Alright, I will do a rundown of the Unbreakable PPV and give my predictions. Here we go…

Raven (C) vs. Rhino for the NWA World title.

This should be a GREAT brawl with both guys being complete savages to themselves and others in the ring. For sheer desire I have to give the edge to Raven because he’s fought long and hard to get that belt. Rhino on the other hand is looking like the monster he is and could very well pull out a gore and become champ, but I believe Raven will survive as his will is too strong right now.

Three-Way for the X Division title – Christopher Daniels (C) vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

Wow, in all honesty this could be a match of the year candidate. And to be truthful, I can not call this one either way. There are too may possibilities and variables in this match to try to calculate a winner. So I will just be content to watch it and enjoy three great workers.

Four-Way Tag Team Championship match – The Naturals (C) vs. AMW vs. Team Canada vs. Shelly and Waltman

If you check out the Team Canada page at you will see what I think of this match. What I did leave out however is the fact that Waltman and Shelly have only been tagging a short time and thus will not have the familiarity with each other they will need to beat any of these teams. The nod on this one goes to who else Team Canada.

Sabu vs. Abyss w/James Mitchell

This will be insane. Both of these guys are nuts and certifiable. Should be a bloodbath and no one in the Impact zone will be safe. For this one I will have to go with the Monster Abyss, only because the excellent managing skills of James Mitchell are the tiebreaker in an otherwise fairly even match up. Yes, Abyss is bigger and stronger but Sabu has experience and takes higher risks. Advantage Abyss.

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Hardy

I wonder if Hardy realities what kind of beating he is in for this Sunday? Bobby has a chip on his shoulder right now the size of Mount Rushmore due to a questionable loss to Raven recently, so he has something to prove to the other heavyweights. And who better to prove it on than the returning Hardy? Will be short and violent. Northern Lariat for the win.

Alpha Male and Kip James vs. Apolo and Lance Hoyt

This to me looks like a great match on paper. There is a great mix of youth and experience. Size in this one is all around overwhelming. It should be very interesting. I will call Monty and Kip in this one only for the experience factor of Kip and the familiarity he two have together, Apolo and Hoyt having never tagged before.

3Live Kru vs. The Diamonds in the Rough

Simon Diamond has really been bringing the Diamonds around as of late with wins for both David Young and Elix Skipper recently. Can they keep their win streaks alive? Possibly. Will they at Unbreakable? Sadly No. 3LK are too good at six-mans when they are on the same page to be beaten. Take it from experience. If the 3LK are gelling this Sunday the Diamonds are going to have a rough time. Winners 3LK.

Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin

Another in the long list of matches in on of wrestling’s eventual great rivalries. These two always have great competitive matches and are possible show stealers. The edge as always though has to got to Petey because he has a support system in the rest of Team Canada whereas Sabin is the proverbial Lone Wolf and as tough as he is just can’t beat a numbers game. Winner: Petey Williams

Showcase Match – Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong

This will be another competitive and exciting match that really could go either way. Both these guys are indy standouts. Austin recently an ROH champion and Roderick a former NWA Florida X champion they are familiar with each other and will be going all out to impress the TNA fans. Winner: Too close to call.

The real winners of a PPV like this are always the fans who watch them. TNA has done a great job with their PPVs and are on the cusp of greatness. This should be another home run performance and I highly suggest ordering if you cannot attend it live.

For those of you in the Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan area, if you can’t go to Unbreakable, I suggest checking out Border City Wrestling’s International Incident, Thursday September 15th in Windsor, Ontario at the Cioicaro Club. It features a ton of TNA talent and will be an awesome live show.

Enough for this week fans and freaks. Hope everyone enjoys Unbreakable and keeps checking out TNA. October’s gonna be a lot of fun.

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