Two of Canada’s hottest female wrestling prospects are destined to face off in the ring for the first time ever.

Wrestling fans in Newfoundland and Labrador will have the privilege of witnessing Calgary’s Nattie Neidhart taking on the Canadian Dark Angel Sarah Stock this September.

“I am really excited about working Sarah. I have heard so many good things about her from everyone. I can’t wait,” said Neidhart in an interview with SLAM! Wrestling. This will be Neidhart’s first visit to The Rock. “I am very excited and I think the tour will be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to exploring Newfoundland.”

Neidhart and Stock will in fact be participating in a series of matches across Newfoundland, as part of the Mainstream Wrestling Entertainment (MWE) tour.

“This is actually our third trip to the province this year because we headlined a couple of festivals down there in July,” said Devin Chittick, promoter of MWE. “Newfoundland has been very good to us. We have a great fan base there and it’s always a pleasure to work there.”

Prior to this tour, Neidhart and Stock did indeed meet each other outside of the ring while touring Japan.

“I got to meet her (Neidhart) in Japan and see her wrestle there, even though we weren’t on the same tour,” explained Stock to SLAM! Wrestling. Although having wrestled in the Maritimes before, this will also be Stock’s first visit to Newfoundland.

“I was impressed with her size and her strength,” admitted Stock. “I’m not exactly anxious (to wrestle Neidhart), more excited than anything. I know she’ll be a tough opponent for me and even though she’s strong and solid, I want to see if she can keep up with my speed and conditioning.”

“I’ve had it in my mind for quite some time to bring these two girls together on the same card to compete against each other,” noted Chittick in his decision to bring Neidhart and Stock on tour. “Quite frankly, everyone who comes to the show in Newfoundland should expect to see one of the greatest female matches ever. Both girls have expressed continuously that they are going to give it their all in these matches and I think we’re in for something special.”

Both ladies will be coming into the tour after enduring significant experiences in their careers thus far. For Neidhart, the tour will come having just recently recovered from a serious knee injury.

“I had literally severed my ACL last November working in Japan and I had reconstructive surgery in January,” told Neidhart. “It was about a six month recovery process before I could return to the ring for a full-fledged match. But, all in all, my leg is virtually healed.”

According to Neidhart, enduring the rigors of rehabbing from the injury has rejuvenated her self-esteem for wrestling and achieving new heights in her own physical conditioning.

“I have lost 20 pounds, trained hard for the last four months and I feel like I am in the best shape of my life. More than that, I am coming at wrestling from a new angle, now. I am so grateful to be able to go back to the ring and do what I love to do and represent my family. I missed it so much and I have clarity about my work in the ring that was missing before. It sounds crazy, but this ACL injury may have been one of the best things to happen to me, because it has made me a better person and helped me to see that in life, you can never give up.

For Stock, this past spring saw the Winnipeg native reach her greatest milestone to date as a full-time grappler in Mexico.

On April 14 of this year, Stock participated in a mask versus hair match against veteran female luchadora, Amapola.

“This was an extremely important match for me,” said Stock. “It took place in Arena Mexico in Mexico City, one of the most important and oldest arenas in the world. In it’s 73-year history, I have been the only female to unmask another wrestler in that arena. You can imagine what that meant to me, especially being a Canadian. I have worked so hard to be accepted and respected in Mexico. To leave my mark in the history of lucha libre is something very special.”

“The match itself was difficult and it was obvious that Amapola wasn’t going to give up her mask without a fight. When I finally got my hand raised at the end, I was on the verge of tears, not just for the victory, but also because of the emotion and the loss that Amapola was going through.”

Aside from reports here at SLAM! Wrestling on Stock’s adventures in the Mexican wrestling scene, she has had little if any attention from other Canadian or wrestling media outlets. That all changed when she was featured in a segment on Canada’s W5 television news magazine.

“I thought the program was great,” reflected Stock. “I loved sharing a little piece of my life with the Canadian public. I was blown away when I found out that W5 was going to fly down a whole production crew to film me. The crew was a blast to have around, they were a lot of fun and respectful as well. I have heard from countless people – second cousins that I didn’t even know I had, old friends, new fans and promoters as well. That kind of publicity is priceless.”

Mainstream Wrestling Entertainment Newfoundland and Labrador tour dates:
Sunday, Sept. 3 – Bay Arena, Bay Roberts, NL
Monday, Sept. 4 – Marystown Arena, Marystown, NL
Tuesday, Sept. 5 – Cabot Stadium, Bonavista, NL
Wednesday, Sept. 6 – Autograph Signing/Meet & Greet, Gander, NL, TBA
Thursday, Sept. 7 – Joe Byrne Memorial Arena, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL
Friday, Sept. 8 – St. Anthony Olympia, St. Anthony, NL
Saturday, Sept. 9 – Stephenville Dome, Stephenville, NL
Sunday, Sept. 10 – Bruce II Sports Centre, Port aux Basques, NL