Tough Enough? How about Barely Enough?

With tonight’s vote, the 2015 edition of Tough Enough has unmistakably evolved into nothing more than a popularity contest. Rather than spotlighting talent, skill and passion, the best of the best striving to join the WWE’s elite roster; the series trend is to reward mediocrity and penalize success.

Canadian Chelsea Green is injured during Tough Enough. (Photo Courtesy of: WWE.)

One has to wonder why the producers even bother staging competitions or challenges when they mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things due to the public vote? Week after week successful competitors have been sent home while extremely weak participants like Sara Lee and Zamariah “ZZ”, who fail miserably at almost every task put before them and show very little improvement in any way after five weeks of training, remain in the running due to their edit, personalities and nothing more.

Natalya joining the obstacle course challenge. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

The overall blame though doesn’t rest solely with the WWE Universe but also judges Hulk Hogan, Paige and Daniel Bryan who have nominated competitors for the most feeble reasons. Despite dominating the competitions, Patrick was nominated this week by Paige and Hulk Hogan put up Josh, who has also done well, for not “stepping it up”; whatever that means.

Hogan seemed more out of step than usual when he actually lambasted Chelsea for accidentally spraining her ankle during the obstacle course challenge.

”This week, you came out of the chute, we know you have some experience but you really dropped the ball. This is really personal for me because during my first day in the wrestling business they took me to the ring and broke my leg on purpose. I should have been gone but I got a second chance. I still have high hopes for you because you are just getting started,” yammered Hogan in one of the most peculiar rants on Tough Enough to date.

The Big Show chops down the male Tough Enough contenders. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

In spite of his achievements and leading the pack, Patrick was eventually voted out proving that if you are a source of drama on the series, the viewers will send you packing. You are better off fading in the background, playing an under the radar game and not causing any waves or controversy.

A vocal contender, Patrick wore his wrestling fandom on his sleeve and persistently challenged his rivals. On occasion, he did take things too far. This week, he apparently angered viewers when he mercilessly ripped into obvious fan favourite, ZZ.

Sitting with Patrick, Mada and Tanner at the Barracks, ZZ was called out for sulking instead of learning from his mistakes and bettering himself. In particular, the group questioned his commitment since he hasn’t been getting himself in shape.

”You have potential. People love you but you need to work on a few things. We all have to work on a few things,” encouraged Mada.

”Do you want to be here? That is the main question because quite frankly, I find this b——t,” Patrick said. “This isn’t with cameras around, ZZ. This is Patrick Clark telling Zamariah Loupe some real s–t, okay? You have been giving us stories and feeding us lines and they (the other guys) have been trying to be nice to you about it.”

The tackle, scoop, slam chalenge. Photo Courtesy: WWE.

”I have busted my ass for the last year trying to achieve a dream that I want and you walk in here because you have character and personality and that’s great. You claim you want it but you are not sure? This is about physicality. This is the WWE. If all you are is entertaining, go join a comedy club,” Patrick continued ranting.

Canadian competitor Chelsea, almost saw her dreams go up in smoke when she sprained her ankle during the obstacle course.

”There is literally no hiding this,” she told Sara back at the Barracks. “Basically, they (the doctors) told me to stay off of it and not do any physical activities for over a month.”

Chelsea elected to sit the tackle, scoop and slam competition out.

During the live portion of the show, it was announced that Chelsea was cleared to compete once again.

This week’s special WWE guest stars were Natalya who supervised the obstacle course challenge and The Big Show who danced awkwardly and delivered his open-handed chop to each of the male contestants.

Week Five Challenge Winners

Obstacle course challenge: Tanner, Giorgia.

Another Scoop slam, tackle challenge: Mada, Giorgia.

Week Five: Bottom Three Nominations

Hulk Hogan : Josh

Daniel Bryan: ZZ

Paige: Patrick

Final Viewer Vote

Josh: 39%

Patrick: 25%

Tanner: 36%

Week Five Boot: Patrick