It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a reunion. A promoter can draw a crowd by promising a long-time tag team put back together. But sometimes, there’s a practical reason for a reunion. Take Friday’s Wild Samoan reunion, for example.

Afa and Sika, the legendary Wild Samoan tag team, haven’t been together in public at a wrestling event for three years. Yet this Friday, April 2, they will be front at centre at the IWA Professional Wrestling mega show at the in Santa Rosa County Auditorium in Milton, Florida.

Sika, Captain Lou Albano and Afa together again. — photo courtesy The Wild Samoan Training Center

For Afa Anoai, it’s a trip down south from his Pennsylvania home to visit his brother, and his daughter.

“They all live down there, so I figured I’d go down there and visit the family. It just happened that my brother is having a show down there. So I told him since I was coming down there, I’d be glad to make an appearance with him, help out,” Afa told SLAM! Wrestling.

“[Sika] has a school down there, and I have a school up here. So every now and then we get together,” he said.

Afa and Sika arrived on the wrestling scene in North American in the early 1970s, winning titles in Stampede, Florida, Vancouver and Detroit before arriving in the northeast-based WWWF.

The three-time WWWF tag team champions will not be getting into the ring for their patented brand of chaos, however. “No, we’re not wrestling. I think our days are over. The young ones are taking over today,” laughed Afa, who is the uncle of both The Rock and Rikiski through the complicated bloodlines of Samoa.

Fans still fondly remember the Wild Samoans, and send many messages every day to Afa at his web site, “I get hundreds and hundreds of emails every day wanting to know when we’re coming back in the ring. People don’t just accept the fact that our days are over, you know what I’m saying?” Afa said. Many fans have been lobbying for the Wild Samoans to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as well.

With their wild, unkept hair and mustaches, Afa said that people don’t think they’ve changed at all. “They say that we still look the same. We don’t age, that’s easy for them to say. It’s in the bones. The bones tell us different,” he said. “I’m very lucky. My sideburns [are grey], a little bit, and my mustache a little bit. I’m still okay.”

Tickets for the show are $8 for adults and $5 for kids. Other matches on the card include: Trailor Fabulous vs Jiha Warriors, Eon Flexx vs Ronnie Fargo and Steve Fury vs Al Savage. Doors open at 5:30 pm for the special autograph session with Afa and Sika, and bell time is 7:30 pm.