Not many people can say they knew what career they want to pursue when they finish high school or university. Even less people can say they knew their future profession at five years of age. Jamin Olivencia, the 28-year-old heavyweight champion for Ohio Valley Wrestling knew at a very young age exactly what he wanted to do with his life.

Jamin Olivencia, ready for action. Photos by Benjamin Marcum Photogragraphy

Jamin, a native of North Tonawanda, New York, was shy about sharing his future plans with his parents. “At seven years old I admitted to my mother that I wanted to be a wrestler,” said Olivencia. She brushed off her son’s notion.

At 12 years old he once again shared his dream with his mother, and she didn’t take him seriously. When she asked him at 16 what he wanted to do with his life Jamin emphatically stated that he wanted to wrestle. This time she saw that he was serious.

As a 16 year old he enrolled in wrestling school and in 2003 he started to wrestle for Empire State Wrestling, where he will return on their January 18th event in North Tonawanda.

“My mother came to the matches and saw that I could make something of myself,” said the 5-foot-8, 200-pound Olivencia. With his mother’s approval, Jamin decided to make wrestling his obsession.

At 17 years old he went on his first international tour to England for six months. The chance to wrestle regularly helped to further his in-ring skills. When he returned from England he enrolled in Ohio Valley Wrestling’s training school in 2005.

He credits his in-ring success to the his trainers Rip Rogers, Al Snow and Robert Gibson.

“They focused me,” said Olivencia when discussing his trainers. “They have knowledge of wrestling that is on another level. They also taught me how to conduct business.”

In the ring Olivencia describes his wrestling style as a pot-pourri of influences. He feels that he can brawl, do some high flying and work on the mat. “There is no style to my work,” declared a confident Olivencia. “I would best describe it as unpredictable, intense and depending on how you look at it, intuitive. I can do every style.”

Danny Davis, owner of OVW, felt that Jamin was “very coachable in his early years and it has shown as he has come into his own.”

For over 240 days Olivencia has been the champion for OVW, a promotion noted for producing some of the brightest stars in wrestling. OVW provides him with the platform to wrestle regularly on television and on their circuit of shows.

Davis has watched Jamin closely over the years. “Being an OVW Heavyweight Champion, Jamin excels in all aspects of his wrestling duties. Jamin has intensity, drive and the ability to excite the OVW fan base. Jamin has great camera presence and when asked to make appearances to promote the OVW brand Jamin always makes himself available.” Davis continued, “Jamin has held the OVW Heavyweight Title longer than any other competitor in OVW History and that speaks volumes about Jamin’s ability and how he helps and contributes to OVW.”

Olivencia is the OVW champion.

Scott Heim, booker for Empire State Wrestling is a fan too. “Jamin has all the qualities Brett Stymuss (co-owner of ESW) looks for in a wrestler. He’s got a great look, amazing in-ring ability, and draws fans.”

Heim went on to say that, “Booking Jamin is always a pleasure, He’s one of the original members who helped get ESW off the ground back in 2002. He’s come a long way and we’re all very proud of him. Having him in the locker room is like a homecoming of a family member.”

Olivencia feels that his wrestling career has been a “spiritual journey that has taught me to deal with what life gives you.” While he has grown in the ring Olivencia feels that his biggest area of growth is the connection he has with the fans.

“I want to make somebody feel something. To feel my emotion each time.” Olivencia continued, “Some people write to find a creative outlet. My poetry is wrestling and I want people to forget that it is a show because I believe it.”