Sunday is the TNA Hard Justice PPV and things are in line for it to be one of TNA’s best PPV offerings this year.

The Jeff Jarret vs. Sting main event has been a long time coming and has been one of the better built up feuds in the last few years in pro wrestling. A lot of people give Jarret flak on the internet and such and say that they want him gone from TNA and so on, and Sting wants to be the one to remove him. I think that would be a huge mistake. TNA NEEDS Jeff Jarret. Right now in the wrestling world NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, is as universally hated as Jeff is. And I love it. I aspire for that kind of response! Jeff is doing things right. I mean he’s the World champ and siwth Scott Steiner beside him seems unstoppable. Although with Christian Cage in Sting’s corner, who knows? Guess we’ll find out Sunday.

The rest of the card is a cornucopia of possible match of the year candidates. AJ Styles and Chris Daniels vs. LAX is going to be one for the record books. I am really impressed with LAX. Homicide and the ridiculously powerful Hernandez look unstoppable and may have what it takes to topple two of TNA’s MVP’s. Senshi really has his work cut out for him when he defends against not only the Canadian Destroyer Petey Williams but also the young and hungry Jay Lethal.

And what about the monster showdown of Rhino vs. Monty Brown vs. the undefeated Samoa Joe!?!? Eek. That’s all that comes to mind. Eek.

Is Brother Runt certifiably insane? Calling on the monster Abyss?? That’s asking to be sent home in a baggie!! I will acknowledge and admit that Brother Runt is one of the toughest little dudes walking . Anyone who has seen him be brutalised in the past can attest to this and the fact that he’s still drawing breath confirms it. But I have to think that maybe it’s time to STOP trying to kill yourself and time to start picking fights that are winnable!!

And we definitely can’t forget my man Kevin Nash and his upcoming brutalization of young Chris Sabin. I wonder if Senshi, Petey and Lethal are prepared for the 7 feet of X division fury that is Kevin Nash after he wins the X Division Title shot this Sunday?

And let me touch on the recently made match of Myself vs. Showtime Eric Young, thanks to the new face of TNA management Jim Cornette. Let me start by saying that I used to love Eric Young. He’s obviously a little weird but that adds to his appeal and makes him all the funnier. But his recent turn, if you will, into a pathetic suck up has made me want to puke. Eric has started hoovering these useless and moronic fans in Orlando in a ridiculous attempt to try to keep his job. He should know better. A little ass kicking on his part would have spoke volumes for him, but instead he’s relying on a bunch of mouth breathing Cro-Magnons to help him convince James E that he shouldn’t be fired. Well sorry to do it to you man but Sunday I will be signing your pink slip because the Showtime I knew and loved has left the building and the heavy headed circus clown we have now makes me vomit.

In the mean time and in between time, support your local indies and wrestling in general, that’s it another edition of Devine Intervention.