As Sunday’s pay-per-view draws closer and closer, so to does the time for the “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels to rise above the ground once again.

This weekend’s Destination X event is highlighted by an Ultimate X bout, pitting Christopher Daniels against X-Division Champion Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. The bout, which will be broadcast on pay-per-view, will once again feature the three fighters battling for the prestigious title.

Christopher Daniels. Courtesy TNA Wrestling

Unlike the previous bouts between these men, all of which have been applauded and been at match-of-the-year levels, the match on Sunday won’t be on the ground as much as it will be in the air. Past Ultimate X matches have been aerial marvels, with spots that amaze and dazzle audiences with their complexity and grace.

This has been the key to past Ultimate X bouts — that what you see is something truly unique. Daniels, during a conference call earlier this week, noted that it is unlike any other bout in wrestling, both in style and groundwork.

“It’s such a different match in terms of there’s nothing you do in a wrestling ring that will prepare you for hanging from cables like that,” Daniels remarked. “It’s a difficult match to prepare for.”

The gimmick match involves elevated poles at each post holding cables that literally form an X above the ring. The X-Division Title will be hung in the middle of the X, ripe for the plucking.

Being positioned above the mat is nothing new to Daniels in TNA. He has worked previously with the Ultimate X and has also shown off above-ring bravado during his days as a member of XXX in steel cage matches against America’s Most Wanted.

Before joining the Tennessee-based company, however, Daniels had almost always wrestled within the confines of the ring ropes.

“I had one cage match before I came to TNA,” Daniels noted. “Now that I’ve been in TNA, obviously, I’ve had a lot more cage matches. I never had anything before TNA that was as physically taxing as those matches.”