Sorry, haters, but Ethan Page doesn’t care what you think. That’s not surprising, considering that the Hamilton, Ontario, based wrestler-promoter calls himself “All Ego.” With that name, one would expect to find someone who’s brash, bold, and unapologetic about his view of himself as being among the top wrestlers in the country. And at this Sunday’s Destiny World Wrestling event, he’s out to show why.

Page (real name Julian Micevski) is one of the participants in the tournament to crown the inaugural Destiny Champion at “Night of Glory,” which takes place this Sunday night in Mississauga, Ontario (see sidebar). This marks a return to the company for Page who actually competed in the main event at its first event.

Ethan Page on the mic.

“I had a really entertaining match against Colt Cabana,” he reminded SLAM! Wrestling. “But backstage antics — and more likely, jealousy from a Battle Arts ‘trainer’ created a hostile encounter between myself and them. Which set off red flags with the promoter George Theiceman. Luckily, I finally got to explain my actions and he understood my position better. We ended up clearing the air and booking my return, which just so happened to be for the tournament.”

Unlike some independent stars, Page isn’t one to shy away from backstage politics and conflicts, particularly where he thinks he’s been wronged. While seemingly that may be counterproductive to having a thriving career, no one can argue that Page hasn’t been successful since he started training in 2006.

“I started in LLWA in Hamilton under Rip Impact and Ernie Moore (but felt that) I didn’t learn much. I thought I was the best ever, and left early to travel with Michael Elgin. It took me longer, but I learned on the road — and in the end, I think it benefited me.”

Since then, the 25-year old has built himself a resume that many older veterans would love to have, with a collection of titles, including the AAW Heavyweight Championship, the AIW Absolute Title, and the Pro Wrestling Guerilla Tag Team Championship with his partner Josh Alexander. He’s also been a regular for EVOLVE, Toronto’s Superkick’d promotion, and various other bookings.

On the surface, it may seem odd to compete for so many companies — particularly those close to Hamilton, Ontario, where he runs the successful Alpha-1 promotion. But Page doesn’t hesitate in accepting bookings, even for what may be considered his competition.

“No way,” he said, dismissing the thought. “I’m a professional wrestler… this is my profession. Other than a couple media side jobs, this is my only form of income. It’s my job.”

Being that involved in the Ontario scene has given Page a lot of opinions about it, and he was happy to share those.

“I think the local scene is at its best,” he praised. “The talent is the best it’s ever been. I think the veterans of 2015 surpass those of 2010 by far. Especially (if measured by our) success outside of the province. We can all thank Elgin for that, as he really opened doors for the likes of myself and Josh.”

Ethan Page and Josh Alexander.

Though, as was announced recently, Josh Alexander will be closing those doors in the near future. His retirement match is scheduled for July 12 at Page’s Alpha-1 show. Page has nothing but praise about his partner and friend.

“Until July 12th, Josh is the best Canada has to offer. After he retires, I’ll be the best. That’s why we were so successful as a tag team — we literally put together the two best Canadians. We traveled, paid our dues on the road, and carved ourselves an awesome following. I’m so happy I’ll get to team with him one last time at that show.”

But wait, that sounds suspiciously like the notoriously outspoken Page actually cares about someone else.

“It depends what the circumstance is,” he laughs. “I love my fiancé (they are getting married on July 4), my family, my dogs, my close friends. I’ll do anything for them. If I like you I like you. And if I don’t like you, I’m never going to be afraid of saying it. I’m myself, and I’ll never change.”

Which is exactly what the haters seem to hate about him, including those in the locker room.

“(That kind of mindset) intimidates people,” he explained, “because they can’t look in the mirror and be happy.”

“In wrestling, nobody is owed anything. I’ve never been one to bow down to any local ‘veterans.’ Because in the grand scheme of wrestling, they haven’t amounted to anything. My dad can get called to be an extra on Monday Night RAW, that holds no weight with me.”

“When people see me speaking freely and succeeding, they (think they) hate me. (Really), though, they just hate themselves. And they should, nine times out of ten. Anyone who hates me sucks, and should probably hang ’em up.”

Ethan Page lays a boot into Jimmy Jacobs.

And for those that don’t?

“I honestly want to thank anyone who’s supported me, whether it was since day one or if they just started. It’s amazing the amount of fans I’ve gained over the years, it really means the world to be. Indy wrestling is like any performance art. It’s all about word of mouth and growth, and I want to say thanks for always singing my praise!”

Destiny World Wrestling “Night of Glory” takes place this Sunday night at the Don Kolov Arena in the Battle Arts Academy at 4880 Tomken Road, Mississauga, Ontario. Doors 7pm.

The show will feature a 12-man tournament to crown the inaugural Destiny Champion. Participants include: Ethan Page, PWG star Brian Cage, Randy Reign, former TNA star Cody Deaner, Tyson Dux, and former OVW star Joe Coleman.

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T will be appearing, and will be the guest enforcer referee for the tournament finals.