When the concept was first announced, many people questioned how WWE would be able to put three Hell in a Cell matches on one pay-per-view, while still maintaining the integrity and originality of the match. Those questions were answered in full Sunday night in Newark, NJ as two new champions were crowned and one legendary tag team cemented its legacy inside WWE’s “most demonic structure.”

WWE gave themselves a big challenge by booking a pay-per-view with three Hell in a Cell matches on it. Just like other specialty matches, the Hell in a Cell has been brought out on occasions few and far between in order to keep its mystique alive. However, WWE did a good job protecting the structure and keeping its prestige strong, by starting slow and progressively building the matches throughout the night.

Following two major title changes inside the Cell, the main event stage was set for Degeneration X and Legacy to do battle. As DX approached the monstrous steel structure, they were attacked from behind by Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase, who jumpstarted the match outside the Cell. This was the first time during the night that a Cell match started at ringside, which helped add to its own originality in comparison to the others.

The two teams went back and forth, fighting on the announce tables and into the crowd. Dibiase and Hunter worked their way to the top of the stage, as Rhodes and Michaels fought near the Cell doors. Rhodes grabbed a chain and smacked the leg of HBK, before joining his partner to fend off “The Game.” Rhodes was able to hit the CrossRhodes on Hunter at the top of the entrance ramp, leaving him laying. He and Dibiase then made their way into the Cell, dragging an injured Michaels in behind them and locking the door.

With Triple H locked outside the Cell, Legacy pretty much had their way with Michaels for most of the match. HBK did show some fire, but the odds were against him. Triple H tried breaking down the cage door on his own, but to no avail, as Legacy taunted him from inside. During the beatdown, Triple H went backstage in search of way to get inside. Legacy continued their offensive onslaught, with Dibiase hitting a sit-out Million Dollar Dream onto a steel chair.

Legacy’s toying with Michaels proved to be detrimental, as Triple H returned with a pair of bolt cutters and broke the lock, entering himself back into the match. Hunter came in and put the boots to Legacy, until another referee came out with a new lock. Triple H snatched it away and used it on Dibiase, before planting him with a Pedigree and tossing him to the outside. Triple H then locked the cage and DX had their way with Rhodes, finishing him off with a Sweet Chin Music/Sledgehammer Shot combination for the win.

After the match was over and the Cell was raised, Dibiase hit the ring to check on Rhodes and was met with Sweet Chin Music. With Legacy defeated, DX celebrated what was a solid pay-per-view event.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2009 PPV Report

A Hell in the Cell video package was shown to open the show.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler checked in from ringside, followed by Jim Ross and Todd Grisham who pitched it to the opening match.

A recap of the feud between CM Punk and The Undertaker was shown.

Match One – World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match – CM Punk (C) vs. The Undertaker

This seemed like a surprising opening match, but due to the fact that there were two other Hell in a Cell matches on tap, it made sense. Punk showed his confidence early on and got the better of ‘Taker, working over his leg. Punk continued to pour on the offense throughout the match, until ‘Taker caught his running high knee and hit him with a Last Ride for a near fall. After Punk thwarted ‘Taker’s “Old School” attempt, he grabbed a steel chair and went for a home run swing, only to have it kicked right back at his face. ‘Taker followed up the chair shot with a Tombstone Piledriver and captured the World Heavyweight Championship.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW World Heavyweight Champion at 10:25 min – The Undertaker

Match Rating – 6/10

Match Two – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – John Morrison (C) vs. Dolph Ziggler

This was a very good back and forth match. These two work off each other very well. Ziggler really gave it to Morrison in this bout, avoiding the Starship Pain early on and hitting a Jaw Jacker and a top rope Rocker-Dropper/Fame-asser for near falls. Morrison rallied back and on his second attempt hit the Starship Pain, pinning Ziggler and retaining his title. As was said in the Hell in a Cell SLAM! PPV preview, Ziggler will have his day as Intercontinental Champion down the road, but on this night, it was Morrison who shined.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion at 15:45 min – John Morrison

Match Rating – 7/10

Backstage, Josh Matthews introduced “The Animal” Batista, who in turn introduced the returning Rey Mysterio. Both men stated that they would walk out of Newark, NJ the new WWE Unified Tag Team Champions.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were shown in the crowd, as a trailer for their video game played.

Match Three – WWE Divas Championship Match – Alicia Fox vs. Mickie James (C)

As talented as Mickie James is, she wasn’t able to carry Alicia Fox through this match. After several sloppy exchanges, James finally planted Fox with her patented DDT and got the win. Fox didn’t appear to be ready for this match and it showed.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL WWE Divas Champion at 5:25 min – Mickie James

Match Rating – 4/10

Match Four – WWE Unified Tag Team Championship Match – The Big Show and Chris Jericho (C) vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio

This was another impressive match. During the match, The Big Show dominated the smaller, Mysterio, tossing him around. However, once Mysterio got to his corner and tagged in Batista, the tide changed. That was until Jericho caught “The Animal” off guard with a Codebreaker, putting the momentum back in the favor of the champions. Eventually the match broke down, with all four competitors going at it. Batista and Jericho wound up on the floor, as Show crawled into the ring and leveled Mysterio with a big right hand as he was going for his West Coast Pop. The knock out blow was enough to keep the Unified Tag Team titles with Show and Jericho.

Winners Via Pinfall and STILL WWE Unified Tag Team Champions at 13:45 min – The Big Show and Chris Jericho

Match Rating – 7/10

A package was shown highlighting the feud between Randy Orton and John Cena.

Match Five – WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match – Randy Orton vs. John Cena (C)

This was the match of the night. The two battled back and forth early on, but midway through the match, Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment for a near fall. Orton introduced a steel chair into the match and worked over the neck of Cena. Orton continued to target Cena’s neck, but when he missed a knee drop, Cena quickly grabbed him and locked in the STFU, which forced Orton to roll out of the ring to break the hold. Cena pulled him back and attempted to lock it in again, but Orton shoved him off and into referee Mike Chioda, who was sent to the floor. While he was out, Orton caught Cena with the RKO, but only garnered a near fall as a result of the referee’s earlier collision. The match continued, with Orton tying up Cena in the ropes and choking him out. The referee untied the champ, who fell to the mat, where he laid prone to Orton’s devastating punt kick. Following the kick, Orton rolled Cena over and got the pinfall to win the match and become the new WWE Champion.

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW WWE Champion at 21:25 min – Randy Orton

Match Rating – 8/10

Backstage, Josh Matthews spoke to R-Truth about Drew McIntyre. Clips were shown of their history together. R-Truth talked about being disrespected and promised to get his revenge on McIntyre.

Match Six – R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

The pay-per-view debut of Drew McIntyre was a success, as he was able to put away R-Truth with a double arm DDT.

Winner Via Pinfall at 4:40 min – Drew McIntyre

Match Rating – 5/10

What did you think of WWE Hell in a Cell?
It was great – 10%
It was okay – 22%
It sucked – 20%
Didn’t see it – 48%

Randy Orton was shown sitting in his locker room with the WWE Championship belt and an ice pack. Legacy came in to congratulate him and say that they wanted to celebrate after they won. Orton told them that they were cocky which was good, but they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. He said that Hell in a Cell isn’t something you just walk away from. Legacy mouthed off to Orton, with Rhodes saying that he sounded like his old man. Orton stood up and told him that he wasn’t his old man, he was the WWE Champion and if he was them, he would listen when he has something to say. Dibiase told Orton that if he was him, he wouldn’t underestimate them.

Match Seven – WWE United States Championship Triple Threat Match – The Miz vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston (C)

The Miz did some mic work on his way to the ring. This was a good match, that saw all three competitors interfere with each other’s pinning attempts. Jack Swagger appeared to have the match and the United States title won after he hit his powerbomb on The Miz, but Kingston came through with Trouble in Paradise on Swagger, knocking him out of the match and covering The Miz himself for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL WWE United States Champion at 7:55 min – Kofi Kingston

Match Rating – 6/10

A video package was shown highlighting the history between DX and Legacy.

Match Eight – Hell in a Cell Match – D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) vs. Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase)

Winners Via Pinfall at 18:05 min – D-Generation X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H)

Match Rating – 7/10

Overall PPV Rating – 7/10