Sunday is TNA’s No Surrender PPV and if you have been following the programming at all you will have seen the fantastic build up to a couple great match ups in LAX versus A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels in the first ever Tag Team Ultimate X, Christian Cage versus long-time friend Rhino in a real grudge match, and the “Fans Revenge” match with Jeff Jarrett taking on Samoa Joe in a non-title lumberjack match where the fans have leather straps.

In my opinion each one of these matches could headline their own pay per view. There is so much on the line in each one of these that you can’t help but want to watch.

Styles and Daniels have never been brutalized the way LAX have brutalized them. Bloody, battered, broken and bewildered can sum up the last couple months for the Dynamic Duo. Homicide and Hernandez truly exemplify the thug lifestyle and mentality, and have a frightening mixture of all the things needed to be a successful tag team for a looong, looong time. Homicide is a street soldier in the extreme and yet has a ridiculous technical knowledge that will surprise anyone he faces. Hernandez is sooo strong physically that there aren’t too many people out there that can stand toe to toe with him. Add in how agile the 290-pounder is and it’s almost unfair to the other teams in TNA. Styles and Daniels will have to pull something out of the proverbial hat this Sunday to topple LAX.

Christian and Rhino have known each other for a long time. The have travelled up and down the roads together and have a very special bond. And when bonds like theirs are broken or tested the outcome can be especially vicious. Rhino feels betrayed by Christian. Plain and simple. Christian on the other hand feels that he has done nothing wrong and is simply checking Rhino back into the “real” world. Now let me say this as someone who has also experienced a Tony Condello hell tour in Manitoba, Canada — I can honestly say I feel how strong the connection is between Christian and Rhino. Why, you ask? Because after you’ve been on one of those you and the guys you’ve travelled with are as close as any men can be, having stared into the mouth of hell and survived! So when these two go at it Sunday there is another level of emotion for them that can, and probably will, lead to somewhere we don’t want to see these guys go. I hope there are ambulances standing by.

Speaking of ambulances, there better be at least two because I feel Jeff Jarrett is going to need one as well.

No one in TNA history has busted open Samoa Joe, until Jeff hit him with his guitar. The undefeated Samoan Submission Machine to this point in TNA has left a trail of bodies and victories not to be ignored. A lot of men have pushed Joe hard in and out of the ring. And Joe has pushed back and been victorious each time. Jeff has crossed a very dangerous line. Joe has a mean streak a mile wide, that’s a given. But where does the phrase “Joe’s gonna Kill YOU!” come from? Was it just something cool someone said one day and it stuck!? No. It’s said because the ability and desire to “Kill you” resides in Joe. When you see Joe’s lip quiver and his eyes glass over, that’s Joe doing his best to control the obvious psychopathic urges lying within him. Joe does an exemplary job controlling these homicidal urges but come Sunday I’m not so sure the rage within him will be able to be controlled. The old saying of “bitten off more than you can chew” comes to mind when I think of the Fans Revenge match. Jeff already has the fans around ringside with those leather straps to think about. As well a normal Samoa Joe would be quite a hand full for the champ. But a raging psychotic Samoa Joe is like a sex addict saying “no, no, the clap and chlamydia aren’t enough I want herpes and gonorrhea too!” Heh.

Speaking of diseases, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Chris Sabin seem to have taken a shine to the new Jackass 2 movie and have decided to become Jackasses themselves. Last week they fired me down an entry ramp in a shopping cart into the ring post. Normally I’d find someone else’s misfortune funny. But in this case it wasn’t someone else’s misfortune. Petey Williams got a bowling ball in the gonads this week. Now normally I might be able to laugh it off. But in truth I can’t. They tried to kill me. Or at the very least hurt me seriously. I can play that way too. As can Petey and Alex Shelley. Payback’s a bitch. And Senshi s going to kick Sabin’s head off in their X Division title match.

I want to give a shout out to all the boys who recently had a try out for WWE’s new Idol-style show in Ottawa recently. I heard you did us Canadians proud for the most part. There are a few guys I know who are ready to take that next step and do the developmental thing and I am sure they stood out. Good on them. Keep givin’ ‘er.

I also want to begrudgingly give a pat on the back to Michael Elgin. Elgin and I had a gruelling cage match recently for GCW in Oshawa, Ontario for the GCW title. He took me to the limit and beyond and has a bright future if he keeps his head on straight. I am sure we will lock it up again in the future as the Ontario indy scene isn’t that big. I look forward to it.

For those of you that follow the indies there are some great promotions in Ontario right now like BSE, NVP, GCW, PWA and NSW that are putting on some real quality shows. So if you are wrestling fans in the Ontario area, I highly recommend you check out any of these shows in your area when they come to town.

That’s it for this week. Sorry I haven’t been very diligent in my writing lately. Other stuff on my plate right now.

But in the mean time and in between time. That’s it, another edition of Devine Intervention.

Bye now.