Although Konnan may not actively be wrestling, his schedule is busier than ever. He hosts a podcast that has become very popular, is a main player with Triple AAA wrestling in Mexico, and has been on two successful recent wrestling shows in Calgary.

Like many wrestlers, Konnan has embraced the digital age. His Twitter account has over 10,000 followers. It is not surprising Konnan got his start in podcasting via an internet hookup.

“Former WWE creative writer and wrestling promoter, Court Bauer, invited me to his LinkedIn group,” said Konnan. “From there, we started talking and I came on his podcast as a guest. It went great and about 20 episodes later, I started co-hosting the podcast.”

Listening to the podcast, it is obvious Konnan is very comfortable on the microphone. Topics range from the obvious — Konnan’s time in Mexico and WCW to the more obscure. “I think that is something that makes us a bit different in that we do not just talk about wrestling. Whether it is getting into music with Chris Jericho or United States politics, we discuss everything.”

Another great feature is that Konnan will never be the poster child for political correctness. Everything from use of drugs to sexual adventures or misadventures have been covered. He is also not afraid to give candid views about the wrestling business.

“There are no prepared questions and no time limit. I just say it like it is,” stated Konnan matter-of-factly. “I am not affiliated with the WWE or TNA so am not afraid if someone is going to hear me. If they do something good, I will say so. If it is crap, I will say it as well.”

Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the podcast are the in-depth interviews. Discussions with Vampiro and Chris Jericho clocked in at about three hours without ever getting boring. It is refreshing to hear interviews extending beyond the five- to six-minute soundbites where someone is promoting a book or upcoming pay-per-view. It feels more like two guys have a discussion over a beer.

Konnan has plans for the podcast. “We will probably start charging a small fee. I would also like to do a Howard Stern-type thing where we are doing the podcast and streaming live via the Internet or TV.”

When Konnan is not podcasting, he is still very busy with Triple AAA wrestling out of Mexico. “I am kind of a jack-of-all-trades with Triple AAA. I write, produce, act as agent and international liason for talent. I am also on TV as one of the main managers for heels.”

Konnan’s time with Triple AAA will only get busier as the company recently announced a major partnership. “We are going to team up with Factory Made Ventures and El Rey television to bring Triple AAA and lucha libre to the United States and Canada. We will have a show on El Rey television which is co-owned by Robert Rodriguez of El Maraichi fame. We also intend to run live shows, pay-per-views, merchandising, etc. We want Triple AAA to appeal to both Spanish and English speaking audiences.”

While Triple AAA is poised for a breakthrough in the United States, business in Mexico has been more difficult due to the volatile security situation.

“There are certain cities or states we cannot run in Mexico due to the drug violence,” said Konnan. “This has been the most violent period in Mexican history since the revolution.” Despite the difficulties, he is hopeful the situation will improve. “There has been a new president elected in Mexico and he will improve the security situation. Also, American companies are starting to reinvest in Mexico so the economy is improving.”

Konnan’s wrestling career has come full circle recently appearing on two wrestling shows in Calgary, co-promoted by Teddy Hart. “I first wrestled in Calgary for Stampede Wrestling in like 1989 or 1990,” remembered Konnan. “Ross Hart was a referee for a match I did in Hawaii and he hooked me up with Stampede Wrestling. It was the last days for Stampede but I have great memories. Stu Hart was awesome. It was something special to return again to the Stampede Corral. It did not seem as big as I remembered but it brought back so many memories.”

Konnan’s appearance at the Corral also seemed to reaffirm his place in wrestling. “The matches in Calgary were incredible. I remember after the first match, the fans were chanting ‘We want lucha’ and it sent chills up my spine. I feel proud to have contributed to lucha libre becoming mainstream in Canada and the United States.”