There is one question that comes up more than any other when one talks to Sting: “Any regrets about never being in the WWE?”

The possibility of coming to the WWE was always there, Sting admitted in a recent conference call to promote the Final Resolution pay-per-view. Different reasons prevented this from ever happening.

Sting is unique. No other wrestler who has been on the national stage for as long as Sting was, during the same time period, can say they were loyal to one organization. Sting was part of the NWA or WCW from 1987 till 2001.

Sting’s recent signing with TNA raised the question again.

“I am older and have a family. The schedule would not work. TNA would only require me to work about three times a month. The WWE would require much more,” he explained.

Sting was presented with the idea of coming to the WWE a few times during the heated Monday Night Wars period in the late 1990s. But Sting did not like WWE’s proposals.

“They wanted me to come in to hurt WCW,” he said. Sting seemed to indicate that Vince McMahon wanted revenge for Lex Luger’s jump to WCW during the first episode of Nitro in 1995. “Vince McMahon was always nice. It just never worked out.”

Sting realized by never going to the WWE, he missed out on a lot.

“I always wanted to wrestle The Rock, Undertaker and Steve Austin after he became ‘Stone Cold,'” Sting said.

At age 46, those chances will likely never come. The fans will never be able to see these dream matches. But Sting holds out a little hope for one of the matches.

“I’d like to see The Rock come to TNA,” he said. (The Rock is the only one of the three listed that is not under a current contract with the WWE.)

But WWE’s controversial storylines also deterred Sting. “My religious views would affect my role in a particular storyline. I am looked up my young fans, and I won’t jeopardize my integrity.”

TNA looks like Sting’s final stay. He wants to “go out with style.”