On Saturday, October 1, 2005, Legends of the Ring makes its long-awaited return to the New Jersey area, as Terence Brennan brings his unique fan festival to the Holiday Inn, Raritan Center in Edison, NJ.

In March 2005, Brennan produced a star-studded show from top to bottom, ushering in guests such as, One Man Gang, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Kamala and Marty Jannetty. Five months later, Scott & Rick Steiner, Sid Vicious, Doug Gilbert, Kronik, Paul Bearer, Slick and many others will be taking their seats to meet and greet their fans.

“The last Legends of the Ring convention was an excellent trip down memory lane,” recollected John Signorelli of Rome, NY, a long-time wrestling fan. “The Q & A Session provided us, the fans, a chance to hear stories and thoughts from some of the true legends and big names in the business. Things were run more smoothly as opposed to other conventions I have attended. All the guests were very happy to see their fans.”

“Like last time, I based my guests on price, fan friendliness and demand,” said Brennan. “I think Slick is going to be the main draw. Sid is the main event guest, but Slick has never done anything like this before.”

Brennan has once again gathered a plethora of top-dollar talent to be featured in his third convention. With two other conventions running within two weeks of his, Brennan is optimistic, but not worried, “Well it’s going to be tough for them. This is the first shot for both of them at doing a convention and the convention scene has pretty much run its course. It doesn’t only take money to run a show, you need to get ‘first run’ guests and have the ‘right formula’ for success.”

Having run two conventions in the past, Brennan is confident that his product will be superior to his competitors, “I have established a solid track record and built a large following. I have a lot of guests that were never around before and may never be around again. I can go out of my way to cater my fans and give them the most for their money. This is a fan supported show.”

The confirmed names are Sid Vicious, Slick, Paul Bearer, Doink The Clown (Ray Apollo), Typhoon, Luna Vachon, The Bolsheviks, JJ Dillon, Buff Bagwell, Kevin Sullivan, Kronik and Doug Gilbert. All the aforementioned guests, excluding Kevin Sullivan who will be brought in by 3 Count Promotions, are part of the “Super Ticket”, which you can purchase in advance. Supertickets are numbered, so that when lines are assembled there is an order.

“With all the show competition, we needed to be a step above the rest,” said Breenan. “Scott Steiner is a solid main eventer in wrestling he is also a big mainstream draw to the casual fan. Adding Rick with him brings in the internet, old school, and smart fans. Buff is in town that weekend and contacted us about appearing we agreed to a deal and the rest is history.”

“I think this upcoming October 1st line up could very well surpass the last show, as Terence is trying to bring in unique guests who are rare to convention go-er’s,” continued Signorelli. “The prices are very fair and as I said, the line-up looks very solid. I’ll be there, and I can’t wait!”

“Come out and have a good time,” Brennan told fans planning to attend. “I am an experienced promoter and know how to take care of people in a professional manner. I feel as though I run one of the most organized shows on the circuit. I only get $10.00 for general admission, then you can buy the autograph tickets of guests one by one, or take advantage of the ‘Super Ticket’ for $110.00 (till September 15) which includes all 12 guests, the line moves quick and all the tickets are numbered so it makes life easier.”