WWE Home Video has released a brand new recording dedicated to the Fed’s high-flyer, Rob Van Dam.

The recording, entitled Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind, is stacked with highlight matches, commentary from RVD and a slew of extras that give an interesting look at the man behind the Five-Star Frog Splash.

Much like the Ric Flair compilation, One of a Kind opens each chapter with some commentary from Van Dam. In these scenes, RVD talks about a variety of aspects of his wrestling, including his beginnings in the business with WCW and his use of the frog splash as his finishing maneuver. The most interesting of these commentaries, perhaps, is the analysis that RVD gives as to the differences in wrestling in ECW and the WWE.

For most fans, however, these snippets will be overlooked and fast-forwarded through so that they can get right to the action, and you really can’t blame fans for this. There are a bevy of hot matches here, including bouts from all three of the major North American feds RVD has worked in (WWF/E, WCW and ECW). There are some really solid matches offered here, including bouts with Scotty Flamingo (Raven), Bam Bam Bigelow and Jeff Hardy. Unfortunately, none of his New Japan Pro Wrestling footage is included, which would have been an interesting to see.

If there is anything to dislike about the match selection it is a couple odd match choices. There are two matches on the recording, for example, with Jerry Lynn. While these matches were good, a little more variety would have been good to see. Putting in a match against Tazz or Yoshihiro Tajiri, for example, would have worked very well.

Along with the listed material are some extras, primarily from the now-cancelled WWE Confidential. Among these are a look at how RVD’s singlets are created, a tour of Jakks/Pacific and a behind the scenes look at Breaking Point’s video for One of a Kind, which doubles as RVD’s entrance music.

Among the extras are some additional matches, including RVD’s first WCW match against Pat Rose. Also included in the extras match list are bouts against Balls Mahoney Sabu.

There’s no question that this DVD is a hot ticket item that a lot of RVD fans will be clamoring to get their hands on. Coming off the success of the Rise and Fall of ECW DVD, One of a Kind should get some heavy pick up, particularly since much of RVD’s fan base emanated from followers of the Philadelphia promotion.

Pick up Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind today, and find out just how unique this risk-taking superstar really is.