The first pay-per-view of 2011, Genesis, delivered a new TNA World champion, reunited a famed brother tag team combination with a debuting ex-WWE star, and the TV and tag titles changed hands. In all, it had the typical highs and lows of a TNA PPV. But the highs — especially the World title match — were indeed high.

Originally, TNA World champion Jeff Hardy was not expected to perform at Genesis. However, after Mr. Anderson knocked off Matt Morgan to be declared the Number One Contender to the World title, Eric Bischoff entered the ring with a steel chair in hand, and declared that the title match was on — now.

Jeff Hardy enters the ring in street clothes, smoking a cigarette with a devilish look on his face as he stretches. Hardy, in jeans, a dress shirt and tie, begins an onslaught on Anderson as he hits a Twist of Hate for a two count. Hardy, appearing shocked begins arguing as Anderson attempts to catch lightning in a bottle. In an effort to end the match after only 90 seconds, Hardy lands another Twist of Hate for another two count. Anderson pulls Hardy and throws him to the outside where Matt Morgan still is. Morgan nails Hardy with a clothesline and rolls him back into the ring. Hardy instinctively kicks out after two. Anderson puts strengthening moves together to obtain another two count. Hardy counters with a Whisper in the Wind with a foot connecting with Anderson’s head. Hardy goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Mick Foley enters and takes the chair. Ric Flair comes and argues with Foley. Hardy rolls in Anderson and goes for a Swanton Bomb only to be hung up on the top rope. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb and gets another two count. Anderson has a cut on the top of the head from what is presumed to be Hardy’s foot. Jeff calls in his brother Matt, who had debuted earlier against Rob Van Dam. Matt runs down to ringside to be taken out by RVD. Eric Bischoff runs in and attempts to hit Anderson with the chair only to be cut off with a Mic Check. Hardy runs in to clean it up and gets hit with one for him. One, two … three. Anderson is the new TNA World Champion.

Post match, Anderson stays in the ring looking at the belt and what he has done in the eleventh year of his professional career. Anderson summons a microphone to come down from the ceiling. Anderson announces himself as the champion after claiming he’s blown up from a near 30 minutes of straight work.

The next TNA Wrestling PPV is Against All Odds on Sunday, February 13th.

The show begins with a montage of clips of Mr. Anderson and Matt Morgan explaining why each believes they will be the next TNA World champion. The opening pyro shoots off as Mike Tenay introduces us to the show.

Match 1- X-Division Championship Match- Jay Lethal (Champion) vs. Kazarian

The match gets underway very quickly with Lethal having the upper hand in the beginning. Quickly into the match, it gets taken to the outside as Lethal hits a series of maneuvers. The match moves back into the ring as Kazarian finally gets into control. A series of reversals culminates with a two count on Kazarian. Kazarian takes over with a series of hard- hitting shots. Kazarian lands a springboard leg drop for another long two count. Lethal ends up back in control and gain momsentum. However, it doesn’t last long as he is introduced back into the ring with force. Lethal lands a sunset power bomb for yet another long two. Kazarian hits an inverted piledriver and gets the three count.

Winner of the match AND NEW TNA X-Division Champion at 11:45 minutes- Kazarian
Match Rating- 8/10

A quick recap of the match is shown as Kazarian celebrates with his championship.

Taz and Mike Tenay list the card and explain that AJ Styles is injured and will be unable to compete. A backstage promo is shown featuring Eric Bischoff, Ric Flair and AJ Styles arguing about what Styles needs to do to get through the night.

Mickie James brings Madison Rayne down.

Match 2- TNA Knockouts Championship Match- Madison Rayne (Champion) vs. Mickie James

The match begins with Mickie coming out very strong with a few quick pinfall combinations. Mickie begins working on Madison’s arm with use of a submission hold. Madison gets thrown out of the ring and begins walking away. Madison takes control of the match after taking Mickie throat-first across the top rope. The pace slows down as Rayne still has control. Madison lands a kick to the head and gets a two count. Madison argues as she gets back to work on Mickie. Tara’s music hits as Mickie goes to hit a DDT on Madison. Madison hits Mickie with a loaded glove and gets the victory.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion at 10:30 minutes- Madison Rayne
Match Rating- 6/10

A recap is shown as Madison and Tara taunt Mickie and celebrate with the championship.

Christy Hemme and Immortal are backstage celebrating with Kazarian as Eric Bischoff announces Abyss as AJ Styles’ replacement versus Doug Williams for the TNA TV Title.

Match 3- TNA Tag Team Championship Match- Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) (Champions) vs. Beer Money Inc. (Robert Roode and James Storm)

The match begins with Shelley and Roode in a stare down. Shelley takes an early advantage and is countered while taking part in some chain wrestling. Storm and Sabin are tagged in. The Machine Guns begin double teaming Storm as a “Motor City” chant erupts throughout the Impact Zone. Frequent tags between the Guns are documented by Taz as Shelley and Sabin hit suicide dives to the outside on both Storm and Roode. Shelley connects with a kick to the gut as Roode comes in and hits a lariat clothesline on Shelley. Shelley hits sliced bread on Storm but before a tag can be made to Sabin, Roode pulls Sabin off of the apron. Storm makes a quick tag and Roode goes for a pin. Beer Money hits a double suplex on Shelley as Roode continues the onslaught. Shelley begins to fight back as Sabin gets tagged in. Sabin enters like a ball of fire and quickly grabs control over Roode. Sabin lands a beautiful hesitation dropkick on Roode in the corner. As Sabin goes for a pin, Storm comes in and breaks it up just in time. Storm spits beer in the eyes of Sabin and Roode hits a spine buster for a long two count. Just as Sabin pins Roode, Storm pulls the ref out of the ring at two. Roode hits a northern lights suplex off of a counter. Beer Money lands a DWI on Sabin for yet another long two count. Sabin charges to the corner to kick Storm as he ducks and Shelley receives the kick. Storm rolls up Sabin and gets the cheap victory.

Winners of the match and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions at 18:00 minutes- Beer Money Inc.
Match Rating- 8/10

Christy Hemme is in the back speaking to Brother Devon about his upcoming match with Bully Ray, followed by a preview video documenting the rivalry between the former tag team partners.

Match 4- Bully Ray vs. Brother Devon

Devon charges the ring as Bully Ray leaves and grabs So Cal Val. Val slaps Ray as Devon begins attacking Ray. Devon grabs a water bottle from a fan and hits Ray in the head with it as a quick “we want tables” chant echoes throughout the Impact Zone. The match officially begins with Ray in the ring pleading to Devon to stop. Ray goes for a low blow and Devon counters with a fist to the face. Ray quickly leaves the ring in hopes to catch his breath. Devon grabs a shoe from a fan and wallops Ray across the head. Devon goes for a dive as Ray counters. Devon lands a slam on Ray and gets another two count. Ray grabs a chain but gets no use of it while it is wrapped around his hand. Devon grabs the chain and begins whipping Ray with it as referee Jackson James calls for a disqualification.

Winner of the match at 8:45 minutes by DQ – Bully Ray
Match rating- 4/10

After the match, Ray and Devon brawl. Officials, including D-Lo Brown, hold back Devon, and Ray kicks Devon in the groin.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is talking to Jeff Jarrett about his upcoming Double J Double M A competition as he explains his strategy. He explains what he will do in each of the three rounds.

Match 5- TNA TV Championship Match- Douglas Williams (Champion) vs. Abyss

Williams goes to the outside, favoring his left hand, which is in a cast. Abyss gains the quick advantage and begins working on Williams. Abyss continues with the upper hand and dominates Williams. Abyss grabs the belt and swings it at the damaged hand of Williams. Abyss steps on the hand and begins taunting the crowd. Williams lands an uppercut on Abyss and begins taking control. Abyss takes back control and picks up Janice, the 2×4 board with nails. AJ Styles enters the ring and strikes Williams with the TV Title belt as the referee turns away. Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam and gets a three count.

Winner of the match and NEW TNA TV CHAMPION at 10:00 minutes- Abyss
Match Rating- 5/10

Backstage, Rob Van Dam and Eric Bischoff are arguing about Van Dam’s mystery opponent.

Rob Van Dam stuggles to get out of Matt Hardy’s grasp.

Match 6- Rob Van Dam vs. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy is announced as the surprise opponent. Hardy enters the stage wearing cargo pants, a coat, not wearing elbow pads, and with his hair braided, a new look for Matt. Matt begins on the offensive and mocks Van Dam. Van Dam quickly capitalizes and begins taking the fight to Matt. Matt gets control and slams Van Dam backwards into the turnbuckle. Van Dam and Hardy begin exchanging punches with Hardy landing a side effect on Van Dam to gain control. Hardy goes for a lazy pin and only gets two. Van Dam gains control with large amounts of kicks to Hardy. Van Dam lands a rolling thunder and a five star frog splash. Hardy’s hand is under the rope enough to break the count at two. Matt lands a Twist of Hate on Van Dam for the three count with Van Dam’s foot under the rope.

Winner of the match at 11:45 minutes- Matt Hardy
Match Rating- 6/10

Christy Hemme and Kurt Angle are backstage talking about Angle’s condition. Angle said to ask Jarrett’s wife before he leaves.

Jeff Jarrett takes it to Kurt Angle.

Match 7- Double J Double M A Competition- Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

Angle grabs a microphone and threatens Team Jarrett that he will break any of their necks. Round One begins with each of three rounds being two minutes. Angle takes a seat in the middle of the ring and tells Jarrett to put his best move on Angle. Angle sits up and stares down Jarrett. Angle slams Jarrett and applies a rear naked choke as time expires. The first round is over and the 30-second intermission is under way. The second round begins with Jarrett shooting at the legs of Angle. Angle quickly reverses and begins to choke Jarrett again. Angle applies an ankle lock on Jarrett until the bell saves Jarrett. The second intermission is under way with Jarrett spitting at Angle. An “Angle’s gonna kill you” chant resonates throughout the Impact Zone as the third period is underway. An unidentified substance was applied to Jarrett’s arm that he streaks across Angle’s head. Angle is on the ground with blood spewing out of his forehead at a fast rate. Jarrett gets on his knees and tells Angle he is retiring. He says that three people will be at the party, Jarrett, Angle and Angle knows who the other one is.

The match is declared a no decision.
Match Rating- 3/10

After the match Jarrett storms the announcers table reciting what was just said to Angle. Angle is shown leaving with a pad on his head hoping to stop the blood flow.

Backstage, Christy Hemme and Jeff Hardy are talking about the main event and that anything can happen.

Match 8- Number One Contender Match for the TNA World Championship- Matt Morgan vs. Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson introduces himself as the next TNA World Champion. Morgan begins in control by hitting a shoulder block on Anderson. Tenay compared Morgan’s desire to be a TNA World champion to a story told by star NFL linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens, Ray Lewis. The match travels to the outside where Anderson is driven back first into the ring post. A series of changes in momentum leave Morgan holding his knee. Morgan lands a choke slam from the top rope in hopes to get a pinfall victory. Matt Morgan continues his dominance but Anderson reverses into a Mic Check for a long two count. A Carbon Footprint is hit on Anderson resulting in another two count. The conflicting chants are circling throughout the Impact Zone as Anderson pulls off the upset three count to win the match.

Winner of the match and NEW Number One Contender at 15:00 minutes- Mr. Anderson
Match Rating- 6/10

Match 9- TNA World Championship Match- Jeff Hardy (Champion) vs. Mr. Anderson
Winner of the match and NEW TNA World Champion at 9:00 minutes- Mr. Anderson
Match Rating- 9/10

Genesis was a typical TNA pay per view of recent times. As normal, it had its highs and lows. The highest point of the entire show had to be Anderson’s captivating World Championship victory. The low had to be the ridiculousness of the MMA competition and the Ray vs. Devon match. Overall, it wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t stellar.

Show Rating- 6/10