K and S Promotions burst onto the scene with Wrestlefest in September in 2005. The convention, though star-studded, didn’t seem like the right formula for them. With a new date and a new location, K and S returns with another Wrestlefest later this month, deemed “The Classic Signing.”

February 18 is the date, the Holiday Inn in Jamaica Queens, NY is the location and “The Classic Signing” is an attempt at a more intimate fan experience.

“Last show we had over 30 wrestlers and it was just a lot going on; I don’t think fans really got to take full advantage of the event because there was just so much going on,” Ken Pulvidente explained. “This event is going to be strict to six guests. This will give fans a better opportunity to spend time with each star and not worry about running around or being hassled to move along. This will be a closer experience and will give fans a chance to interact with each star on a personal level.”

Pulvidente and Steve Muraglio are also excited about the theme of the convention. “We called it ‘The Classic Signing’ because this will in a sense, be a release party for the brand new line of action figures from the WWE Classic Superstars Series 9 line,” Muraglio told SLAM! Wrestling. “We will have entire sets of the figures available as well as guests from the series to sign the figures. You can’t get that at your local Toys R Us.”

Those guests will be Paul Bearer, Akeem/One Man Gang and “The Ugandan Giant” Kamala. “As a special bonus, we will also have One Man Gang figures and 8x10s available so you can get your gimmick of choice,” said Muraglio. On top of those three guests, the promoters unearthed three other guests who have never been to a convention in their career.

“We chose Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller, Barry Horowitz and ‘Outlaw’ Ron Bass,” listed Muraglio. “Three people who haven’t been around and are harder to get. We feel as though this gives the fans a chance to fill in those gaps in their collections and pick up some unique autographs.”

Just like the last go-around, this convention will contain a two-hour question and answer session with all six guests. “As you can tell by the list above, there are three guests who haven’t done one of these before, so this will be a great opportunity to ask a guy like Ernest Miller what he thinks about Vince McMahon, or a guy like Barry Horowitz what it was like working for WWE/WCW during the mid 1990s. The possibilities are endless,” Pulvidente said.

A different twist added to this convention is an attempt at a friendlier, intimate environment. “This time there will be raffles, games and contests throughout the day. We are bringing in the Submission Board Game staff to conduct tournaments for prizes, we will be throwing out trivia questions for prizes and much more. This will help pass the time while you wait in line,” said Muraglio. “We really believe it will add something to the atmosphere and it’s something else that hasn’t been done.”

Pulvidente and Muraglio are also taking mail orders for fans who cannot attend the live event, which starts at 9:30 a.m. and goes until 2:30 p.m.

With high hopes, Pulvidente and Muraglio are excited about their latest endeavor. “We just want to thank all the fans who have supported us in the past and hope that anyone who wants to come can make it to the event as it sure to be a special day,” said Muraglio.