WWE has released another huge video, this time paying tribute to Eddie Guererro, in Cheating Death, Stealing Life: The Eddie Guererro Story.

The documentary section of the DVD is the same as the TV special that aired a few months ago on UPN. If you missed it the first time, be sure not to miss it now. The doc tells the complete Guererro story, starting from the time of his father, through to his brothers’ careers in the ring.

The bio the progresses through Eddie’s childhood days, and his development in Mexico, Japan and ECW. His WCW career is extensively covered, especially surrounding the car accident. The relationship between Guererro, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko is also heavily discussed in these sections.

The accident is the first time, however, that we learn about the troubles in Guererro’s life. Soon after the accident, we head to his WWF debut, and the arm injury he sustained on his second night with the company. There are more problems discussed here, as Eddie begins to downward spiral. This part of Eddie’s life is extensively discussed, and aside from the origin of Latino Heat, the section concentrates on Eddie’s troubles, eventually leading to his dismissal from WWE.

The bio finishes with Guererro’s battling his demons and eventually overcoming them. Here, we see a lot about his relationship with Chavo Guererro Jr., and his attaining the WWE Championship.

As if the documentary wasn’t enough reason to get this DVD, the match selection here is absolutely stunning. All of Eddie’s North American wrestling is touched on, including ECW, WCW and WWF/E. There’s also Eddie’s teaming with Art Barr against El Hijo del Santo and Octagon from the When Worlds Collide PPV, in a superb bout, and a very cool look at Eddie’s brothers, Chavo, Mondo and Hector, from the AWA. Unfortunately, however, there are no matches from Eddie’s Japan days as Black Tiger, which would have been really amazing.

A couple of the matches include alternate commentary. Be warned – on some DVD players, it may seem like you do not get the original commentary option, but to access it, you can click around on the audio button on your remote and you will find it, and you will be glad you did for the Todd Grisham matches. Grisham once again shows little insight and an utter lack of knowledge on the business, mis-calling the events at Wrestlemania XX if you can believe it.

While you might be tempted to skip the non-match extras, the majority are worth at least one look-through. Among the features here are all of the Los Guererros vignettes, as well as extra scenes with the Guererro family. While some scenes are throwaway, such as the YJ Stinger commercials, the overall package is great.

There’s no question that this DVD is a must-see, if not an out-right must own. The bio section is something truly special, as WWE out-does itself once again telling an absolutely fantastic story. The extras are also phenomenal, with some superb matches and great side stories.

The SLAM! DVD Mad Lib Review

My favourite match was Eddie Guererro vs. Dean Malenko – 2/3 Falls, because it was a spectacular, pure wrestling match, something you didn’t really see in ECW that often.

If I produced this DVD, I would take out Eddie Guererro vs. Rob Van Dam – Intercontinental Ladder Match, because the match was a pretty average ladder match, and the hardcore stye is better exemplified in Guererro’s no-DQ bout against Edge from Smackdown! a couple years back. I would also consider removing the Rey/Eddie match because the match is available on Mysterio Jr.’s DVD.

Easter Eggs

AWA – Click left three times on the Superclash match to see Hector Guererro and Gene Okerlund talking about the Gobbeldygooker (courtesy wrestlecrap.com).

ECW – Go to the Malenko/Guererro ECW match and click left a couple times to open a promo that shows the history of the two in ECW, narrated by Joey Styles.

WWE Survivor Series – Click left three times on the triple-threat tag-team match to get the recap video that lead to this match.

WWE No Way Out – Click left three times to see the recap video leading up to the title match.

Special Extras – Click left three times on Fight for Honour to hear Eddie talk about his first match.

Special Extras – Click left three times on Injury to hear Eddie talk about his tattoo.