It’s been quite a week for wrestling fans this week and it’s not even over yet!

In a surprise move Kurt Angle became World Champion this week when Batista became even more injured this week at a house show after tearing his triceps on top of already having a torn lat. Kurt being moved to Smackdown I think opens the door for some great feuds and title matches, as Angle can carry a broom to a great match. As well hopefully we’ll get some more Angle/Benoit classics!

Edge fulfilled a long quest in becoming the WWE Champion at the New Years Revolution PPV this past Sunday. For those of you living under a rock, Edge cashed in his “Money in the Bank” contract at the end of the Elimination Chamber match and defeated the quickly declining in popularity John Cena. It was a surprise move that by all accounts saved a lackluster PPV. And then Edge proceeded to produce one of the highest rated RAW segments in some time with his “live sex show” with Lita! Well done Canadian Boy. It’s about time! I, for one, believe Edge has had “Main Event Status” written all over him for a long time, as well as his former tag partner Christian Cage.

Seeing these two great workers starting to get their due gives me more hope! And it reminds me of a great story! Want to hear it? Okay never mind. It’s the one where I almost got Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho and Test arrested in Calgary! Sure you don’t want to hear it?

Okay, here goes. So one night about four or five years ago (memory is starting to go), myself, Davey Boy Smith, Jim Niedhart and some other friends were out at a club in Calgary called Cowboys after a WWE show. Jericho, Test and I believe Edge were there schmoozing and having a nice time.

Late in the evening we were all spread about the bar when next to me at a pool table this jerkoff wedgied (grabbed her exposed underwear and pulled) this poor girl sitting on the edge of the table none too gently. She, of course, was offended and angry, and got up and slapped this dude hard. He, unapologetic, grabs her and cocks his hand back to punch her.

That’s where I stepped in between the two to break it up and ask what kind of tough guy gets called out for being a douche and then has the gall to hit the girl? He proceeds to call me a couple names and in response I let my hair down and pull it straight (it was past my shoulders at this point) and ask him if he’d feel more comfortable hitting me if I looked like a girl! He turns away swearing at me and I think no more of it and go to leave.

But not being a moron, I watch him grab a bottle and try to bust me in the head as I turn my back! I block his bottle swing and punch him and take him to the ground. We exchange about 8-10 punches but it is very one-sided and I really do a number on him. About this time, I am grabbed by a friend named John and told to get out before I get thrown out. I say my goodbyes and thank you’s and take my leave heading home. I don’t think any more about the fight.

About five days later I get a call from Ross Hart that the police are looking for me in connection with this fight. I am amazed, but call the police and turn myself in immediately. It seems I sent buddy to the hospital for a short stay and have been charged with assault causing bodily harm. But before me they tried to charge what witnesses described as “a long blond haired wrestler” and they started that night at the hotel all the boys were staying in even waking Christian who was not even out that night!!

Well, long story short, the next time I was at WWE event I apologized for any inconvenience and even brought suck up gifts to E and C and Jericho in the form of a shiny shirt for Jericho, and two pairs of funky sunglasses for E and C! So you can guess the timeline by the gifts I brought.

I was found not guilty of assault when the young lady in question stood up in my defense saying what a jerk the other guy was.

* * *

TNA’s Final Resolution PPV is tomorrow, Sunday January 15th, and is the debut of Sting, back for the first time in years as he teams with Christian Cage against Jeff Jarrett and Monty Brown. There are a couple great Match of the Year possibilities on the card as well with Samoa Joe vs Chris Daniels for the X Division title, AMW vs Team 3D for the tag titles. I believe the sleeper hit will be “The Monster” Abyss vs “The Man Beast” Rhino. It promises to be a great PPV!

Time will tell if the acquisition of Sting will be the boost that TNA management hope he will be but it certainly makes this weeks PPV a capper for one hell of a week.

And for those of you who are Johnny Devine fans and Indy fans in general, AWE’s Harsh Reality PPV is available this Wednesday, January 18th — check your local listings for times. It features the return of the Steiner Brothers, Rick and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott, against Buff Bagwell and Kip James. As well as a … ahem, cough … great tag match featuring new WWE developmental trainee Kenny Omega and “Red Hot” Ryan Wood against Shawn Houston and myself! Meh, I liked it!!

AWE’s next big show in Winnipeg is February 10th and they are planning an expansion into Alberta in the coming months, hitting both Edmonton and Calgary! Those will be fun! Well enough for this week. Hope you enjoyed the story and will check out both TNA’s Final Resolution and AWE’s Harsh Reality! Till next time fans, stay hot and take care. And remember — IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, LEARN TO LOVE IT, CAUSE I’M CANADIAN AND PROUD OF IT!