Jimmy Hart’s got a bunch of things on his mind, and they are pulling him in every which direction. There’s TNA and the XWF, his friendship with Hulk Hogan and promotion of Hulk’s daughter Brooke and his book.

But Hart’s the type of person who enjoys being busy, enjoys making the deals.

“Hulk asked me if I would help him out,” Hart told SLAM! Wrestling, while naming off all the cool, hip bands and performers that he has gotten to know over the last few weeks while helping to further the singing career of Brooke Hogan.

When Hogan talked a segment for the fifth anniversary of Smackdown!, Hart was there and the WWE TV people turned to him to do some promos for the upcoming 24/7 station.

The old XWF is gathering steam again. “With my backers, we bought all the XWF stuff. We’re going to London and we’re doing a two-hour special where I host a TV show,” Hart said. It will be five separate shows on the UK’s wrestling channel that spotlight the five editions that the XWF originally taped with names like Sable, Roddy Piper, Jerry Lawler, Tony Schiavone, the Nasty Boys, Road Warriors, Bobby Hennan, Superfly Snuka, Dawn Marie, AJ Styles, Kid Kash and even Carly Colon. Hart will take calls as well as plugging XWF merchandise and DVDs.

Italy has entered his radar too. “It started out as just a guaranteed paid gig, but then I sent the tapes over there, and they want to air all five shows. They’ve got a major sponsor that want to bring us in after the five weeks of shows and tour over there.”

As for North America, Hart believes that the XWF brand is already established (and has survived a flimsy legal challenge by the WWE.) Hulk Hogan has had one meeting with Bill Shaw from Turner Sports, and nothing has been ruled out. “Ted [Turner]’s thing runs out I think in January, he can go ahead and compete again. With this XWF footage … we’ve got a brand already with Hulk and us,” Hart said. “You just never know what’s going to happen.”

Hart is pretty pumped about the whole thing. “It’s amazing, all my life I’ve worked to have my own company and I didn’t know it was going to happen like this.”

As for his book, it’s been a bit of a frustration for Hart. He had thought it would be ready by September, but ECW Press has pushed the publication back until November.