Dominic Denucci has led a rich, fulfilling life, and has constantly been praised as one of the truly nice guys in professional wrestling. Therefore, he is perhaps an … interesting choice for the Dominic DeNucci Roast & Luncheon in Pittsburgh in another week, a fundraiser for the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Dominic Denucci does what he does best — being nice — in this photo from his NWF days in the 1970s. Photo by Steven Johnson

It turns out that the event is being organized by a fan, Dr. Mike Martini, a chiropractor in Pittsburgh, who had attended the PWHF induction weekend in May. In Amsterdam, NY, PWHF President Tony Vellano suggested to Martini that the gospel of the PWHF needed to be spread further, including a super wrestling town like Pittsburgh.

Martini said he’d help, perhaps not truly understanding what he was committing to with the luncheon on Saturday, December 3rd at the DoubleTree Hotel in Pittsburgh.

“So, here we are,” Martini laughed, adding that tickets have been moving well and he has a comfortable number of sponsors and Chinese auction prizes, guaranteeing a profit for the non-profit PWHF.

“The PWHF has wanted to spread the word in other areas for quite some time,” said Vellano. “This is not the first time we tried to enter the Pittsburgh area, it is just the first time someone has followed through. We have had offers from people to help the PWHF from as far as North Carolina and as north as Montreal. Some talk the talk and some walk the walk … I tip my hat to Mr. Martini for stepping up.”

Martini grew up watching wrestling, and traveled to Amsterdam with his cousin.

“We really enjoy it and continue to support these guys. I figured this is a great way to get involved, and basically help to give back to what was given to us as we were growing up,” Martini said.

As for Denucci, both Vellano and Martini speak positively on him.

“Dominic has been an avid supporter of the PWHF,” said Vellano, “with that in mind, the PWHF is and will be an avid supporter of Dominic.”

Dr. Martini has has taken Denucci out to lunch a few times. “He’s just a great guy. He’s really very, very respected by all of his peers. He’s just a genuine class act individual.”

Denucci himself is a light-hearted soul, and could only joke about the impending roast.

“What kind of chicken are we going to roast?” Denucci teased. “I’m going to bring them a rooster.”

The Dominic DeNucci Roast & Luncheon will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel Pittsburgh / GreenTree (formerly the Radisson Hotel GreenTree) from 1-4 p.m. Tickets are $50, with cheques made payable to the PWHF, and mailed to Mike Martini, P.O Box 10747, Pittsburgh, PA 15203. Dr. Martini can be emailed at and reached at 412-480-9531.