On tonight’s episode of Total Divas, things got tense between Summer Rae and Ariane of the Funkadactyls. Meanwhile, Natalya and Summer Rae seemed to be headed towards a collision of their own. But despite the teasing of possible physical confrontations, it was actually only Nikki Bella who got hurt this week. And while she tried to hide her injury, eventually she told the tooth. Let’s check out the full recap for details!

The show starts off with Nikki going to visit John Cena after getting his mysterious page at the end of last week’s show. Cena is waiting for her, all suited up, at some dock. Cena tells her that she’s changed his life for the better and that he’s in love with her. He says he wants to make sacrifices for her just like she’s done for him. While he doesn’t pop the question, he does say that he wants to be with her, and leaves the possibility of marriage open for the time being. The two reconcile. Awwwwww.

Backstage, Eva Marie and Ariane are watching a Natalya vs. Summer Rae match. Eva Marie says that she and Ariane get a lot of heat from the Divas because they came to WWE without any indy experience.

Backstage, the Bellas head into John Cena’s bus, which is like a huge apartment on wheels, complete with wine cellar, shower, and king sized bed. Brie thinks that her man, Daniel Bryan, should also get a bus. Nikki, of course, has to drop in a sex reference, pointing out the mirrors on the ceiling over her and John’s bed.

At brunch with the rest of the Divas, Brie tells them that she and Bryan are going to try out a bus on the upcoming tour. A flashback shows that Bryan was not originally up for the idea, worried about the practicality, but said he’d give it a try. Brie invites the other Divas onto the bus, but Nattie isn’t up for even being in the same room as Summer Rae. And, speak of the devil, and she shows up to pick up her bff, Eva Marie for a photo shoot.

In the car, Eva Marie fills Summer Rae in on the whole bus plan. Summer Rae drops some catty comments about Nattie, and makes fun of her for being prudish.

Later, while hanging out in a building before a show, Eva Marie is beaming about the news that she’s been invited to go to Afghanistan for the Tribute to the Troops show. Ariane and Nattie aren’t thrilled with Eva Marie’s continuously swelling head.

Backstage, the ladies watch a match where Nikki gets kicked right in the face by Tamina Snuka, and as a result, loses a tooth. They check in with her after she comes to the back, and Dr. Isaac Yankem (not really, but how great would that have been?) takes a look. He tells her she’ll need to get dental surgery to fix the problem. Nikki feels ugly and doesn’t want Cena to see her with a busted up mouth, so she asks Brie if she can go on the Bryan bus after all.

After the show, all the girls and their men on the roster are on the bus, where Bryan’s rules make them all question the decision – rules like no number twos in the bathroom and no sex on the bus. Over champagne, the girls decide to play Truth or Dare to help pass the time. Nattie and Summer Rae throw barbs at one another during the game to try to embarrass each other. Then Ariane and Eva Marie play a game of one-upmanship on each other, bragging about their respective magazine appearances (Eva Marie wins since Maxim is much more famous than the mag Ariane will shoot for.

Nattie, Ariane, and Nikki meow it up over the lack of etiquette of the new girls. During this session, Ariane shows them some early glamour photos that she found of Eva Marie – nothing scandalous, so I’m not sure why they think this is a big deal. But whatever.

At pre-show catering, Ariane shows the pics to others – except Sandra the seamstress who ain’t got time for that. Meanwhile, Nikki’s tooth is still hurting her, but she still wants to keep her injury a secret from Cena.

Elsewhere, Fandango and Tyson Kidd show the Eva Marie pictures to Summer Rae. She becomes my newest favourite person on this show as she stupidly confuses the term “risque” wtih “risky”. Summer Rae is disappointed to hear that Ariane is sending out the photos to the rest of the locker room.

It’s a week after Nikki’s injury, and she still hasn’t talked to Cena about her injury because then what else would she do this episode. She’s getting antsy because she hasn’t had sex for a few days because she’s been avoiding Cena. So, after wrestling Brie backstage on the floor, she agrees to talk to Cena. He immediately intuits that something is wrong with her, because her poker face is apparently as bad as her in-ring selling. She shows him the tooth, and since he’s not a lunatic, it doesn’t bother him.

Meanwhile, back on Bryan’s bus, the Divas are talking about their upcoming T-shirts. Summer Rae throws Ariane under the bus (not literally) when she tells Eva Marie that Ariane has been sending out those racy pictures to the locker room. Naturally, Eva Marie is ticked, and she confronts Ariane and it’s on. Ariane owns up to it and says it was her way of putting Eva Marie in her place, but kind of apologizes for digging up Eva Marie’s past. Eva Marie is still upset, and decides to leave the bus. Trinity, Ariane’s Funkadactyls partner actually goes and consoles Eva Marie who is very upset. Eva says that the photos were taken when she was in a dark place in her life some years ago and she doesn’t want her old drinking days to be resurfaced.

Eva is in the hotel and talks to her husband on the phone, explaining what’s going on. Summer Rae joins her, and the two commiserate, and say that if Ariane and the others want a war, that’s what they’re going to get.

Backstage, Trinity scolds Ariane for digging up Eva Marie’s past, and brings up Ariane’s mugshots that are online from her DUI arrest from a couple of years back. Ariane seems to have second thoughts about what she did.

Backstage, Fandango drops the bomb to Eva Marie that every guy in the locker room has seen her risky pics. Elsewhere, Summer Rae brags to Nattie that she and Fandango will be opening the TV show they’re taping, much to Nattie’s chagrin. Somewhere else, Ariane finds Eva Marie and apologizes to her for digging up Eva Marie’s past. Eva Marie doesn’t accept the apology and drops a truth bomb on Ariane about how unprofessional it was to do what she did. Girl, bye.

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