The Bollywood Boyz, Gurv and Harv Sihra, joined “The Grill” on TEAM 1410 Sports Radio in Vancouver, Canada last weekend. The Sihra Brothers spoke in length about their time in ECCW, their start in the industry, their time wrestling in Ring Ka King in India, their relationship with Chris Jericho and much more!

It was obvious at a young age, the Sihra Brothers wanted to become professional wrestlers.

“I think it’s as simple as two kids with a dream. It doesn’t get any simpler than that” Harv told the hosts Joe Leary, Angus Reid of the B.C. Lions and Corey Basso.

The Bollywood Boyz, Gurv and Harv Sihra, on The Grill.

“We grew up playing sports. Taekwondo and ice hockey, just like every other Canadian. We grew up watching wrestling on Saturday nights. Bret Hart was our favourite wrestler,” added older brother Gurv.

Early in their careers, the Sihra brothers took to the road on the now infamous Northen Manitoba tours put on by Winnipeg’s Tony Condello. These tours have a reputation for treacherous weather and travel conditions and of course, blood thirsty fans.

“During the ‘Hell’ tours with Tony Condello, we were lucky we worked as babyfaces,” revealed Gurv. “We were okay, but those heels took a beating. Kids were punching wrestlers right in the face at ringside … during a sunset flip, man.”

Gurv and Harv also told a rather interesting story from their early years just trying to get noticed in the business. After pretending to be company talent to sneak past security at a WWE show in Toronto, the Boyz bumped in to one of Canada’s finest wrestling talents.

“All these guys think we’re part of the show as extras but we just snuck in!” Gurv recalled. “We’re sitting in catering eating their food. We eventually get kicked out. On the way out we bump in to [Chris] Jericho and we mention that we work for [Tony] Condello, who is a famous promoter in North Manitoba and Winnipeg. We just started talking. He said I appreciate what you guys did. He said just get out there as much as you can and work as much as you can. Get the experience. For him to stand there and talk to us for 45 minutes, two guys he had never met in Toronto, Canada… it’s just a great story. We still stay in touch with Chris.”

After years of cutting their teeth on the independant circuit, the Bollywood Boyz finally got a call up to the major leagues, in their motherland no less.

“It was surreal. It came out of nowhere.” said Gurv of the TNA Ring Ka King experience. “I was getting out of the gym and I got an e-mail from Jeff Jarrett from TNA Wrestling saying, ‘Hey, contact us! We’re looking to bring you guys over for a project we’re working on.’ Next thing you know, we’re packing up our bag and off to India we go on two trips. You got Scott Steiner, Abyss and Jeff Jarrett himself and so many other North American superstars!”

Despite the ego boost and prominence that came during their time in India with Ring Ka King, the Boyz haven’t forgotten their roots. Harv reflected back to much harder times.

“We used to go hardcore,” Harv said. “From Vancouver to Nova Scotia and everywhere in between. We used to go up to Northern Manitoba. Places like Oxford House. Places you’ve never even heard of. Places like Vermillion. Red Sucker Lake. We used to go to these places and wrestle.”

From the smallest of Canadian cities to the capital of India, The Bollywood Boyz have covered quite the ground in their time in the industry. Before wrapping up the interview, The Sihra brothers hinted at some European summer tours for 2013 but re-enforced that they are taking it one show at a time — and the next big one is the ECCW anniversary show in Vancouver on Saturday, May 11th.

Those are a few highlights from the 30-minute interview.

For the complete interview, you can download or listen back at this URL. The Bollywood Boyz portion of the shows comes around the 13-minute mark.