I’m gonna shy away from the usual rundowns of current wrestling stuff and stories this week and give everyone an insight into some of the things they may not know about wrestling or wrestlers in general. As well I am gonna defend myself a little here as it seems public forums are the place for stuff to air.

Firstly, for those who keep asking, yes I am still part of TNA. I have a contract and everything.

I have been patiently waiting in Canada for a surgery to repair multiple hernias in my stomach, which are the result of shoddy work done by the doctors in Nashville in repairing my stab wound.

Why am I waiting in Canada you ask? Because contrary to what many think, wrestlers on the whole do not make a lot of money and American hospitals cost a fortune. And getting insurance for wrestlers can be difficult to say the least! To give you an idea, my repair surgery and four-day stay in Nashville cost $23,000 USD. Thank God I am Canadian and have free health care. I have been waiting since June when I received an ultrasound telling me I have at least three hernias. That’s the downside to Canadian health care. Everything takes time.

Once this surgery gets done — it was yesterday, January 27th, by the way — it will be at least two months till I can hit the ring again. So, no there is no return date yet. Time and healing will tell.

In the meantime I have been wrestling for some indys and running the Sports Entertainment College for Action Wrestling Entertainment — and I love it! Apparently I am a pretty damn good instructor from what I have been told. Some AWE young guys to watch are Don Douglas (in dire need of a gimmick change), Dan Duggan and the tag team of Chevy and Sanchez. All young guys with a lot of promise.

Now to my defense.

Some of you have heard/read about this weeks sentencing of the Hotshot and his subsequent $1,000 fine for assaulting a bar patron while I was bouncing at a bar in Calgary.

What the wonderfully uninformed writer of said article DIDN’T mention were any of the facts or particulars of said incident.

And I figured since I already told one story like this last time, why not get them all out.

So here goes.

While working at said bar I got a call over the radio to come and backup the removal of a patron at a door into the alley behind the bar. When I arrived the gentleman was already out of the bar with a friend and arguing at the doorway with the guy who threw him out. As was bar policy, myself and another doorman (Nick) took over talking the guy out, so as to diffuse any anger for the guy doing the booting.

The patron was ejected for stage diving off a bar into a group of women. The guy then begged and pleaded to be let back in for a good minute and, when he wasn’t allowed to go back in by Nick and I, he got angry and asked “why were be being such a–holes!?” To which I replied “We’re not! We could be, but we are being very nice. Come back tomorrow and we’ll buy you a beer.”

He took what I said as a challenge and punched me in the face twice. Now let’s just stop for a second and review a couple of facts:

  1. This incident took place in 2002 when I was recovering from severe nerve damage so I didn’t have 100% use of my right hand.
  2. At the time I was approximately 180 pounds.
  3. The guy was 6-foot-2, 220 pounds, and a bouncer from another club.

So now the guy has hit me and Nick and I lunge to get ahold of him. His friend grabs Nick and he punches away at me. So now the fight is on. I had a tough time getting a stretch on him so it fell to exchanging punches.

Bottom line? I did what I had to do in self defense. Was he beaten almost unconscious? Yes. Did I put a sleeper on him? Yes. Was it excessive? Maybe. But in the last story with the girl and bottle, the guy had a broken orbital (eye socket) cheekbone, and jaw. THIS guy had bruises and swelling. So you tell me why this one is different. I’ll tell you why. Cause for this one I was staff and not a patron and it’s not “tolerated.”

Weak. That’s all I can say.

So that’s my rant and defense and the parts you didn’t read. Hope that clears a few things up and some of you will quit freakin’ emailing me “when are you coming back to TNA?!” LOL.

Till next week kiddies. Stay Hot!