Many over the top storylines have brought us to tonight’s Judgment Day PPV. Between the rape, personal grudges and sterotyping, SmackDown! is going over the top in a desperate attempt to draw ratings.

This being the first Smackdown-only pay-per-view since No Way Out, let’s see if their time away will improve their overall PPV product. Who will get their revenge? Who will taste bitter defeat? Who will say “I Quit”?

One man entered the main event in a limo with a traditional championship belt, the other entered on a truck that shot steam and pyro, contained a board with a DJ and a whole stage. John Cena and John “Bradshaw” Layfield did battle on a grand stage, determining who the real WWE champion was.

Cena came out of the blocks taking Layfield down and keeping him grounded with a headlock. JBL got back to vertical base, but would not be on his feet for long as Cena sent him up and over to the floor. Both men brawled into the crowd before once again circling the ringside area. JBL then took the timekeeper’s belt, wrapped it around Cena’s neck and the turnbuckle post, but was not able to get Cena to utter the two final words.

Later JBL set Cena up to be powerbombed on the English announce table, only to be back-body dropped through the Spanish Announce Table. JBL then took a steel chair and whacked Cena in the head with it, splitting him wide open. Cena still did not quit through more punishment, then channeled his anger to fight back and deliver the F-U to JBL. JBL attempted to bail on the match, but Cena caught him and threw him on the hood of the limo.

The fight then spilled to the electrical set. With sparks literally flying, Cena is choked with a cord, but reverses it, sending JBL head first into a television set. Cena then brought JBL to his limo and put his head through one of the windows. Cena then ripped one of the doors off its hinges and threw it through the winsheild. Cena then took the fight onto his truck, throwing JBL into a CO2 tank that went off in JBL’s face.

JBL fought back, DDT’ing Cena and destroying the DJ’s equipment. JBL climbed up on the truck, only for Cena to knock him down and through a table. JBL went down and to the glass Judgment Day set up, Cena ripped one of the exhaust pipes off the truck and went to charge at JBL. JBL then grabbed the mic and said “I Quit” before Cena could hit him. JBL then pointed to his head, only for Cena to charge at him anyway, sending him through the glass. Cena’s reign as champion continues!

Match-by-Match Rundown

Match One- WWE Tag Team Championship Match – M-N-M w/ Melina (Champions) vs Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly

Haas starts off the match sending Johnny Nitro all over the ring, bouncing him off the mat like a rubber ball. Holly cames in, and chopped both men all over the place. Holly attempted an Alabama Slam, but due to the referee being distracted, a double team is allowed on M-N-M’s behalf to regain the control. Holly came back with a full nelson slam and the hot tag to Haas, who cleared the ring and hit a tope suicida. Haas had the match won, but Nitro provided the distraction, leading to the Snapshot.

Winners – M-N-M
Match Rating- 7/10

Match Two- Carlito Carribean Cool w/ Matt Morgan vs The Big Show

Carlito cut a pre-match promo saying that he spoke to Randy Moss, who said that the Minneapolis fans are not cool. Carlito played chicken, but The Big Show put an end to all that, tossing him with one arm all across the map. The Big Show wiped the floor with Carlito until Morgan pulled down the top rope, sending The Big Show to the floor. Morgan pounded on Show, but Show was able to come back. When the ref got knocked down, Morgan came in and hit an F-5 on Show, giving Carlito the duke.

Winner Via Pinfall – Carlito Carribean Cool
Match Rating- 5/10

Sharmell and Booker T are seen talking backstage when a bag filled with lingerie arrives for her. She thanks Booker only to find out it’s not from him. When she pulls out a pair of handcuffs that have “Gutterslut” tagged on them, Booker flips out, knowing Angle was the man behind it.

Match Three- WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match- Paul London (Champion) vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

London used his quickness to battle out of Chavo’s offensive flury. London hit the Dropsault and attempted the 450 Spalsh, only to recieve a pair of knees to the mid-section. Chavo then picked apart London, working on the ribs. London fired back, but Chavo’s antics nearly cost London his belt on several occasions. Chavo bailed on London’s second attempt at a 450 splash, only to get caught with a tope con hilo on the outside. London finally hits the 450 and retains the championship.

Winner Via Pinfall – Paul London
Match Rating- 5/10

Backstage, Booker T is shown searching for Angle. Sharmell is shown sitting down, when Angle walked in and grabbed her, telling her he would have his way with her after the match.

Match Four- Kurt Angle vs Booker T

Booker laid into Angle early on, busting the Olympic Gold Medalist’s mouth open. After more mouth shots, Angle came back, sending Booker into the steel ring post and following up with some mat-based moves. Booker tried to mount some offense, only to get shot down by Angle. Angle continued to wear Booker down, but Booker was able to get sneak out and take it to Angle. Booker hit the Book End, but only got a two count out of it. Booker then went for the Scissor Kick, but was met with a clothesline counter from Angle. Booker was finally able to get the pin with a weak roll up for a two something count that confused everyone.

Winner Via Pinfall- Booker T
Match Rating- 5/10

Post match, Sharmell comes down to watch Kurt get back up and destroy Booker. As Angle went to handcuff Sharmell, Booker came back and handcuffed him. Booker and Sharmell then had their way with Kurt before leaving. The referees unlocked Kurt Angle and lead him to the back.

We go over “Tazz’s Keys To Victory” for the WWE Championship “I Quit” Match. My personal favorite key would have to be, “don’t quit!”

Match Five- WWE United States Championship Match – Orlando Jordan (champion) vs. Heidenreich

Pre match, Heidenreich grabbed a little girl out of the crowd and brought her down to ringside to read her a “Disaster Piece.” He calls Orlando Jordan “Whole Wheat. O Te!”

Jordan got the early advantage, but was met with a few fists to the face of the champ. Heidenreich “Hulked Up” and went to town on Jordan. Jordan came back, but his taunting nearly cost him as Heidenreich almost rolled him up for a two count. Jordan then hit a DDT and pinned Heidenreich seemingly out of nowhere.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL WWE United States Champion- Orlando Jordan
Match Rating- 4/10

After the match, the little girl hops into the ring and does the Heidenreich march.

Backstage, JBL cut a promo on battering Cena into a bloody mess later on. Layfield told Cena to go back to his rapping career or run for governor of Minnesota, because, “these idiots will elect anybody.” JBL again mentioned that he’s a wrestling god before leaving.

Match Six- Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio Jr.

One of the greatest angles in WWE today! That about sums up this saga. Both men came out of the blocks delivering heavy blows back and forth. Guerrero picked his spots and soon found himself dominating the lightning-quick Mysterio. Guerrero kept Mysterio at bay with some boots and stiff punches to the face. Guerrero worked the taped up-ribs of Mysterio, exerting oxygen on every tug. Mysterio slowly came back after an enziguri, and hit a springboard headbuttt that garnered a two count. Guerrero applied a Boston Crab, then transitioned into an STF, wrenching away at the head and neck of Mysterio.

Guerrero then sent Mysterio to the floor, and attempted to suplex him on the steel steps again, only to be reversed and sent into the ringpost numerous times. Mysterio then connected with a 619, before sending Guerrero into the ring. Mysterio caught the ring post charging in, and the momentum shifts back in Guerrero’s favor. Mysterio set Guerrero up for the 619 when Chavo came down and provided the distraction, allowing Guerrero to bring the steel chair into the ring. Mysterio then hit both Guererros and followed up with the 619. Rey Rey then attempted the West Coast Pop, but was hit with a steel chair, causing an immediate disqualification.

Winner Via DQ- Rey Mysterio
Match Rating- 5/10

Post match, Eddie Guerrero battered Rey with the steel chair before walking away with a smile on his face.

Match Seven- WWE Championship “I Quit” Match- John Cena (Champion) vs John “Bradshaw” Layfield

Winner Via “I Quit” and STILL WWE Champion- John Cena Match Rating- 8/10

With the exception of the WWE Championship and Tag Team Championship matches, this PPV bombed out big time. A lot of confusing and horrible endings really plauged this event. All in all the PPV was not that great, SmackDown! really needs to work things out in order to put on a quality show. Well, better luck next time.

Overall Event Rating- 5/10

Chris Sokol is from Long Island, NY.