After my whirlwind two-day trip that took me from New York to Texas and back, I had a welcome day off, which I spent in Syracuse visiting with some friends from Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW) and seeing the new Indiana Jones movie, which had just come out that weekend.

The next day, I flew to Tampa for a five-day stay. I had wrestled in Florida only once before, having driven to Tampa from Louisiana, where I had wrestled the two nights before. While my previous trip to Florida had been somewhat marred by my strange Louisiana-borne respiratory illness, as well as the knowledge that we had an 11-hour drive back to Nashville, I was determined that this trip to Florida would be more enjoyable and relatively stress-free.

After arriving on Tuesday night, we had a day of SlamminLadies tapings ahead of us on Wednesday. Wrestling for SlamminLadies is always a great experience, as it often gives me the opportunity to wrestle people I haven’t previously had the chance to. On this outing I got the opportunity to wrestle Amazing Kong for the first time, as well as try my hand at refereeing, which I hadn’t attempted since one of my first shows at age sixteen.

Following our Wednesday tapings, I tagged along for Rain’s photoshoot in Clearwater, which is among Labrador and my home as one of my top three favourite places in the world (yes, the entire world). I spent most of the afternoon relaxing on Clearwater Beach while dog-sitting Rain’s pug, Colin, before wrapping up the evening with the best popcorn shrimp ever at Crabby Joe’s.

As someone whose “morning workout” begins at noon, mornings aren’t something I usually take part in voluntarily, but Thursday morning I was up bright and early to head to Universal Studios, one of the few places I would willingly get up early for. Without staying off the topic of wrestling for too long, I do have to note that the new Simpsons ride is absolutely awesome. After riding I believe every ride in the park — but boycotting Terminator due to its immense crappiness — we headed back to Tampa and got ready for our weekend shows.

It was time to work again on Friday, as I headed up to Crystal River for my Full Impact Pro debut. I managed the YRR in two tag team matches that night, first managing Jason Blade & Kenny King against Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black, and then managing Sal Rinauro & Chasyn Rance against Delirious & Scotty 2 Hotty. I had a lot of fun managing, as, aside from a few matches during my brief pairings with Cody Deaner and Zack Storm, I hadn’t managed since I was a part of Now Playing in Ottawa’s Universal Wrestling Alliance over three years ago.

Saturday night I was in Arcadia, again for Full Impact Pro, and this night was teaming with a Florida-based wrestler, Mimi, to take on Rain and Leva. Daizee Haze was our special referee, complete with a straw hat that I think really completed the look. Despite our team coming up on the losing end of things, I escaped the weekend injury-free and happy with my outings.

Daizee Haze argues with Portia Perez at the Full Impact Pro show. Photo by Jake Sposetta,

I made my way back to Tampa eager to get some sleep before my early-morning flight. I dreaded my layover at JFK, which I believe to be the most disorganized airport in the world. After the inevitable delaying, undelaying, and redelaying of my connecting flight (I’m not making this up), I finally managed to catch my short flight back to Syracuse, and arrived for a much-needed five days at home before heading off to my next show.

I will be leaving Tuesday, July 22, for the inaugural Maritime tour of Ultimate Championship Wrestling, a new company based out of Prince Edward Island. The five-day tour will take us through parts of PEI and Nova Scotia, and will feature Honky Tonk Man, Pierre Carl Ouelette, and “Kowboy” Mike Hughes. For more information, please visit A column about the tour will be posted after I return.