Destination X was a two-match show. In one overbooked match featuring stars from what feels like a lifetime ago, Jeff Jarrett defended the NWA belt against Diamond Dallas Page. In the other, stars of tomorrow went at each other in the Ultimate X format. Each match had good and bad points, often depending on how long you’d been a wrestling fan.

In the storyline for Jarrett-DDP, one man is trying to become the best Heavyweight Champion of all time (insert snicker here). The other man is trying to overcome what was a potential career ending injury, and once again regain Heavyweight gold while pushing his yoga book.

The story in this one was the lumberjacks at ringside — Monty Brown, 3 Live Kru, Larry Zybysko, The Naturals, Chris Candido and Jeff Jarrett’s lawyer — and the Dusty Rhodes-booked endless succession of run-ins leading to the inevitable conclusion: Jarrett is still the champ.

As the match begins, DDP goes to lock up, but Jarrett bails, and is forced back into the ring by 3 Live Kru and Monty Brown. Jarrett comes back into the ring, DDP attempts a Diamond Cutter, but Jarrett bails again. This time he shoves Monty Brown, who in return grabs him by the throat, giving DDP the time he needs to go to the floor and grab him. The fight goes back into the ring, with both men going back and forth. The fight quickly returns to the floor, with DDP spitting water in the face of Jarrett. Jarrett and DDP fight into the crowd, with DDP bashing Jarrett over the head with a trash can. The fight goes into the bleachers, and Jarrett gets thrown into the side of the entrance structure. Once they reach the ringside area, DDP throws Jarrett into the Spanish announcers’ table. DDP throws Jarrett back into the ring, and picks a chair up from the Spanish announce table, DDP atomic drops him onto the chair. DDP throws punch after punch, spinning Jarrett around in the chair. Boot to the face of Jarrett knocks him out of the chair. DDP sends Jarrett into the turnbuckles and begins the punches countdown, but gets caught with a low blow. Jarrett takes the chair and uses it to beat on the leg of DDP. Jarrett then works the leg over, dropping his weight on it. Jarrett brings him to the center of the ring, but DDP reverses the Figure Four with a a boot and a small package for a two count. Jarrett attempts the Figure Four again, and again it is reversed into a small package for the two count. Finally Jarrett locks the Figure Four in, and DDP is put on the defensive. SSP reverses the Figure Four, and he grabs the ropes, thus breaking the hold. They fight to their feet, sunset flip, reversed by Jarrett, two count, reversed by DDP, two count, sleeper applied by Jarrett, sending DDP to the mat. They fight back to their feet, DDP bounces Jarrett’s head off the turnbuckles, slam by DDP, one…two…no! Sit out spinning powerbomb by Page, but once again it only comes up to a two counter. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter, but he is sent off into The Naturals and Candido who hold DDP, and send him into The Stroke. One…two…not yet!

The Lumberjacks brawl on the outside, with Zybysko pounding away at the face of Candido. The Outlaw comes in and hands Jarrett a guitar, BG James comes in and low blows Jarrett with the guitar. Konnan pulls Jarrett nuts first into the turnbuckles post. Konnan pulls Jarrett up and James misses, hitting Konnan with the guitar. The Outlaw comes in, Fame-Asser on DDP, one…two…I don’t think so! Sean Waltman comes in and takes out everyone with some Bronco Busters. The Naturals and Candido come back and all get Diamond Cutters. Diamond Cutter off the top on Jarrett, Jarrett’s attorney steps in, Monty Brown steps in, Pounceee to DDP! Jarrett makes the cover, one…two…three. Jeff Jarrett is still the Heavyweight Champion of the world. Monty Brown then hugged Jarrett as TNA Destination X comes to an end.

At the opposite end of the spectrum in TNA is the X Division belt. With the Ultimate X set up high above the ring, four competitors made their way to the ring, all prepared to battle for the one title that seems to have made TNA Wrestling what it is today. The match starts off with a tag team encounter featuring the teams of Elix Skipper and AJ Styles vs Ron Killings and Christopher Daniels. Skipper and Killings lock up, with Skipper getting the better of Killings. Killings comes back with a powerslam on Skipper, but his advantage doesn’t last for long. Styles gets the tag in, and tells Killings to tag Daniels in, but Daniels wants no part of it. Dropsault by Styles, but Daniels comes in the ring to knock “The Phenomenal One” down before he can follow up. Killings tags Daniels in while his back is turned, Daniels comes in with some quick offense, but Styles stops him. Styles goes into the ropes, but Skipper hits him with a knee to the back, showing that he would help Daniels. Daniels locks a crossface in on Styles, springboard moonsault on Styles, but he can only muster a two count. Both men fight to their feet, Styles hits an ensiguri, putting Daniels flat on his face. Killings gets the tag in, and walks over to Skipper with Styles, and tags him in, Killings and Styles double hip toss Skipper in, and this match breaks down. Styles runs off the ropes and flips to the outside onto Daniels, while in the ring Skipper hits Killings with a cradle driver type move for a three count.

The match is now a three way with Skipper, Daniels and Styles. With Skipper and Styles fighting it out in the ring, Daniels ascends the Ultimate X, he gets on the wires and hits a moonsault on the two men below. Styles is sent to the outside, and Daniels turns on Skipper, pounding away at him. Skipper comes back with a series of fists to the face of Daniels. Styles comes in and picks up where Skipper left off, Styles and Daniels go to the top, Skipper hangs on the wires and does a reverse huricanrana on Styles. Daniels jumps off the top ropes, but is powerbombed down by Skipper. With Skipper and Daniels battling back and forth, Styles goes to the wires and hits a version of the shooting star press on both Triple X members. Styles attempts the springboard moonsault reverse DDT, but is caught and driven down by Skipper. Roll up on Skipper and a hook of the tights by Daniels for the three count. Skipper is out.

Daniels attempts to grab the belt, but is pulled down, Styles hits the pele. Both men scale across the wires, Daniels falls and then spears Styles and both men are down in the middle of the ring. Daniels and Styles go up again, Styles grabs the wires and kicks Daniels, Daniels jumps off and hits the STO on Styles, knocking him to the canvas. Both men go up once again, they chase each other on the wires, Daniels down again, he grabs Styles’ leg, and Styles falls face first on the canvas. They attempt it yet again, but they lock up and fall right back down, hitting the referee in the process. Styles goes back up, and this time he grabs the title, the ref is down, Daniels gets up and hits Styles with The Angels Wings, he takes the belt, the ref looks up and Daniels has possesion of the title, and he is now the new X Division Champion.

Pre Show Match One- Chris Candido and Andy Douglas vs Buck Quatermain and Lex Lovett
Quatermain and Lovett started off taking down Candido and Douglas with a series of moves. Once Douglas was removed from the ring, Quatermain and Lovett double teamed Candido. Douglas got the tag and went right to work on Quatermain in the corner. Candido and Douglas returned the favor to Quatermain, double teaming him. The match breaks down into a brawl, Quatermain goes to the top, but is shoved off by Douglas and is hit with a headbutt by Candido for the three count.
Winners Via Pinfall- Chris Candido and Andy Douglas
Match Rating- 5/10

Pre Show Match Two- Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt vs Cassidy Riley and Jerelle Clark
Kash and Riley go at it with a series of reversals, before Riley locks an arm lock on Kash. The match degenrates quickly, with Clark and Riley taking out both Kash and Dallas. The fight then moved all around ringside, with Kash throwing a chair at the face of Clark. Dallas brings Clark into the ring and clotheslines him into a flip, nice shot. Dallas and Kash double team Clark, tossing him all around the ring. After a double clothesline, Riley got the hot tag and all four men his the ring. Dallas hit a one handed chokeslam on Clark, followed up by the Money Maker from Kash for the win.
Winners Via Pinfall- Kid Kash and Dallas
Match Rating- 7/10

Match One- Eight Man Tag Team Match- Konnan, BG James, and America’s Most Wanted vs Team Canada w/ Coach D’ Amore and Johnny Devine
Bobby Roode and BG James started things off, with James getting the upperhand. Eric Young and Konnan get the tags in, Konnan cleans house and tags in James Storm. Both members of AMW come in and clean house on all of Team Canada. Williams gets in and with some double teaming, he gains the advantage. Border City Wrestling star A-1 made his TNA debut tonight, and he gets the tag in, but quickly exits for Roode and Young. Harris fights back, and leaps off the ropes with a clothesline knocking Young to the canvas. Konnan gets a tag in, and this fight degenerates to an all out brawl. Seems to be the theme of the night. D’Amore gets involved, and gets thrown off the top rope by Konnan. Northern Lariat by Roode for the victory.
Winners Via Pinfall- Team Canada

We head backstage to Trinity, Traci Brooks, and Dusty Rhodes who are backstage talking about the upcoming tag team match. Johnny Fairplay comes in and asks Rhodes for another chance to be a part of TNA. He is given three hours to get two guys signed to TNA, and if he does, he’s back with the company.

Match Two- Chase Stevens w/ Chris Candido and Andy Douglas vs Chris Sabin
Stevens comes out fighting and he gains the advantage. Sabin sends him out of the ring and to the floor, while on the floor Stevens gets up and is hit with a high flying splash from Sabin off the top rope. Stevens uses Douglas and Candido to get back in control of the match, Stevens uses “The Wave of the Future” for a two count. Both men go at it back and forth, springboard DDT from Sabin only for a two count. Sabin goes for the Cradle Shock, but Douglas comes in for the double team. Stevens goes for the pin by hooking the tights, but Sabin counters it for a three.
Winner Via Pinfall- Chris Sabin
Post Match- Three on one beat down on Sabin, until a masked man comes in and takes out The Naturals and Candido, flipping onto them onto the floor. The man takes off the mask and reveals himself to be Shocker, the man who is 1000% Guapo, or so his T-Shirt says.
Match Rating- 7/10

Match Three- Bullrope Match – Raven vs Dustin Rhodes
Raven hooks up to the rope on the outside, and gets dragged into the ring post. Rhodes continues to go to work on the ribs of Raven via the bullrope. Rhodes goes to the top rope, but is dragged off by Raven. Raven brings a chair into play, and goes to work on the head and neck of Rhodes, Raven picks the bullrope up, Rhodes gives it a yank and the cow bell gets driven into the lower regions of Raven time and time again. Raven picks up a chair, Rhodes goes to punch him, but instead catches the steel chair. Rhodes comes back though with a Bulldog onto the steel chair for the pinfall victory.
Winner Via Pinfall- Dustin Rhodes
Post Match- Team Canada comes in and beats on Rhodes, AMW comes in for the rescue, sending Team Canada packing.
Match Rating- 5/10

Match Four- Winning Team’s Manager Becomes Dusty Rhodes’ Secretary- Phi Delta Slam w/ Trinity vs The Discyples of Destruction w/ Traci Brooks
Big Tilley and Heavy D go at it, before the match turns into a four man brawl. Big Tilley gets knocked out of the ring with his head bouncing off of the ring apron. Bruno comes in and gets chokeslammed, Heavy D then follows up with a chair shot on the outside. The D.O.D. double team Bruno, knocking him senseless into the middle of the ring. Phi Delta Slam come back thanks to Trinity and alot of double teaming. Trinity does a moonsault to Heavy D on the outside, he drops her, picks her up and just throws her into the guardrails and into the crowd. Ouch! Heavy D comes back into the ring, Bruno goes to drop the elbow on him, but gets all canvas. Big Ron gets the tag in, taking Phi Delta Slam to the proverbial woodshed. Big Tilley hits a big splash on Ron Harris, but the ref’s back is turned, Heavy D switches in, he plays possum, and when Tilley comes charging him, he hit him with a big boot for the win.
Winners Via Pinfall- The Discyples of Destruction
Match Rating- 5/10

Backstage Johnny Fairplay runs into AMW and Dustin Rhodes who are talking about Team Canada. Fairplay wants to manage them, thus giving him the two guys he needs to stay in TNA. They tell him he needs to pass the survivor challenge. He agrees, and they put some hay, a saddle, and James Storm rides him before Fairplay runs away.

Match Five- Trytan vs “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown
Brown comes out firing a series of punches, but none of which affect Trytan. Trytan charges at Brown, but Brown pulls the ropes down, sending Trytan over the top. Brown tries to beat on Trytan, but none of the assualt seems to work. Trytan takes Brown, and throws him all over the ringside area. Trytan takes the fight back into the ring, pounding away at Brown. Brown comes back with a huge powerslam, the lights go out and some masked man is beating down on Brown. Brown shakes him off, hits the Pounceeee! One… two… three!
Winner Via Pinfall (on the masked man)- “The Alpha Male” Monty Brown
Match Rating- 5/10

DDP is doing some Yoga when we visit him backstage.

Match Six- Final Assault Match- Abyss vs Jeff Hardy
Abyss goes to attack Hardy with a steel chair, but Hardy catches him in the mid-section. The fight quickly moves to the floor, and then outside. They fight into the catering area, with Abyss setting up a couple of tables by a wall. Abyss gets set up on the tables, and Hardy does a Swanton Bomb off the steel beams on the outside of the Impact Zone. They fight back into the arena, with Abyss dropping Hardy on the guardrail. The match goes back into the ring, and Hardy hits the Willow in the Whisp with a steel chair to the face of Abyss. Abyss hits Hardy with a boot to the face, Abyss then placed a steel chair on Hardy and splashed on him from the second rope. Hardy catches Abyss with a steel chair to the lower portion of the male body, followed by a couple of chair shots to the head. Hardy grabs a ladder and sets it up in the ring, Abyss climbs up, but is knocked back down. Hardy hits the springboard leg drop from the top of the ladder for a two count. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but it is reversed into a dropdown back breaker for a two count. Hardy sent into the buckles, Abyss charges in, but he catches the steel chair with his head, Hardy rolls him up, but he can only get a two count. Abyss regains the control and goes outside to grab a table. The table is set up in the ring, Hardy placed on it, Abyss goes to the top, but is tripped up by Hardy. Hardy attempts the huricanrana, but Abyss powerbombs him through the table. Hardy gets up, the two fight back and forth until Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on the ladder for the duke.
Winner Via Pinfall- Jeff Hardy
Post Match- Abyss attacks Hardy, he then goes under the ring and grabs a bag of thumbtacks and drives Hardy into the tacks with a Black Hole Slam.
Match Rating- 8/10

Team Canada is standing in the D.O.A.’s office. Johnny Fairplay walks in trying to recruit two members of Team Canada, but is turned down.

Match Seven- Taped Fist First Blood Match- The Outlaw vs Kevin Nash
Outlaw comes in with some fists, but Nash fires back with a knee to the mid-section. Nash comes in with a series of punches to the face, followed by a big boot choking Outlaw in the corner. Outlaw is sent to the outside, he grabs Nash’s leg and goes to work, bashing Nash’s leg on the ring apron. Outlaw goes under the ring and into a briefcase, out of the briefcase comes a screwdriver. Outlaw tries to stab Nash with the screwdriver, but Nash elbows him in the head. Nash catapaults The Outlaw to the floor, and proceeds to bounce his head off of the guardrails and turnbuckle posts. Nash brings a chair into the ring, but gets caught with a punch to stomach, Outlaw picks up the chair and whacks Nash in the head, but no blood is drawn. The Outlaw exposes a turnbuckle, but catches a boot to the head. Outlaw attempts to send Nash into the exposed turnbuckle, but the ref gets caught in the way. With the ref on the outside, Nash drops The Outlaw on the top turnbuckle, thus busting The Outlaw open. Nash goes to the outside to get the referee, but Jarrett comes down, cracking him in the head with the the TNA Heavyweight Championship. A doctor, along with Jarrett’s lawyer come down. The doctor stops the bleeding on The Outlaw, the referee looks down and sees Nash bleeding and calls for the bell.
Winner Via Drawing First Blood- The Outlaw
Match Rating- 5/10

Post Match- Nash beats on The Outlaw and gives him a Jacknife Powerbomb.

Match Eight- Ultimate X for the X Division Championship- AJ Styles vs “Primetime” Elix Skipper vs “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs “The Truth” Ron Killings
Tag Team Match- Elix Skipper and AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels and Ron Killings
Winners Via Pinfall- Elix Skipper and AJ Styles with Ron Killings getting pinned by Elix Skipper.
Elimination One Via Pinfall- Ron Killings
Three Way Dance- AJ Styles vs Elix Skipper vs Christopher Daniels
Winner Via Pinfall- Christopher Daniels by pinning Elix Skipper
Elimination Two Via Pinfall- Elix Skipper
Ultimate X Match- Chris Daniels vs AJ Styles
Elimination Three- AJ Styles
Winner of the match and NEW TNA X Division Champion- “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels
Match Rating- 8/10

Backstage Johnny Fairplay walks into Buck Quatermain and Lex Lovett. He sweet talks them and promises them contracts, they agree and they become his tag team.

Match Nine- Ringside Revenge TNA Heavyweight Championship Match- “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett vs Diamond Dallas Page
Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA Heavyweight Champion- “The King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett
Match Rating- 9/10

Overall, it was a tremendous PPV, best one of the year thus far. Almost every match was solid, and there was really nothing to complain about. It was a given that Jarrett would retain the TNA Heavyweight Championship, but the match was still very exciting and had a lot to it that put it over the edge.

Chris Sokol is from Long Island, NY, and not having made the cheerleading squad, is prone to occasional enthusiastic rallying cries.