On tonight’s season premiere, Nikki has to deal with the fallout of her family’s interference in her relationship with John Cena. Meanwhile, Nattie doesn’t just say No! No! No! but rather goes on a drug-fuelled joyride of destruction… kind of. Check out the full recap for all the details.

The show continues where last season’s finale ended, with John Cena telling Nikki that he thinks he should give her some space so she can re-evaluate if he’s the right man for her, in light of his not wanting to get married or have kids. Nikki is blindsided by the suggestion, saying that she’s happy with him so isn’t sure where this is coming from. He doesn’t tell her that it was her family that gave him the idea.

At home, Brie tells Daniel Bryan about Nikki and John’s breakup. She wonders why Cena didn’t stooge her out.

Backstage, Brie finally asks Cena about it. He says that he doesn’t ever throw anyone under the bus. He said he feels bad about giving Nikki her space, but says if he’s not the right choice for her, maybe it’s for the best.

Woo hoo! Paige makes her debut on the show. She runs into Nattie backstage and suggests that they hang out, so that Nattie can forget about her marital issues.

After the show, Nikki tells Brie that she’s heartbroken and depressed about the Cena breakup. They stop for some donut therapy.

Paige and Nattie are out for a night on the town, and head to a party where they run into Fandango and Wade Barrett. Nattie grabs some brownies, but unbeknownst to here, they’re pot brownies. Paige tells her, and Nattie freaks out. They leave and agree to keep this between them.

The next day, Daniel and Brie are out with Brie’s family for lunch. Brie lets them know that Cena has taken the grenade to spare them all. Brie now feels that Cena is the good guy, given how he did what he did to protect Nikki’s family. Mama Bella says that they should come clean with Nikki, but JJ (their brother) isn’t down with that plan. Mama Bella says no more secrets in the family.

The next day, Nattie and Paige are working out with Emma and Nattie is upset that Piage told Emma about her brownie faux-pas. Nattie is scared that WWE will find out about her mistake, for fear of failing a drug test. This segment also served as a good ad for Lululemon, as Paige looks mighty fine in them yoga pants.

Backstage, WWE executive Mark lets the Divas know that there will be two matches at SummerSlam: Brie vs. Stephanie McMahon and a Divas title match. Brie is naturally pleased at having this prominent spot on the show.

The Bellas go to visit Mama Bella and JJ for dinner, when Nikki gets a text from Cena. He’s suggested that they stay in different cities for now. Mama Bella pulls Brie aside and insists they tell Nikki what they did.

Brie agrees and she tells Nikki about their sit-down with John, and how they told him that they feel like Nikki was sacrificing too much to be with him. Nikki is understandably ticked off, and gives them what-for. Mama Bella tries to downplay the situation, but Nikki won’t hear any of it. Arguing ensues, and Nikki storms off. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Nikki leaves, so Brie, JJ, and Mama Bella start arguing amongst themselves. Nikki gets into a car that she’s called to pick her up and drives off despite Brie’s pleas to stay.

The next day, Nikki goes back to John. They both realize that they don’t want to be apart.

The next week, everyone’s backstage, hanging with Titus O’Neill, when the drug tester comes around. Nattie is driving to the show with Ariane, and they get a call to check in with medical when they get to the show, so Nattie is paranoid, worried that she’ll get busted because of the pot brownie in her system and will get into trouble. Nattie refuses to take the car to the arena, and instead decides to crash the car into a dumpster – hard enough to leave a dent, but not so much as to deploy the airbags – so she will have an excuse to not go in. Ariane, as you can expect, is freaked out by this flawed plan.

Nattie suggests they go the emergency room to make their alibi more credible, but then realizes she’s talking like a crazy person. She finally comes to her senses, and they go to the arena.

Backstage, Nikki confronts Brie. She tells her that their relationship is only professional now.

Nattie goes in and she gets selected for a drug test, of course. Afterwards, she runs into the Divas backstage, where Ariane is telling them what really happened on their trip. Nattie is embarrassed and scared about what could happen, while Paige is amused by her plight.

Later, Paige goes to Nattie’s house bearing gifts for her and for her cats. Paige then tells Nattie that there was no pot in the brownies, she just wanted to let Nattie think there was, so that Nattie could loosen up a bit and forget her problems with TJ for a night. Nattie isn’t pleased with this revelation. Paige apologizes and offers to pay for the damage on the car. Nattie isn’t happy with the disrespect that Paige has shown her by pulling the prank.

It’s backstage at SummerSlam, and Nikki tells Paige that she found out that she’s turning on Brie during Brie’s match. She’s actually fine with this development since art mirrors life and all that. The show ends with the rest of the Divas watching the match.

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