wants to have his babies because it’s all about her.

Nattie gives her speech the way she originally wrote it. It goes great, and everyone loves it, so she gets the last laugh. Or does she? Not many weeks later, her husband got injured so badly he’s off TV for months. No chance in hell that Vince McMahon wasn’t behind that somehow.

At the Sunday morning pre-Mania Axxess session, both the Bellas and Eva Marie are doing autograph sessions – though the Bellas seem more interested in shooting Eva dirty looks from across the room.

It’s Mania, and the Bellas and Paige are excited about their big match. Things are crazy backstage, as the anticipation builds. Pretty much all of the Divas are featured on the show – except Eva, that is. Oh, and Alicia Fox who’s still on this show for some reason.

Backstage, the Bellas talk with Alundra Blayze while watching the show. Then, Alundra gives Paige a pep talk to calm her down before her WrestleMania debut. The match goes well, with Paige really shining. Afterwards, Paige breaks down backstage, overcome by the emotions of the big night.

The next week, Bryan and Brie head back to the fertility clinic to get their results from the test they took the other week. So, can they have kids? The doctor says, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The doctor gives them some advice on how to plan their schedule to best conceive. Brie then decides that, based on how much fun she had at Mania, she’s going to extend her contract with WWE. She’s not ruling out kids, but now that she knows that there aren’t any plumbing problems that would preclude them having kids, there’s a little less pressure to rush things.

Eva and Jonathan go to lunch. She tells him that she just met with a huge entertainment agent, and signed a representation deal. She’s excited because now there’s an opportunity for her to become a crossover star beyond just her WWE career. Hmmm…. maybe the Bellas are right. I can’t even stand it that that’s a thing I had to say. They still can’t wrestle, though.


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