After falling victim to John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment last Monday on Raw, The Rock had revenge on his mind Sunday at WrestleMania XXVII. After the main event match between Cena and WWE Champion The Miz ended in a double countout draw, The Rock restarted the match under no disqualification, no countout stipulations. Would The Rock be able to extract his revenge on Cena or did Cena capture the WWE Championship?

Elsewhere on the show, the match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Edge and 2011 Royal Rumble winner Alberto Del Rio actually opened the show while the much-anticipated no holds barred match between The Undertaker and Triple H actually went on third-to-last.

The main event, a one-fall match for the WWE Championship between champion The Miz and the No. 1 contender John Cena started out with a wrestling staple: a collar-and-elbow tie-up in front of an entertainment-show record of 71,617 at Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

This started with two tremendous video packages, one for each wrestler. The one for The Miz is one that needs to be seen. Just tremendous work.

Slow start to the match until Miz drops Cena with a right hand in the corner after breaking a tie-up. Corner clothesline for Miz. Cena, though, throws a knee to the gut and a side suplex to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Miz tries another corner clothesline but Cena moves and hits the guillotine legdrop for two. Cena goes into the turnbuckle and Miz boots Cena right in the kisser. Cena trying to use Miz to stand but Miz punches him twice in the face. Cena looks off here. He trips on Miz when he drops down. Miz with a dropkick but Cena gets going with the shoulder tackle and side suplex. He follows that with the Five-Knuckle Shuffle. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Miz gets out and hits a DDT. He follows with the backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for two.

Miz goes to expose the turnbuckle but the referee catches him. As the referee tries to put it back on, Cena cradles Miz but can’t hold it as the referee returns. Now Cena locks in the STF. Miz inching and he gets to the rope. As the referee attends to Miz, Alex Riley comes in and runs Cena into the exposed turnbuckle. The Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale but Cena kicks out at two.

Miz lines him up again but they run into the referee. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment but the referee is down and out. Cena goes to the referee and as he turns around, Riley drills him with the briefcase. Miz with the cover. Referee up. The cover. 1-2-NO! Cena kicks out at the last moment. Riley up on the apron arguing it’s a slow count. Miz grabs the briefcase again but Cena moves and Miz hits Riley. Cena grabs the stunned Miz and delivers the Attitude Adjustment but Miz somehow kicks out!

Now they’re on the outside and Cena clotheslines Miz into the timekeeper’s area. The Miz ends up on the top of the barrier and Cena spears him right off of it out of the ringside area. They are nowhere near the ring and the referee counts them both out. It’s over.

This match is a draw

Both men are still down when The Rock’s music hits. He rips off his jacket as he comes down the ramp. He rolls into the ring and the Raw GM dings. The Rock holds off Jim Ross from reading the e-mail. Instead, he walks to the podium and starts to read the e-mail. The GM starts the e-mail “As Raw general manager, you know what I think?” The Rock shouts “It doesn’t matter what you think!” and throws the laptop away. He says this is now a no disqualification, no countout match.

Cena immediately throws Miz into the ring and goes for the Attitude Adjustment but The Miz holds the ropes. Cena lets go and turns right around into a Rock Bottom. The Miz crawls over and makes the cover. That’s it!

Winner via pinfall and STILL WWE Champion: The Miz

Match Rating: 5/10

Rock is at the bottom of the ramp and he and Miz meet eyes. The Rock runs back to the ring. Miz misses a belt shot and The Rock goes to town on him. Spinebuster for The Miz and the crowd goes crazy. Rock kicks in the arms and hits The People’s Elbow. The Rock poses in the corner as the show goes off the air with only a minute of pay-per-view time remaining.

The next WWE pay-per-view is Extreme Rules on May 1.

After the singing of America the Beautiful, the leader of Team Bring It, The Rock is out to start the show. You might’ve forgotten, but he is indeed the host of WrestleMania.

After soaking in a thunderous ovation, he says this will be the most memorable WrestleMania of all time. He says they are making history and they are going to do something special — they are going to have some fun. He says Wrestle, they say Mania. He does this three times. Crowd is chanting about a million different things. The Rock says this is going to get gone. Now he says when he says yabba, the people say dabba. He says he is here and this next one is for the people: If ya smelllll what The Rock is cookin’.

Now, at 7:15 p.m. ET, it’s time for the opening video package.

Michael Cole, Josh Mathews and Jerry Lawler are your hosts tonight.

Match #1 – World Heavyweight Championship – (c) Edge (Toronto, Ontario) vs. Alberto Del Rio (San Luis Potosi, Mexico)

Alberto Del Rio and Edge get funky.

Del Rio backs Edge into the corner and slaps him. He backs off, laughing until Edge slaps him back. And we’re underway. Edge’s left arm is heavily taped after Del Rio’s cross-armbreaker on Raw.

Edge sends Del Rio to the outside but Del Rio takes over on the floor. Back in the ring, Del Rio has Edge in an armbar. Edge works to a vertical base but Del Rio grabs his hair and brings him back to the floor. Del Rio really working the arm, looking to soften it for the cross-armbreaker. Edge on the middle rope and Del Rio comes flying in but misses and flies through to the floor. Edge responds with a rare hisk-risk maneuver as he comes in with a cannonball over the top rope.

Edge throws Del Rio back in the goes to the top but Del Rio runs up and hits an armdrag, sending Edge flying across the ring. Edge, though, hits an enziguri and a big boot. Both men down. Del Rio hits an armbreaker and goes for the cross-armbreaker but Edge counters it into the Edgeacution.

Into the corner. They do a series of reversals that leads to Del Rio locking in the cross-armbreaker. Edge makes it to the ropes, though. Edge back to the top and he hits his leaping kick. Edge puts his foot on the ropes during the cover but Ricardo Rodriguez pushes it off. Edge still kicks out, though. Christian and Brodus Clay brawl. Clay gets the best of it and then pulls Edge’s shoulder into the post. Edge staggers right into the cross-armbreaker. Edge hangs on, reverses it and locks in his submission. As this is happening, Christian tornado DDT’s Clay off the apron. Del Rio, though, attacks the injured arm and gets out. He runs and misses and comes right back into the spear. Good night.

Winner via pinfall and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

Match Rating: 8/10

Following the match, Edge and Christian destroy Del Rio’s car with a baseball bat and a crowbar.

Cody Rhodes tangles with Rey Mysterio.

Match #2 – Cody Rhodes (Marietta, Ga.) vs. Rey Mysterio (San Diego, Calif.)

Mysterio’s costume is Captain America this year.

Rhodes gets off to good start by using his mask as a weapon. He hits a Alabama Slam as parts of the crowd chant “Let’s go Cody.” Double nerve hold for Rhodes. He throws Mysterio into the corner but eats a back elbow. Rhodes, though, hits a headbutt as Mysterio goes to the top. He loads him up for a superplex. He lifts him and it’s a delayed superplex. Wow. Can’t say I’ve seen that before. More “Cody!” chants. More than 10 seconds in the air, I think. Mysterio slinks out of Cross Rhodes and sends Rhodes to the outside. Drop kick sends Rhodes back but he avoids the baseball slide. Mysterio, though, comes back and sends Rhodes face-first into the ring apron. Back in the ring, seated senton for Mysterio and he rolls through for a pin attempt but Rhodes kicks out.

Near fall for Rhodes but Mysterio comes back with a head scissors and puts Rhodes in position for the 619 but Rhodes catches his legs and slingshots him into the second rope. Now Rhodes is taking Mysterio’s knee brace off after Mysterio has taken several shots at taking Rhodes’ mask off. Mysterio, though, comes back with a moonsault. Now Mysterio rips Rhodes’ mask off and hits him with the 619. He goes to the top but Rhodes gets his feet up. He kicks him in the face for two. Now Mysterio puts Rhodes’ mask on and headbutts him twice with it.

Mysterio to the top rope and he hits a headbutt with the mask for two. Rhodes slides to the outside and Mysterio comes diving through the second rope but Rhodes meets him with his own knee brace. He brings him off the ropes and hits Cross Rhodes and that’s it.

Winner via pinfall: Cody Rhodes

Match Rating: 6/10

What did you think of WrestleMania 27?
It was great – 13%
It was okay – 39%
It sucked – 27%
Didn’t see it – 21%

Theodore Long is backstage with Snoop Dogg. They host some talent competition. William Regal raps. The Great Khali and Beth Phoenix sing Summer Lovin’. Zack Ryder starts with Rebecca Black’s Friday before being cracked in the head with a coconut by “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Chris Masters and Yoshi Tatsu do We Will Rock You with Masters doing the beat with his peeks. Hornswaggle comes in and Long tells Snoop that Hornswaggle doesn’t talk. So they leave and then Swaggle starts rapping with the Bellas as his backup dancers. Crowd enjoyed this throughly.

Match #3 – Wade Barrett (Manchester, England), Justin Gabriel (Cape Town, South Africa), Heath Slater (Pineville, WV) & Ezekiel Jackson (Guyana, South America) vs. Kane (Hell, Fire & Brimstone), The Big Show (Tampa, Fla.), Santino Marella (Calabria, Italy) & Kofi Kingston (Guana, West Africa)

This is just one big spot fest early. Barrett takes Trouble in Paradise from Kingston and then Kingston comes down and takes out Jackson and Gabriel. Santino hits Slater with the Cobra and Show hits him with the KO Punch. Good night Irene.

Winners via pinfall: The Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella & Kofi Kingston

This went about 90 seconds.

Match Rating: NR

The Rock is backstage with Eve. He says he’s going to create an unforgettable moment with the next person to come around the corner. That person is Mae Young. The Rock is startled. He calls her a Divasaurous. Mae says she wants the People’s Strudel. Rock makes a bunch of old jokes. This is tremendous. Rock tells Eve to escort to her seat. Then Mae slaps Rock on the butt.

Rock says it could’ve been anybody else walking around that corner. He turns around and guess who’s there? None other than Stone Cole Steve Austin. The roof might’ve just exploded off the Georgia Dome. They wish each other well and briefly reminisce of their Mania battles. They shake hands. Thirty seconds of incredible.

CM Punk hammers Randy Orton.

Match #4 – CM Punk (Chicago, Ill.) vs. Randy Orton (St. Louis, Mo.)

Punk goes to work on the injured left leg of Orton. High knee lands in the corner for Punk. Now he puts Orton’s leg on the rope, jumps up and lands on it. Now he hangs Orton up in the tree of woe, goes to the top and stomps on him. He calls for the GTS. He lifts him up and turns 360 degrees which allows Orton to elbow his way. Orton goes for the RKO but Punk high kicks him. Great spot.

Punk to the top rope now but again he waits too long and Orton crotches him. Punk sitting on the top turnbuckle. Orton goes up and hits a huge superplex. He goes for the coper but Punk rolls under and out. Orton goes after him but Punk takes his leg out and pulls him over to the post where he cracks the knee into the post. Then he locks in a Figure Four on the post, only breaking due to the referee’s count. Back to work on the knee. Punk takes the bandage and kneepad off Orton’s knee but Orton breaks with headbutts.

Clothesline for Orton and he follows with the scoop slam. Angle Slam now for Orton and he gets two. He goes to pick Punk up but Punk starts kicking Orton and then sweeps the leg and locks in the Anaconda Vice in the centre of the ring. Orton, though, is able to roll through into the ropes.

Punk again hesitates and Orton runs him into the ring post and hits the draping DDT. He gets pumped for the RKO but instead stands over Punk, who is in prime punting position. He goes back to the corner. He comes out but again Orton’s leg gives out on him again. Punk pulls himself up in the corner. He stalks Orton and Orton goes for the RKO but Punk somehow pushes Orton off the very last second.

Punk looks to come off the top but Orton leaps up and hits him with the RKO. That’s a wrap.

Winner via pinfall: Randy Orton

Match Rating: 7/10

The Rock is backstage with Mean Gene Okerlund. The Rock says he heard John Cena’s number one fan is here to confront him. Mean Gene says he’s right behind him. It is none other than Pee Wee Herman. Rock asks Pee Wee if he wants to Team Bring It or the Fruit Loop Troop. Rock brings back Mean Gene in a Cena shirt and hat as an example of the FLT. Pee Wee switches his alliance to Team Bring It and takes Rock’s offer a fist bump a little too far. If you smell what the P is cookin’.

They bring out the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame inductees. Huge cheers for the Road Warriors and of course Shawn Michaels. Drew Carey gets roundly booed.

Jerry Lawler, a well-known non-drinker, lets the beer spill.

Match #5 – Michael Cole (Austin, Texas) vs. Jerry Lawler (Memphis, Tenn.)

Your special guest referee for this match is Stone Cole Steve Austin, who chases Cole back into the Cole Mine before going into the ring. Cole is wearing an orange siglet with “Cole” on it and headgear. Tremendous.

Jack Swagger goes after Lawler but is quickly dispatched of. Cole hides in the Cole Mine as Cole tries to beg off. He tries to shake Lawler’s hand through one of the holes in the Cole Mine. Of course Lawler holds the grip and smashes his head into it several times. Lawler climbs in and beats on him. He pulls him out and runs him head-first into the Raw GM platform.

Lawler throws Cole back in the ring but as Austin looks at Cole, Swagger comes from behind and hits King. Cole hits a baseball slide and as Cole asks Austin for help with his head gear, Swagger comes back over and puts Lawler in the ankle lock. Lawler climbs back in and Cole works on the left leg. Swagger is coaching him and telling him what to do. The crowd chants “You can’t wrestle.” Cole goes for the Vader Bomb but has to come down to the bottom rope to do it. First cover and King kicks out at two.

Cole drags Lawler to the centre of the ring and continues to work on the knee. Now he pulls a strap down and locks in the An-Cole Lock. Lawler, though, counters. Cole tries to roll out of the ring but Lawler stops him and puts the boots to him. Swagger throws the towel in for Cole but Austin picks it up, wipes his head down with it and throws it back at Swagger. Swagger enters the ring and argues with Austin. Anybody with a brain can see what’s coming here. Stone Cold Stunner for Swagger.

Cole pleads with Austin to stop the match and then starts screaming at him. Austin pushes Cole into Lawler right into a right hand. Lawler punching away. Cole stands and eats a dropkick. Lawler goes to the middle rope, points to the sky, pulls down the strap and delivers the fist. He goes for the cover but pulls him up at two. Instead Lawler locks in the ankle lock. Cole immediately double taps but Austin doesn’t ring the bell. He asks him if he quits, Cole says he does but Austin doesn’t ring it until Lawler gives him the OK.

Winner via submission: Jerry Lawler

Match Rating: 5/10

Booker T comes into the ring to celebrate the win with Lawler and Austin. He does the spinarooni but the

The Raw GM dings in and says the referee in the match overstepped his bounds and the winner via disqualification is Michael Cole.

Lawler and Austin are not happy and King throws Josh Mathews, who read the e-mail into the ring. He gets a Stunner for his troubles and King goes and sits back down at the announce desk with Jim Ross.

Match #6 – No Holds Barred – Triple H (Greenwich, Conn.) vs. The Undertaker (Death Valley)

Undertaker immediately clotheslines Triple H to the floor and they start brawling there. Taker sends HHH flying into the steps and immediately dismantles the Spanish announce table, getting it ready. Instead, Triple H spears Undertaker through the Cole Mine but Taker sits up. They go back into the ring. That doesn’t last long as they go back to the outside and Triple H throws Taker flying into the barricade. Now HHH starts dismantling the English announce table.

Triple H goes for a Pedigree but Taker clasps him for a chokeslam. Triple H breaks that and goes for a Pedigree again but Taker backdrops him off the announce table to the floor. Wow!

Triple H is down and slow to get up so Taker hits the far ropes and comes flying in with the Annual Undertaker WrestleMania Dive. Taker is up first. He sets up a ring step near the Spanish table. He looks to Tombstone HHH into the steps but it doesn’t come close and HHH pushes him away. Taker reloads and comes flying in at HHH, who is still on the steps, but Trips catches him and hits him with the spinebuster right through the table Wow.

Triple H throws Taker back into the ring. Taker staggers. Triple H slow getting in and gets hit the with a choke slam for two. HHH counters Taker and mounts him in the corner with punches but of course Taker goes for the Last Ride. Triple H slides out and goes for the Pedigree. Undertaker counters with Snake Eyes but HHH catches him with another spinebuster as he comes in for the clothesline.

HHH to the outside and he grabs a chair but Taker boots him in the face before he can use it. Taker with the chair now and hits HHH over the back with it, but Triple H comes back and hits the Pedigree but Undertaker kicks out at two. Triple H puts Taker on the top rope but Taker slips out and hits the Last Ride for two.

Undertaker gets up and does the throat slash. He hoists Triple H up and hits the Tombstone. Cover. 1-2-NO! Triple H kicks out at 2 and 7/8. Taker back up with the chair. He throws it down and hoists Triple H up for another Tombstone but he gets out and DDT’s the Dead Man on the chair.

Both men struggling to get to their feet. Both using the ropes at opposites of the ring. Taker goes to grab the throat but Triple H kicks him and hits another Pedigree for two. Back up and Triple H hits another Pedigree but Undertaker kicks out again!

Now HHH going to town on Undertaker with the chair, yelling at him to stay down. Crowd starting to turn on Triple H here. Taker is down. He finally gets up and charges Triple H but eats a chair shot to the head. Undertaker having trouble doing the sit-up. Triple H yelling at him to just die. Triple H telling down. Taker puts his hand around Triple H’s throat but it’s nothing. Triple H just laughs. Undertaker looking punch drunk and Triple H gives him the the throat slash and then gives him the Tombstone! He does traditional Taker cover. 1-2-KICK OUT!

The crowd now chanting “This is awesome.” Triple H goes to the outside and grabs his trusty sledgehammer. He says “it’s time!” but Taker somehow pulls him in and locks in the Hell’s Gate! Triple H fighting it. He’s really fighting it here. Is he going out?? Now he’s relocated the sledgehammer but he can’t hold onto it. He’s fading. He finally taps.

Winner via submission: The Undertaker

Match Rating: 8.5/10

Both men still down. Triple H crawls to the nearby corner while Taker is still down. A doctor comes in to check on him. He finally rolls over to his side. Triple H is up on the outside as Undertaker rolls out and sits on the ring apron. He goes to stand but falls flat on his face. The doctor calls for help. A cart is wheeled down and he is loaded onto it with the help of Mike Rotunda and others. He is carted to the back.

The Undertaker is 19-0 at WrestleMania, but at what price?

Trish Stratus, Snooki and John Morrison after their win.

Match #7 – Mixed Tag Team Match – Dolph Ziggler (Hollywood, Fla.), Michelle McCool (Palatka, Fla.) & Layla (Miami, Fla.) vs. John Morrison (Los Angeles, Calif.), Trish Stratus (Toronto, Ontario) & Snooki (Jersey Shore)

Snooki slaps Ziggler before the match starts and he doesn’t like this. McCool and Stratus to start. Ma-Trish early but McCool kicks here. She goes for the Faithbreaker but Stratus pulls herself up and hits a facebuster. Now they’re brawling at the top but they both fall to the outside. Layla comes over and gets hit for her troubles. Then Trish goes to the apron and hits a double clothesline. Back in the ring, Chick Kick connects for Stratus but Ziggler breaks it up. Morrison comes flying in and clotheslines him over the top and hits Starship Pain. Now Stratus brings in Snooki and she actually hits a handspring back elbow on McCool. She follows that up with a cartwheel into a splash for the pin.

Winners via pinfall: John Morrison, Trish Stratus & Snooki

Match Rating: 5/10

Match #8 – WWE Championship – (c) The Miz (Cleveland, Ohio) vs. John Cena (West Newbury, Mass.)

Winner via pinfall and STILL WWE Champion: The Miz

Match Rating: 5/10

Event Rating: 6.5/10