MONTREAL — The WWE wrestlers aren’t the only ones on a road trip this weekend through Ontario and Quebec. SLAM! Wrestling’s “Bloodthirsty” Bob Kapur and photographer Mike Mastrandrea are hitting each town too. Follow Bob’s travels here each day. In this installment, find out what happened in Montreal at the WWE Breaking Point pay-per-view from Bob’s fifth row seat.

939am – Got up and got ready before Jay and Mike so just watching Sunday morning news in the dark with the sound off.

1148am – Off to Montreal for the PPV. Drive was mainly spent playing the Wrestler Name Game. Someone says a name of a wrestler, then the next one has to say the name of another whose first name begins with the letter that the previous one’s last name started with. For example, if I say Tommy Dreamer, the next person could say Davey Boy Smith and the next could say Steve Austin. We got through the two-hour drive with nobody getting stumped.

249pm – In the hotel room. Checked online, and there are front row seats available for the show tonight. Tried to convince Jay that we should buy those and try to scalp our fifth row seats, but he doesn’t want to take the risk.

314pm – Mmmmmm… nothing better than a world famous Montreal smoked meat sammich. Best part of Montreal, really. As we’re ready to pay, I spot Steve Lombardi and Harvey Wippleman in the window walking past the restaurant. After paying, we look to find them for a quick photo, but they’re nowhere to be found.

631pm – After checking out some of the sights of Montreal, head to the Bell Centre. Line up is pretty long already. Crowd is pretty diverse, less kids than at the house show last night. Shockingly, I don’t see any signs referencing Survivor Series 97. Don’t expect that will last, though.

721pm – Doors opened at 7pm. We’ve barely moved. The Bell Centre has to be one of the most incompetently organized buildings I’ve ever been in. At this rate, we’re in serious jeopardy of missing any dark matches and possibly the opener. I blame the separatists.

747pm – Limited merch at the table. Coolest item was a Rey Mysterio mask with a red and white Maple Leaf design. Bought a Breaking Point event shirt for 30 bucks.

749pm – In the dark match, Evan Bourne beat Chavo Guerrero with help from Hornswaggle. Nothing special, but the crowd was really hot for it. When we have to see more dumb Chavo-Hornswoggle matches on TV, blame Montreal.

751pm – Lillian Garcia sings the national anthem. People beside me don’t stand up. Guys in front of me don’t take off their ball caps. Idiots. I blame the separatists.

809pm – Worst part about sitting where I was (in the floor, on the corner of the 5th row): directly in front of me was Mark Henry’s wedgie. Crowd was pretty vocal on the floor, supporting MVP and Henry. Wonder how it will come off on TV.

829pm – Both Jay and I are pretty sure the Miz-Kofi match was exactly the same one that they had last night. They bumped Morrison and Ziggler for that? And all of the Divas? I like Divas.

851pm – Okay, people of Montreal. The world’s in a global economic crisis. There are wars on terror, drugs, crime and disease. We’re probably closer to environmental planetary doom than ever before. Bret Hart got screwed — let it go.

857pm – Shawn Michaels and Cody Rhodes just brawled right behind me. That was kind of cool.

901pm – They’re now fighting in the back which is kind of lame for the live crowd, having to watch it on the big screen (though I did laugh at the catering table spot). At UFC live events, you can buy a set of headphones that allow you to hear the live commentary. WWE should consider that option. It’s much more interesting for these kind of brawls to hear the announcers — at least it keeps you in the match.

910 – Loved the finish.

915pm – They’re setting up for the Singapore Cane match. They’ve stuck a bunch of them in the top of every cornerpost. If Kane’s pyro goes off and lights them up, we could have a bigger fire in Montreal than the last time the Habs won the Cup.

924pm – Khali vs Kane. Wow, that was bad. I blame the separatists.

941pm – Liked the Regal-Christian match for what it was. At least it went more than eight seconds. Regal is too good and should have a world title run before he retires. Would have preferred if Tommy Dreamer was there to counter Zeke and Kozlov but what can you do?

947pm – Pat Patterson was a cool surprise. Pointless segment that should have been on TV, but it was a nice nod to the past. Great shirt.

1020pm – Cena-Orton was really good, except for the anti-climactic finish. Amazing crowd reactions throughout. But the lack of blood in an I Quit match was just dumb. There are some things that are just too not credible, and it takes away from the drama of the match. Could have been that much better.

1030pm – The unpatriotic girl sitting beside me is crying tears of joy at Cena’s win. Dumb pretty girls are awesome.

1045pm – Taker’s entrance was pretty stellar.

1049pm – WTF?!? It’s over?!? Refund!

1050pm – Ohmygod! They remembered a stipulation from how many months ago? Who saw that coming?

1052pm – Montreal Screwjob 2: Electric Boogaloo. Vince McMahon must hate this town. Maybe he should try a smoked meat sammich. That would change his mind.

1059pm – The crowd is stunned and nobody has left yet, expecting something more to happen. Even Lillian saying thanks and good night doesn’t convince them that there’s not more to come. People are pretty ticked off, to the point that some of them on the floor have even left in disgust, abandoning their souvenir chairs. Look for them on WWE’s Auction website page soon.

1110pm – Again, the Bell Centre is the most disorganized arena ever. Security is supposed to separate your chair and stamp your ringside ticket to make sure you only leave with your souvenir chair. But they didn’t come, so it was like the wild west down on the floor, with people taking two or three at a time. Vultures.

1133pm – Got to leave early in the morning so hitting the hotel and crashing early tonight.