Bound for Glory is hyped as TNA’s biggest PPV of the year and this year was to be no exception. The card was filled with several all-star matches and delivered decently with the exception of a few bouts.

This year’s Bound for Glory was centered around the epic encounter between TNA Champion Samoa Joe and Sting. The atmosphere was certainly there and the Sears Center in Chicago was rocking as both competitors made their way to the squared circle.

This match started off as a brawl, with Samoa Joe taking Sting to the floor with some ground and pound offense. The two brawled throughout the Sears Center, with Sting tossing Joe into the hockey boards, as well as a pile of chairs.

The match eventually made its way into the ring and the two went back and forth, shot for shot. Sting hit Joe with a couple of Stinger Splashes, but to no avail as “The Samoan Submission Machine” was able to fight back and regain the momentum.

Joe went to work on Sting with several leg kicks, taking him down to the ground. Kevin Nash made his way to ringside and watched the match. Joe got heated at the way things were going and began arguing with the referee about his counts.

Sting went to use the bat on Joe, but Nash pulled it away and Joe went right back to the offense. The two continued to fight and after a near collision with the referee, Nash turned his back on Joe and whacked him with the bat, allowing Sting to hit the Scorpion Deathdrop and pick up the victory. A sloppy finish to a decent PPV.

TNA Bound for Glory IV PPV Report

The show began with a package about Chicago’s background and rundown of the card.

Mike Tenay and Don West then did their opening introductions and pitched it to the ring.

Match One – Steel Asylum Number One Contender’s Match for a shot at the TNA X Division Championship – Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Curry Man vs. Chris Sabin vs. Sonjay Dutt w/ So Cal Val vs. Jimmy Rave w/ Christy Hemme vs. Johnny Devine vs. Petey Williams vs. Shark Boy vs. Super Eric

The Prince Justice Brotherhood teamed up during the battle, as did the Motor City Machine Guns. Lots of big moves in this match, including a wicked Devine Intervention by Johnny Devine on Jimmy Rave. Curry Man was about to escape, when he was thrown off the top of the cage by Sonjay Dutt. Jay Lethal was hot on Dutt’s tail and caught him, leaving him hanging by his leg on the top of the structure as he escaped for the win.

Winner Via Escaping the Steel Asylum and NEW Number One Contender to the TNA X Division Championship at 12:00 min – Jay Lethal

Match Rating – 7/10

Mike Tenay and Don West ran down the rest of the card.

Back in Jim Cornette’s office, Cornette told Jeremy Borash how big things are happening for TNA because of him. Mick Foley walked in and Cornette thanked him for coming to TNA. He told Foley he had to meet with some Spike TV executives and to watch the office for him. The Beautiful People came in and complained to Foley, because they demanded only blue M&M’s in their locker room and they got a variety. Foley joked about the situation and they walked away in disgust. Pretty entertaining segment.

A package was shown for the Knockouts Bimbo Brawl.

Match Two – Knockouts Bimbo Brawl – Cute Kip and The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) vs. Rhino, Rhaka Kahn and ODB – Guest Referee – Traci Brooks

Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers was shown at ringside. Velvet Sky wound up getting tossed around a bit by Rhino, as did Rhaka Kahn by the hands of Cute Kip. Some back and forth action led to the Knockouts brawling on the floor and Cute Kip getting taken down by the Gore.

Winners Via Pinfall at 6:00 min – Rhino, Rhaka Kahn and ODB

Match Rating – 5/10

Backstage, Lauren spoke to Consequences Creed, who said that he was going to take the TNA X Division Championship from Sheik Abdul Bashir.

Chicago native Sgt. Daniel Casara was welcomed to the ring and announced Consequences Creed. Sheik Abdul Bashir then grabbed the mic and ranted, leading to the TNA X Division Championship match.

Match Three – TNA X Division Championship Match – Consequences Creed vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir (C)

This was a good match that saw Consequences Creed take the heavy offense right to Sheik Abdul Bashir. Bashir was able to get Creed off his game with some dirty tactics, including an eye rake out of a TKO, which led to a roll up and Bashir hooking the ropes for the pin.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA X Division Champion at 9:00 min – Sheik Abdul Bashir

Match Rating – 6/10

Back in Cornette’s office, Foley and Borash were still hanging out. Awesome Kong and Riesha Saeed walked in and Saeed talked about how Kong wouldn’t be held responsible for her actions. Foley said that he would relay the message and also said that Saeed needed a visit from Yurple the clown.

A package was then shown for the TNA Knockouts Championship match.

Match Four – Triple Threat TNA Knockouts Championship Match – Awesome Kong w/ Riesha Saeed vs. Roxxi vs. Taylor Wilde (C)

This was a decent match, that saw Taylor Wilde and Roxxi double team Awesome Kong. Then the women went all out for themselves. Wilde had to break up some counts in order to save her title. The end came when Wilde hit a bridge suplex on Roxxi for the pinfall victory.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion at 6:00 min – Taylor Wilde

Match Rating – 5/10

Foley and Borash were shown still hanging out in Cornette’s office. AJ Styles came in and talked about how excited he was to see Mick Foley in TNA. Team 3D then walked in and called Styles a “big mark.” They then argued with Styles and Foley who said he may have to shut their mouths. They walked out as Cornette walked in. Foley then told Cornette he had a big match to prepare for.

Ex Chicago Bear and WCW wrestler Steve “Mongo” McMichael made his way out to the ring to be the Guest Referee for the Monster’s Ball match.

Match Five – TNA Tag Team Championship Monster’s Ball Match – Abyss and Matt Morgan vs. Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode) w/ Jackie Moore (C) vs. LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) – Guest Referee – Steve “Mongo” McMichael

This was a crazy match that saw tons of brawling. Forks were used. Johnny Devine came out and helped in Double Chokeslamming Abyss off the stage through a flaming table. Jackie Moore got involved, only to get spanked by “Mongo” McMichael. After some more back and forth action, Team 3D hit the 3D on Hernandez through a tack covered table. Beer Money snuck in the back door, with James Storm spitting beer in Brother Devon’s face and Robert Roode sending Brother Ray to the floor, allowing them to get the pin and retain the TNA Tag Team Championships.

Winners Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions at 21:00 min – Beer Money Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode)

Match Rating – 8/10

A package was shown for the AJ Styles/Booker T/Christian Cage match.

Match Six – Triple Threat Match – AJ Styles vs. Christian Cage vs. Booker T w/ Sharmell

This was a pretty good match. All three combatants went back and forth and broke up each others’ pinfall attempts. Booker T was able to connect with the Bookend on AJ Styles, but it wasn’t enough to get the win. The match continued on, with Christian Cage hitting a second rope Unprettier on Styles, followed by Booker T hitting a second rope Axe Kick on Cage for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall at 13:00 min – Booker T

Match Rating – 7/10

A package was shown for the Jeff Jarrett/Kurt Angle match.

Lauren spoke to Kurt Angle who complained about the match being a handicap match because of Foley’s involvement. He went on to say that he was going to take out Jarrett.

Borash spoke to Jarrett, who said that his daughters have given him the strength to get back in the ring and he is doing this match for them.

Foley then made his way to the ring for the Jarrett/Angle match.

Match Seven – Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett – Guest Enforcer – Mick Foley

This was great match with lots of close calls and near falls. After Angle missed a moonsault, he ran at Jarrett with a clothesline, but Jarrett ducked and he took out the referee. Jarrett then hit Angle with the Stroke, as Foley slid into the ring and counted a near fall. Foley tried to revive the referee, as Angle hit Jarrett with a low blow and grabbed a steel chair. Foley stopped him from using it and got whacked with it for his troubles. Angle then hit Jarrett with the steel chair and dragged the referee over. The ref counted, but was pulled out of the ring by an enraged Foley. Angle and Foley then brawled, with Foley getting Socko down the throat of Angle, before Jarrett laid him out with a guitar shot. Jarrett then made the cover, as Foley made the count giving him the win.

Winner Via Pinfall at 20:00 min – Jeff Jarrett

Match Rating – 8/10

A package was shown for the Samoa Joe/Sting match.

A package on Sting was shown as he walked to the ring.

A package on Samoa Joe was shown as he walked to the ring.

Borash then did the main event ring introductions.

Match Eight – TNA Heavyweight Championship Match – Samoa Joe (C) vs. Sting

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW TNA Heavyweight Champion at 18:00 min – Sting

Match Rating – 7/10

Overall PPV Rating – 7/10