Well it’s a done deal wrestling fans. TNA will be hitting Spike TV in October on Slammin’ Saturday nights after the UFC. And the wrestling world as a whole rejoices. Competition, no matter how small at first, is good for business. Period.

Hopefully we can all get to see a new version of the “Monday Night Wars” down the road, but for now we’re all happy with what we’ve got.

TNA will be doing its best from day one to give a viable alternative to the WWE. Trying to build new stars for the new viewers while giving them some familiar faces is the first order of business. And if there was a roster ready to make new stars it’s the TNA roster. Let’s run a few down shall we!

Now I’m going to bypass the obvious next superstars of A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels. If you can’t read this then maybe you don’t know about them but then you wouldn’t be here. If you can read you know they are the next “it” men. So they don’t need anymore publicity! Heh.

So where to start? How bout’ at the top, or soon to be top. Monty Brown. Former NFL star and Super Bowl winner. Quite possibly the bluest of blue chip wrestlers. This guy has everything you look for in a world champion — Looks, physique, intellect, ability, and his top drawing factor….he’s black. Make no mistake. That is not a racial statement in any way shape or form. But there have always been a lack of black or African-American world champions and role models in wrestling. I’m not saying there aren’t any, just few in comparison to Caucasians.

Next up I think there would be a strong case for the “Monster” Abyss to ba a breakout star a la Undertaker. He can really wrestle for a big sum bitch and is a team player in every sense of the words. If he continues at the pace he has set for himself until this point, there are many world title runs in his future.

The next pick I have for TNA soon to be huge stars has to be a tie between what the internet writers call two “Hosses” — Bobby Roode and Lance Hoyt. Both of these guys are “hot prospects” all the way. Bobby at 6’1″ and 240 is a punched out of the mold wrestler. No nonsense. No funny stuff. Straight ahead gonna beat you up and there’s nothing you can do about it kind of guy, Bobby will remind a lot of people of a few different wrestlers. But to me he seems to be the second coming of “Mr Perfect” Curt Hennig. Time will tell.

Lance definitely has star potential. At 6’8″ and around the 280-pound mark, he’s definitely got the size to turn heads. The thing about Lance is he also has the athletic ability to turn heads. People call him things like “Test #2” or a “one trick pony” (referring to a great moonsault), but remember, he hasn’t been wrestling all that long! There’s huge potential there.

There are a number of others who will seem to be “can’t miss” prospects. Petey Williams, Matt Bently (aka Michael Shane), Chris Sabin, Samoa Joe, there are so many on the roster you could just list the entire thing if you wanted! October will be a great time to be a wrestling fan. Heroes will be made and the business will hopefully take the upswing that we all know it needs!

I had the pleasure of working two of the best indy shows I’ve ever been on recently in the last Ballpark Brawl working John McChesney and the insane Matt Striker, or should I say the Ultimate Striker!? This crazy showed up dressed as the Warrior and jumped in as I was “educating” McChesney (who’s a good hand). So he likes to play dress up does he? Well I will officially challenge him here and now to an “’80s Hero” match! Striker you show up as your ’80s hero and I’ll be mine and we’ll see who’s was better! Anywhere, anytime pal!

I also was fortunate enough to be part of the Border City Wrestling Wrestlefest with a Hart Foundation reunion! Being from western Canada, and more specifically the Dungeon, it was great to see Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart and Jimmy Hart all together! It was one of those “mark” moments that will stay with you forever as the crowd in Windsor really were appreciative and ate it all up. I can honestly say though, without a shadow of a doubt, that the main event of that show, Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley vs AJ Styles, was one of the BEST matches I have ever seen and when this comes out on DVD I HIGHLY recommend you pick it up!

Well enough for this week. I hope you are all still supporting your local indies and are appreciative of what we as wrestlers put our bodies through for your enjoyment! We love what we do but love that you love what we do even more. Till next time Stay Hot! And if you don’t like it, learn to love it! Cause I’m Canadian and Proud of it!