Going into TNA’s No Surrender, title changes and a big announcement were expected. TNA delivered on both accounts, as Kurt Angle lost a little weight in gold, and TNA dropped a bombshell that will have a major Impact on the company.

Since its debut on Spike, TNA has made a lot of moves to bring their Impact show to the next level. TNA’s big announcement at No Surrender made official the success they had in doing just that. Mike Tenay got in the ring prior to the main event and made mention of TNA’s history, showing a package that ended with the announcement of TNA’s move to two hours on Spike TV, starting October 4, 2007 at 9 p.m.

With the big announcement out of the way, all attention focused on the main event, Kurt Angle’s third match-up at No Surrender, as he defended the TNA Heavyweight Championship against “The Monster” Abyss. The match was nothing short of spectacular, as both competitors put on a performance that was main event worthy. Back and forth action, highlighted by several near falls and close calls made for quite the atmosphere. The Impact Zone was rocking as Abyss was able to put down Angle with the Black Hole Slam, however, that wasn’t enough to finish off the Olympic Gold Medalist, who fought back and locked in an Ankle Lock on the injured ankle of Abyss who was forced to tap out.

While Angle was fortunate enough to retain his Heavyweight gold, he was less lucky in his other outings. Kicking off the PPV was Angle’s tag title defense in which he partnered up with Sting to take on Team Pacman. Karen Angle proved to be the downfall of Angle and Sting’s title reign, as she accidentally slapped Sting and then pretended she was hit herself. This sent Angle into psycho mode, leading to Sting catching the short end of an Olympic Slam and giving Team Pacman the big win.

Moving along, Angle then defended his TNA X Division Championship against the up and coming Jay Lethal. Angle and Lethal meshed well together and put on an entertaining and energetic contest that ended with a small package victory to start the second reign of Lethal as X Division champ. In the end, Angle dropped some gold, but still retained the biggest prize in TNA.

TNA Returns to PPV on October 14, 2007 with TNA Bound For Glory.

TNA No Surrender 2007 Report

The show began with a nice recap package, followed by Mike Tenay and Don West’s rundown.

Match One – TNA Tag Team Championship – Kurt Angle and Sting w/ Karen Angle (C) vs. Team Pacman (Ron Killings and Pacman Jones)

This was more of a running angle, no pun intended, as more dissention was shown between Sting and Karen Angle, resulting in Angle turning on Sting and ending their tag title reign. Not the hot opener that should have been placed here. Lethal/Angle would have been a better fit, but oh well.

Winners Via Pinfall at 5:30 min and NEW TNA Tag Team Champions – Team Pacman (Ron Killings and Pacman Jones)

Match Rating – 4/10

The Rhino/James Storm feud was recapped and Jeremy Borash caught up with Rhino who promised to Gore Storm and get some revenge.

Match Two – James Storm w/ Jackie Moore vs. Rhino

This was the brawl that it was hyped up to be. Storm along with Chris Harris has really stepped up his game tremendously and is continuing to go out and put on solid matches. A title run of some sort is certainly in order, hence the reason why a mid-card title should be introduced in TNA. The Gore was promised and delivered through a table, giving Rhino the win and the taste of satisfaction. After the match, Jackie Moore did some provoking and also receieved a Gore, much to the delight of the Impact Zone.

Winner Via Pinfall at 13:20 min – Rhino

Match Rating – 6.5

The tag title change was recapped, as Kevin Nash tried to explain to Kurt Angle that Sting didn’t slap Karen Angle. Sting then ran in and explained himself. Jim Cornette came in to break up the mini brawl and sent Sting to his hotel. He then proceeded to throw Karen out of the building, resulting in a temper tantrum. The big announcement was once again hyped and package was shown for Robert Roode vs. Kazarian.

Match Three – Robert Roode w/ Ms. Brooks vs. Kazarian

This was another good contest. Kazarian showed Ms. Brooks some more affection, much to the chagrin of Roode. After a back and forth match and a missed leg drop, Roode was able to hit the Pay Off on Kazarian and get the win. After the match, Brooks reluctantly raised the hand of Roode in victory.

Winner Via Pinfall at 13:50 min – Robert Roode

Match Rating – 6/10

Crystal was in the back with Jay Lethal who promised to regain the X Division gold. Kevin Nash walked in and told Lethal that he was a goof.

Match Four – TNA X Division Championship Match – Kurt Angle (C) vs. Jay Lethal

This was solid mat based wrestling. Lethal was able to hit his patented Elbow Drop, but that wasn’t enough to put away Angle. Instead, a roll through on an Ankle Lock attempt forced Angle into a small package pin that put X Division gold back around the waist of Lethal. Highlights were shown as the X Division came out to celebrate the title win with Lethal. Well deserved.

Winner Via Pinfall at 12:30 min and NEW TNA X Division Champion – Jay Lethal

Match Rating – 7.5/10

Jeremy Borash was with Black Reign and his “arctic fox” Misty. Black Reign said that he was going to take out Chris Harris. A package was shown the recap the feud between the two, which has been decent.

Match Five – No DQ – Chris Harris vs. Black Reign w/ Misty

Dustin Rhodes is really adapting well and fitting back into the mix. Harris went right to work on Black Reign and pounded him into the canvas. Reign fought back, but Harris was able to score the rollup and get the win. After the match, Harris attacked Reign, handcuffing him and beating him down with a chair to bust him open. Reign fought back with a low blow, breaking free and then laying out Harris with a chair shot of his own. Misty then crawled over the prone Harris. The interesting feud continues.

Winner Via Pinfall at 5:30 min – Chris Harris

Match Rating – 5/10

Crystal was with the Christian Coalition in the back. Christian Cage made fun of Samoa Joe and his family, then told Tomko and AJ Styles to go out and become contenders for the tag straps so they can bring some more gold back to the Coalition.

Match Six – Number One Contenders Tag Team Gauntlet – Triple X (Christopher Daniels and Senshi) vs. LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) vs. VKM (BG and Kip James) vs. Eric Young and Shark Boy vs. The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave vs. AJ Styles and Tomko vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) vs. Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams vs. Raven and Havok

This was done Royal Rumble style, with it turning into a tag match between the remaining two teams, which happened to be AJ Styles and Tomko and The Motor City Machine Guns, who were squashed on Impact by VKM. Styles reversed a rollup attempt on the Guns and hooked the tights to get a cheap win. Styles and Tomko celebrated afterwards. They would make good champs.

Winners Via Pinfall at 25:50 min – AJ Styles and Tomko

Match Rating – 6/10

Jeremy Borash was in the back with Samoa Joe and his tribe, who promised vengeance on Christian Cage

Match Seven – Christian Cage vs. Samoa Joe

This was a good match. Samoa Joe came in hot and just brought the heavy offense to Cage. Joe got a little too riled up and after Cage grabbed the ropes to break a pin, Joe grabbed the ref and hit a Samoan Drop. The Muscle Buster was then executed on Cage, and Joe went down on him with a barrage of fists. Security came out and Joe tossed them around as a new ref came out and announced that Joe was DQ’ed. The X Division then came out and were disposed of. Joe continued to beat on Cage and choked him out with a security shirt as Jim Cornette and Matt Morgan came out next, with Morgan pulling Joe off of Cage. Cornette told Joe he went to far and was flipped off for his troubles. Excellent job to get Joe over as a hungry and violent contender.

Winner Via DQ at 15:15 min – Christian Cage

Match Rating – 7/10

In the back, Jeremy Borash was with Kurt Angle who was flipping out. Kevin Nash tried to calmn him down, but Angle wanted no part of it. Mike Tenay got in the ring and introduced a package that announced the move to two hours for Impact on Spike TV. Mike Tenay and Don West then gloated over the move, which is impressive, while in the back, Crystal was with Team Pacman who promised to defend their belts in Atlanta at Bound For Glory. Highlights were shown of Angle’s first two title defenses as the introductions were done for the Main Event.

Match Eight – TNA Heavyweight Championship – Kurt Angle (C) vs. Abyss

Great main event that provided a lot of near falls. Both competitors gave it a valiant effort and connected with their signature moves. In the end, Angle kicked out of a Black Hole Slam and locked in an Ankle Lock that Abyss was unable to fight out of, forcing him to tap out. Angle celebrated, as Abyss was left alone in the ring. James Mitchell then came out and introduced Judas Mesias, who came from under the ring and pulled Abyss down in a cloud of smoke. Solid ending to a solid show.

Winner Via Submission and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion – Kurt Angle

Match Rating – 8.5/10

Overall Event Rating – 7/10